Taipei Travel Guide: The Best Things to Do in Taipei (With or Without Kids)

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Taipei which is located in Taiwan and the capital city, is one of my favorite countries in Asia, and even one of my top five countries in the world. There are so many things to do in Taipei, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.

The Best Things To Do In Taipei

Prior to Aiden and I travelling to Taiwan, I didn’t know much about visiting Taipei with kids. We spent a month in Asia and traveled around based in wherever Skyscanner told us it was the cheapest place to fly to. (Don’t forget to download the FREE Skyscanner App too).

We were in Macau at the time, and found very cheap one way flights to Taiwan for $45 each, so off we went to a visit a city we didn’t know anything about only to completely fall in love with it.

Getting To Taipei

We flew from Macau International Airport (MFM) to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) on VietJet Air which is a low cost Asian Airline. The flight was about 2 hours short!

When I say low cost, VietJet is like the Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines of Asia. You have to pay to choose seats and pay for bags, however meals and drinks are free which is awesome.

I don’t mind flying budget airlines as long as I can get to where I need to for cheap. IT works for our family, and I highly recommend it to save money. Also if you know how to pack well, you’ll be able to avoid luggage fees.

Getting Around Taipei

Getting around Taipei is relatively easy thanks to its modern subways, train systems, as well as bus services all over the city.

We took the bus and subway system called the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) with zero issues at all. The MRT is color coded and the signs are very clear, making getting from one place to another very easily.

Mass Rapid Transit map of Taipei

We really enjoyed how clean and organized it was and everyone too. When we just arrived Taipei, Aiden was drinking a Boba drink as we were walking to get on the MRT and a random lady stopped us and pointed at the sign which read “No Food or Drinks Allowed.” I loved that!!

You’ll also notice from my Taipei with kids video how organized everyone is as they stand and wait in line for people to get off the train before the get on. It instantly reminded me of our trip to Japan two years ago.

Our experience in Guangzhou, China was not the same as people pushed and shoved us all the time. Aiden wasn’t excited about riding the metro in China that’s for sure.

Things To Do In Taipei

If you are looking for what do to in Taipei, then this list below will definitely be of help to you while you plan your Taipei itinerary.

Do note that most of the things to do in Taipei and places to visit Taipei on this list can also be done with kids. Aiden and I did several of them and had a blast.

Taipei Zoo

visit Taipei zoo with black kids

Within Wenshan district of Taipei is the famed Taipei Zoo. This is on top of the list of places to visit in Taipei for families who wish to kick off their trip.

This is one of the largest zoos in Asia and in here kids can enjoy exhibitions featuring many animals native to Asia and from around the world. Don’t miss the Formosan animal area, Koala house, and Giant Panda House!

black kids enjoying at the Taipei Zoo

Aiden made so many new friends at the Taipei Zoo and they played tag. He doesn’t speak Mandarin and those kids don’t speak English, however you can see pure joy on their faces as they ran around the main square.

Taroko Park

try go-kart at Taroko Park

Just a few minutes away from the Caoya station (Kaohsiung MRT) is Taroko Park. It is also a few minutes drive from the airport.

For parents who wish to kick off their Taiwan shopping experience, this is a great place to start as it is one of the largest shopping districts in Taiwan (but not too big to the point of getting completely lost inside).

Kids can have fun as this is also a theme park! It prides itself as Taiwan’s first sports-inspired park with safe facilities and rides for kids. From carousels, Ferris wheels, mini-golf courses, arcades, trampolines, and the famed Suzuka Circuit Park, this mall and theme park place is a great starter for any trip.

Try the go-kart for an authentic Japanese kart experience complete with a mini racing car and gear. Tickets can be booked with accredited online re-sellers like Klook and KKDay.

Baby Boss

black kids playing at Baby Boss

If your kids have been to Kidzania (locations all over the world), or KidzCiti in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam then they will absolutely love playing at Baby Boss which is the same concept.

Encouragement to inspire kids

At Baby Boss, children get a chance to role play and work various jobs. They also get paid in Baby Boss money for these jobs that they work. This gives kids a feel of what working in the real life looks like and allows them to try different occupations.

While at Baby Boss, Aiden got to try plenty of roles. His favorite were Astronaut and Post Man. Do note that everything is in Chinese, however it did not bother Auden at all one bit. He was able to communicate and listen and do his best with the jobs.

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

fun atmosphere for kids

This park is situated near the Shilin night market. It features the usual rides such as Ferris wheels, bumper cars, and merry-go-rounds but is a must-visit for its fun atmosphere and unique charm.

It is also relatively cheaper (NT $30) than the usual amusement park and one of the best things to do in Taipei with kids.

World Famous Din Tai Fung

yummy dumplings

A branch of the famous Din Tai Fung is located in the Daan District of Taipei. This restaurant is known worldwide for its amazingly yummy dumplings.

Restaurant for yummy dumplings

Try this restaurant’s famous xiao long bao (steamed buns with soup inside) or a wide selection of noodles to give your kids a taste of authentic local cuisine. The line can be really long, so make sure to expect to wait.

We decided to try Din Tai Fung in California when we got back and you see our video experience below.

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

For a cool indoor experience, take the kids to the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium. For summer or autumn days when it gets a bit hot, keep it cool with a trip to this large aquarium.

The museum has three exhibitions feature sea life from Taiwan, coral habitats, as well as a Precambrian exhibit. It has a beluga whale, penguins, and other species that visitors can see within the multi-floor compound.

Adults can also check out the feeding timings as many find this to be the highlight of the trip here.

Kids Awesome Children’s Museum of Taipei

Kids Awesome Children’s Museum of Taipei

The Kids Awesome Museum children’s museum got its name because of how awesome it is for kids about four to eight years old and how much fun kids have there.

There are two floors of fun, a top floor and a bottom floor. The main floor is where you enter and check in and also where the restaurant is located. The bottom floor has fun things such as zip-lining, rocket space, ball play area and the top level has the water and bubble area as well as the art area.

Playground at Daan Park

Playground at Daan Park for kids

The Daan Forest Park is likened to New York’s Central Park as the main lung for the city as well as green respite for people who wish to have their quiet momen and is easily accessible right off the Daan Park Station serviced by Taipei MRT.

Visit this park for a rest stop and let the kids have fun at the on-ground playground and skating rink! It’s free to go to and is a good place for people watching or simply letting the children run free.

When the kids get tired of playing, walk towards the Yongkang Street at the Daan District. In here, tourists many find a branch of the world-famous Din Tai Fung Dumpling House.

Try this restaurant’s famous Xiao Long Bao (steamed buns with soup inside) or a wide selection of noodles to give your kids a taste of authentic local cuisine. 

Taipei 101

visit Taipei 101 with black kids

No visit to Taiwan will be complete without a trip to the Taipei 101. It is an icon that represents Taiwan in modern times. Tourists often just pose outside the tower but it is best to climb up to the top floors to get a great view of the city below.

This skyscraper has an indoor observation deck frequented by many tourists. Check out the main damper (one of the biggest in the world) and get snacks to munch on.

Get the kids to view the city from up above. The top floor of the building (for a 360 panoramic view) can also be accessed for a fee but is offered in limited slots.

plan vacation with black kids

The 91st floor outdoor terrace tour also offers cloud coffee to its visitors.  Visit early in the morning or near sunset times to avoid getting too toasted under the sun. Looking for things to do in Taipei, then make sure Taipei 101 in on your list.

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Introduce the children to the great wonders, mysteries, and beauty if the universe. The Taipei Astronomical Museum is a prime spot to visit for families who wish to educate their kids about astronomy.

It is easily accessible from the train station, too. For hot sunny days or rainy ones, this indoor museum is a great place to add to the itinerary.

Taiwan prides this museum for its many exhibits including those dedicated for ancient astronomy, space tech, galaxies, as well as an observatory. Check out various floor filled with interactive displays that are safe and can truly hold the attention of children.

Be sure to let the kids experience the space simulator and 4D activities. Imax is also available in-house, for a fee.

Modern Toilet Café

black kids at Modern Toilet Café

The Modern Toilet Café is fast soaring to the top of Taiwan’s must-visit modern attractions. It is also a fun place to visit with your family and share memorable laughs around a serving of chocolate soft-serve ice cream on a mini toilet bowl.

This will be a unique experience for all the kids, as comfort room elements are rarely used when dining. From the mini toilet bowl used as a literal food bowl to urinals used as glasses, this restaurant is a novelty to dine at.

unique places for kids

For young ones who like toilet or fart jokes, this place will be a joy to visit when in Taipei with kids. The menu includes a hot pot but the desserts are considered the highlight of the visit here.

National Taiwan Science Education Center

National Taiwan Science Education Center

For a more in-depth encounter with science while in Taipei with kids, take the kids for a quick tour at the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC). It is now located in Shilin District and is within walking distance from the Shilin Station.

Permanent exhibitions include informative displays about biology, physics, mathematics, Earth sciences, and more. Be sure to check out the Kid’s Learning & Discovery Playground, one of the permanent exhibits, designed with structural games with large Lego-like blocks, a graffiti wall where they can unleash their creative streaks, and many more!

Take the kids to a 3D theatre within the center or better yet, try the Virtual Reality Theater for a fuller experience. Another exciting attraction here is the Earthquake Theater equipped with hydraulic seats.

Maokong Gondola

black kids at Maokong Gondola

Add another adrenaline-inducing trip to the family vacay itinerary. Include a ride to the Maokong Gondola to see another side of Taiwan’s landscape. It operated from the Taipei Zoo to Maokong.

It is also popular for its Crystal Cabin ride which are cabins fitted with thick transparent bottoms so the view right below the feet. This is another great experience or the kids, as long as they have little to no fear of heights.

Take note that the Crystal Cabin typically holds up to 5 persons only so if your family has more people than that, best to divide the group into two. Regular cabins (without clear flooring) is also available in the gondola’s stations. 

Taiwanese ice cream for kids

After disembarking from one of the stations on the Maokong Gondola, munch on Taiwanese ice cream or seafood on sticks. You can walk around and enjoy the scenery while you try new food at the street stalls. There are also plenty of restaurants if you prefer to dine in.

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple
Mengjia Longshan Temple was built in Taipei in 1738 started from, was completed to 1740 by settlers from Fujian, China. It served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers.

Looking for places to visit in Taipei, then give your kids a tour of one of Taiwan’s many temples. This will give them a glimpse of how many people practice their culture and faith and in turn develop a wider perspective of the world.

Longshan Temple is located at Wanhua District. The commute is also accessible as it has a station named after it in the Taipei Metro line. Chinese and Buddhist elements can be seen in this temple. Inside, one can pay their respects to the deities or simply admire the architecture which the kids will find interesting.

Enjoy the Temple proper and the surrounding plaza for a quick culture trip that will not tire out the kids. It is also beautiful at night so it is ideal to visit when in Taipei with kids, especially after a whole day of touring or as a starter before heading to the night markets nearby.

Taipei Water Park Museum

Taipei Water Park Museum

For hotter days, spend an afternoon at this water park also which also houses the Drinking Water Museum when in Taipei with kids.

This historical pumping station is an informative stop for those who wish to know more about the original tap water facility in the city. There is a playground and sandbox area for kids.

Taiwan Night Markets

Taiwan Night Markets

One of the best things we did in Taipei hands down was visiting Taiwan night markets. Taiwan has the best night markets out of any Asian country we’ve visited. So far we’ve been to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

One of Aiden’s favorite things about visiting Taiwan night markets, is being able to play games. There are so many games to choose from, and can be found and most of the night markets below.

games for black kids

Don’t visit Taipei, without visiting at least one of these Taiwan night markets! You’ll be glad you made a trip there.

Shilin Night Market

This is one of the most renowned (and most crowded) night markets in Taipei. Get your fill of tasty Taiwanese food as there are over 500 food stalls here! Watch out for the Shilin Night Market Food court, an underground air-conditioned area best for snacking during hotter nights.

Ningxia Night Market

This Taiwan night market boasts of its offering of standing stalls, sit-down restaurants, and local games best for families with varying appetites and dining preferences. Don’t miss its specialty of oyster and egg omelets.

Xichang Street Night Market

This Taiwan night market features hawkers sitting on their blankets by the street selling their goods. Walk a little farther in this place and you can also find the Herb Alley selling local medicinal herbs.

Raohe Night Market

The Raohe Night Market almost rivals Shilin with the crowd it is attracting. Kick off your visit here with the pork buns and various fruit juices in the many stalls in the area. Claw machines are also in the vicinity ideal for kids who wish to pass time while parents shop.

Raohe Night Market

Huaxi Night Market

Get ready to try more exotic finds in this Taiwan night market – one of the being snake dishes and snake wine! The name huaxi translates to snake. Keep the kids well guided in this alley though as this used to be a red light district.

Tonghua Night Market

At Linjiang street, tourists can get authentic old-school cuisine and goods. The Tonghua Night Market has groceries, food stalls, and more local goods. Some out-of-this-world items include powdered pig’s blood rice cakes, oyster noodles, among others. Try the stinky tofu here for an authentic experience.

Dalong Night Market

This is a smaller scale market with mostly locals as customers. It is close to Confucian and Baoan temples so the cultural vibe is strong here.

Jingmei Night Market

This is a wet market during the day and a food stall haven at night. Much smaller and lowkey than the popular night markets but has its gems such as traditional sponge cake stores. It has a smaller crowd too.

Shida Night Market

This Taiwan night market close to the National Taiwan Normal University so the shops and the crowd are quieter in this area so as not to distract with too much noise for the students. It has lesser food stalls but has shops for clothes and trinkets.

Nanya Night Market

A new night market destination not usually found on tourist’s itinerary is the Nanya Night Market at Banqiao. Try their popular sesame oil chicken and crispy ribs soup.

meals for kids

Day Trips From Taipei

There are so many things to do in Taipei, however if you have enough time, then make sure to plan a few day trips from Taipei.

There were so many day trips from Taipei to choose from so I had to pick the ones that I knew Aiden would enjoy. We did a combo tour to Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Waterfalls in one day. It was a full packed day, but also so much fun.

When planning day trips from Taipei, you have several options to choose from. You can book it through a tour company like we did, take the train there or book a private tour.

Shifen Old Street

enjoying at Shifen Old Street with black kids

Another must-visit area in Taiwan is Shifen Old Street. As the name suggests, this Old Street still holds the glory of Taiwan’s roots from the yesteryears. Parents can enjoy traditional tea while kids can try the popular ice cream rolls or bubble tea from stalls all over.

This is also a good place to shop for traditional finds and souvenirs. It is best to go on a weekday to avoid large crowds. The street is lined with train racks and railings adding to the street’s vintage charm. At night, the street lights up akin to the streets of Kyoto in Japan.

travelling world with black kids

Another must-try in this bustling street is flying lanterns. The whole family can cop a colorful lantern from vendors in the street. Each color represents good fortune and you are expected to write down wishes on the panels. Keep it fun and let the kids write on the lantern and allow them to hold it before letting it fly off.

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Another must-visit theme park is the Leofoo Village Theme Park in Hsinchu County. It is a park and a safari rolled into one, a great destination as expected from one of the first fantasy worlds in Asia.

It is hit for kids of all ages (and adults, too!). Don’t miss the “themes” in various parts of the park such as the Arabian Kingdom, the African Safari, South Pacific, and the Wild West.

You can brave various roller coaster rides or have a walk through the fauna on-site, too! A trip here saves families time by allowing them to tick off any other zoo visit since there are many animals here. 

A family can easily spend a whole day here just by exploring and having fun in each themed sections. Just note that is a smaller scale than Disneyland and Universal Studios but is a great place for kids to still have fun on the rides.

Yehlui Geopark

enjoying black kids at Yehlui Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is located noth of Taipei and is close to the coastal town of Yehlui. It is one of the best day trips from Taipei.

 best day trips from Taipei with kids
Make sure to find Princess Head statue for a photo opp. The line can be long, but it was fun for Aiden and I to walk around and find it in the park.

At this Geopark, you’ll be able to marvel at the beauty of nature and see how rocks have formed naturally above the ground. Yehlui Geopark extends into the ocean from the mainland and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Shifen Waterfalls

visit Shifen Waterfalls with family

Shifen Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. This waterfall is located in Pingxi District and is a perfect day trip from Taipei. This waterfall flows into Keeling River and is 65 feet in height and 131 feet in width. It is the broadest waterfall in the whole of Taiwan.

black kids do travel

Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Springs

Complete the East Asian experience by taking the kids to dip at one of the many hot spring resorts in Beitou.

There are designated areas safe for kids so they also get to experience this amazing thermal bath and is one of the top places to visit in Taipei.

Rainbow Village

Rainbow village

If you are looking for what to do in Taichung, then visiting Rainbow should be at the top of your list.

One of the best day trips from Taipei is a visit to Taichung. People are always curious about what to do in Taichung, and there are so many things, especially being that it is one of the most “instagrammable” areas on the whole island of Taiwan.

The village does not span so wide and includes only a few homes so you can tour it within 30 minutes. Be sure to beat the crowds and go there in the morning.


visit Juifen A Mei Teahouse with family
Juifen A Mei Teahouse

Jiufen is a beautiful village and one of the best day trips from Taipei that you can take when in Taipei with kids. We book this as part of our tour to Shifu Waterfalls and Yehliu Geopark.

Jiufen is well known for the movies “City Of Sadness” and ” Spirited Away”, however if you aren’t familiar with those movies, that’s fine as there’s still plenty to see and do in Jiufen.

Start your walk in Jiufen by walking up the steps to Jiufen Old Street or taking a cab (we opted for a cab). When you get up there, you can walk around starting with Jiufen Old Street and then continue following the one way path until you get to the popular Mei Teahouse and then all the way back down the stairs to the bottom.

There are a lot of food stands and souvenir shops in Jiufen Old Street. Weekends can be really packed, however it is part of the ambiance of Jiufen.

black kids enjoying at Jiufen Old Street
Jiufen Old Street

Aiden’s favorite thing to do at Jiufen was try all the different food stands and food. He tried guava for the first time and loved it.

black kids enjoying food

Zhongshe Flower Market

Zhongshe Flower Market

Take happy snapshots of kids running in this breathtaking expanse filled with flowers. This is a few hours away from Taipei city but worth the travel for its flowerbeds and scenic spot.

Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach

Fulong is known for hosting the annual sand sculpture festival which allows it showcase its fine beach. Hotels and resorts are available in the area for the family to relax in. Swimming activities are minimal here though.

Other Day Trips From Taipei

There are so many fun day trip from Taipei listed below. You can read more about the trips in details here – “Day Trips From Taipei“.

  • Yangmingshan National Park
  • Thousand Island Lake
  • Sun Moon Lake
  • Taroko Gorge
  • Keelung City
  • Lukang
  • Pingxi
  • Puli
  • Tamsui
  • Wulai
  • Yilan
  • Jinguashi
beautiful view of Taipei
Jinguashi, Taiwan / Photo Credit – Shutterstock

Where to Stay in Taipei

There are so many places to stay in Taipei, from hostels to hotels and even to airbnb homes.

We stayed in two locations; our first night was at UZ Hostel which is an amazing capsule hostel in Taipei. Aiden absolutely love his time here. You can read more about the capsule hostel here – “Staying In A Hostel With Kids“.

stay with black kids in hostel

After just one night at the hostel, we moved to Taipei H Imperial Hotel. We really enjoyed our time there. It was right across from the metro station and it was very affordable also.

plan vacation with black kids

Where To Stay In Taipei – Other Recommendations

Caesar Metro Taipei – This is a highly recommended for its competitive price and safe facilities. Conveniently located near a train station, too.

Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei – This is also a good family hotel when looking for where to stay in Taipei. It has a babysitting service and outdoor pools kids will love. This hotel also offers free meals for children under 90cm / 35inches in height.

Mandarin Oriental – A great cozy place to stay in with the family, as expected from a luxury hotel. It is designed with Asian interiors, outdoor pool, and spacious rooms. Provides complimentary cots and babysitting services per request.

Grand Hyatt Taipei – This is Taiwan’s largest luxury hotel and is designed with a connecting bridge link to Taipei 101. It has an outdoor pool and is pet-friendly, too. .If you have a pet, then you don’t need to look further where to stay in Taipei

Finders Hotel – This hotel is designed with works of art adorning the area. It has a play area for kids as well as arcade machines. Hotel also has free rental of baby bath tubs/baby cots (per request for some room types).

Muzik Hotel – For people looking for where to stay in Taipei, this is modern and colorful hotel ideal for families with kids. It offers a Double Kid Suite Room with a kiddie tent inside. Facilities are child-proof and a playground is also available inside.

Star Hostel – Ideal for families looking for a reasonably-priced place to stay in. It has guest kitchen and breakfast services. It holds events every now and then such as Nintendo Switch game night,  movie nights, and even Taiwan snack nights.

Inhouse Hotel Heritage – This a cool boutique hotel located near a shopping area and a train station. This hotel is family friendly and has a disabled-friendly room too. If you’re looking for where to stay in Taipei with free breakfast, then this hotel is for you..

Brother Hotel – Family friendly hotel that also offers massage services. Seven restaurants are on-site that can cater to your family’s tastes offering Cantonese, Japanese, American, Italian, and other cuisines.

Via Hotel Loft – Looking for where to stay in Taipei, then this budget-friendly hotel. They serve free snacks and drinks, and free breakfast. The Family Room can be requested to provide neck massages, too!

Tips For Visiting Taipei

  • Get An ‘Easy Card’ – this ‘easy card’ is a contactless card which i sused just like a debit card. Load money on it at the metro station and you can use it to ride the train/buss as well as make purchases at stores with just a simple tap. Aiden and I each had our own and he loved swiping it.
Useful 'Easy' card
  • Pictures – we got stop ALL the time for photos. I always let Aiden make the choice as to whom he wants to snap a photo with. These Taiwanese school girls where very nice and polite and Aiden agreed to take photos with them. Just before meeting these girls he had refused to take a photo with two other people he didn’t feel comfortable with.
fun with black kids
  • Consider Medical Care – I got my eyes examine and purchased my glasses in Taiwan for a very affordable price as compared to what it would have cost me in the states. The optometrist I visited spoke perfect English and has lots of experience with American patients.
visit Consider Medical Care

Overall Thoughts On Taipei

I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with Taipei (Aiden too), the people are so nice, the food is so yummy; just everything was such a pleasurable experience. As of right now, Taiwan is my favorite Asian country.

When we got back from Taipei, I was so sad and missed it so much so that I even considered moving there. We can’t wait to visit again and hopefully stay a little longer.

black family vacation at Taipei
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