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How To Avoid Extra Fees When Flying Spirit Airlines

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Our family is all about saving as much money as possible, and that is the reason why Spirit Airlines is one of our go to airlines. We are able to travel often, but only on a budget, so flying Spirit Airlines and avoiding extra fees when flying is important to us. There are plenty of ways how to avoid Spirit Airlines fees and I am glad to share all of them with you.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines is considered a low-cost carrier; meaning they offer unbeatable air airfare, but also charge for things that other airlines don’t charge for such as selecting a seat, traveling with luggage and in-flight meal service. I like the fact that all these extras are optional with Spirit Airlines because sometimes I don’t want to select a seat, or travel with luggage or even want a snack on the plane. I just want to pay the bare minimum and get to where I’m going. If you are still confused about how to avoid Spirit Airlines fees, then just eliminate the extra fees and charges.

When people hear When people hear Spirit Airlines, they automatically assume that even though they can get a cheap flight ticket, they’ll end up spending twice the amount in extra fees, but that’s wrong. Figuring out how to avoid Spirit Airlines fees is the key to enjoy your flight experience. I have flown Spirit Airlines plenty of times by myself as well as with my family with zero issues to date.

Buying Tickets At The Spirit Airlines Airport Counter

Even though Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier, purchasing a ticket on their website can sometimes be more expensive than other airlines. However, here’s a hack that you should consider if you live near the airport. Go directly to the Spirit Airlines counter at your local airport and purchase your ticket there. You’ll be surprised to see how much cheaper it is. I have tried this with other airlines and the price has been the same online and at the counter, however with Spirit Airlines that isn’t the case. It is cheaper to purchase your ticket in person at the counter than purchasing it online. The only things you need are each passengers name and date of birth, and your card to pay. They no longer accept cash at the counter.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

price of ticket online = $344 and price of ticket at the counter = $223.20

Pro Tip 1: Make sure to check preferred ticketing hours before heading to the airport, as ticket purchase times will vary by airport.

Pro Tip 2: For the absolute cheapest tickets prices, and especially if you can’t make it to the airport, purchase your ticket from Skyscanner. It is the best and my favorite app to search for ticket prices. Make sure to download the Skyscanner App also to track flight prices, book hotels and more. Indeed, Skyscanner App is the best answer for – How to avoid Spirit Airlines fees.

Purchasing Seats When Flying Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines gives you the option to choose a seat for an extra charge if you’d like when purchasing a ticket. If you don’t care about seating arrangements on the plane, then you don’t have to worry about purchasing a seat and you’ll be assigned a random seat at check in. This option can be a bit tricky when traveling as a family, and especially young children. If you don’t mind being separated from your family on the plane, then you can save money by skipping this option. We flew as a family of six and did not select seats, thankfully we were all assigned seats next to each other.

For those who want extra space, spirit has big front seats which are similar to business class. I purchased one of those seats before and enjoyed a super comfort.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

Pro Tip: If you are not pleased with your seat assignment, make sure you get to the airport early, check in, head to the gate and talk to the gate agent. If there is an available seat, the gate agent should be able to move you around.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

It is very important to make sure that you understand the Spirit Airline baggage fees and restrictions. One personal item sized 18inX14inX8in is included with your ticket purchase which is the bare fare. This is the size of a small backpack, small travel back, under the seat carry on or a laptop bag. If your bag is bigger than any of the listed bags, then you will need to pay for it. Spirit Airline baggage fees vary by route and date of travel, so they aren’t always the same all the time. The best way to figure out bag prices is to check the Spirit Bag-O-Tron which will show you prices for a trip you want to book or a trip you have already booked. Remember that any bag over 41lbs is considered overweight or oversized and fees for this start from $30 and increased based on the weight of the bag.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

On this trip I traveled with a Spirit approved carry on bag and the kids traveled with their osprey backpacks

Pro Tip: It is cheaper to pay for baggage on the Spirit website versus at the counter when you check in. So make sure to add your bags when you purchase your ticket or when you are checking in online.

Checking In Online With Spirit Airlines

The quickest and cheapest way to check in when flying Spirit Airlines is to check in online. Waiting to check in at the airport will cost you $10. The $10 is actually charged to print each boarding pass, so if you have a family of four, checking in at the airport will cost you $40 to print 4 boarding passes total. In order to avoid this fee, make sure to check in online. Don’t forget to print out your pass at home before you arrive at the airport. If you don’t have access to a printer, then make sure to find a place to print one. Stop worrying about how to avoid Spirit Airlines fees and check-in online.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

Pro Tip: Download the new Spirit Mobile App for an easier and faster way to check in online. Make sure you take a screen shot of your boarding pass. You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve gotten to TSA and for one reason or the other can’t access my mobile boarding pass.

13 Proven Ways To Save Money On Flights

Pack Snack, Food & Drinks When Flying Spirit Airlines

Spirit airline charges for everything, and when I say everything I mean water also. You can see the Spirit Airlines menu here and how much each item costs. Food and drinks at the airport are very expensive and the good thing is, it is possible to carry snack and food onto the plane. Make sure to eat before your flight and pack a few snacks to take with you so that you don’t have to spend any money extra money. I usually pack food items such as chicken, rice, mixed nuts etc.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

snack time

Pro Tip: Take an empty water bottle with you when traveling which can be filled with water at the airport. The airport has plenty of water filling stations just for this reason.

 Inflight Entertainment On Spirit Airlines

There is no seatback entertainment on Spirit Airlines. This can make the flight super boring, however as long as you are prepared you’ll be okay. Just make sure to purchase a few items for the kids from this list “How To Keep Kids Entertained On Flights” and you should be good to go. If you have a tablet, make sure you have headphones also. Spirit plans to get Wi-Fi which will be installed on their entire fleet by Summer 2019. They plan to offer high speed web browsing and streaming options with prices starting at $5.50.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines 8

playing with play-doh

Pro Tip: A phone or tablet and Netflix is perfect for when an aircraft has no in-flight or seat-back entertainment because you can watch pre-downloaded shows without WiFi. There are also several free apps you can download on your tablet.

 Other Ways To Save Money When Flying Spirit Airlines

 Join The Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club

The Spirit Airlines $9 fare club is another great way to save money when flying with Spirit Airlines. It gives you the option to fly more with exclusive access to vacation packages and discounted fares, you can get up to 50% of baggage fees and also you can save more on all your travel on Spirit Airlines.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

Pro Tip: The $9 fare club actually costs $59.95, but if you fly Spirit often, it’ll end up saying you more money in the long run.

 Traveling On Spirit Airlines With Kids

When traveling with an infant on Spirit Airlines, you carry on board a diaper bag for free in addition to free personal item sized 18inX14inX8in (size of a small backpack, small travel back, under the seat carry on or a laptop bag). Infants under 2 travel free with a paid adult fare.

 how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

Traveling With A Car Seat And Stroller On Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines does not charge for a car seat or stroller, so if you are traveling with an infant, you are allowed to check in a stroller and car seat at the ticket counter or at the gate. If you have a paid seat for each child, then they are entitled to a car seat and  When checking in a stroller or car seat at the ticket counter or the gate, please ensure that you have a car seat bag and a stroller bag in order to protect your items from damage. If you have purchased a seat for your child, then they can ride in the airplane in their car seat. Click here to read more about “How To Fly With Kids And Carseat, Everything You Need To Know”.

No need to worry any more regarding how to avoid Spirit Airlines fees, simply follow the above tips and enjoy your flight journey within your budget.

how to avoid extra fees when flying spirit airlines

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