Baecation: Why Couple Travel Is Important

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Family vacations are a fun way to bond with your kids. When you travel with your kids, you can show them exciting new places, create new family traditions, and maybe even get them to try new food.

Let’s be real, there’s just one tiny problem with family vacations: it’s not a vacation for you. Traveling with kids is simply taking care of your kids in another city. True or False?

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When you travel with your kids, your trip is spent keeping them entertained and alive. You may even end up spending hours at attractions that you have no interest in just to entertain them.

Trust me, I’m all about family vacations, I travel with kids every single month. I strongly believe in the hashtag #takethekidswithyou, however it is also important sometimes to #leavethekidsathome.

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When you remember that you left the kids at home
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As you plan for your next trip, consider taking a couple’s trip instead of making it a family trip. Couple travel without your kids requires a lot less planning and spending quality time with your partner is so worth it.

Why Is Couple Travel Important?

My husband and I got to travel for the first time without kids since our honeymoon to Paris and Rome over seven years ago. Can you imagine? I don’t understand why it took us so long to take a baecation, but I am so glad we did!

You’ll Finally Get Alone Time

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While you may get to have an occasional date night with your spouse, you’re usually never alone when you have kids. If you have younger kids, you know that you’re not even alone when you’re in your bedroom.

When you take a couple’s trip, you can spend quality alone time with your partner. Since you won’t have to take care of your kids, you’ll be less exhausted at the end of each day.

This gives you and your significant other more time to stay awake and relax in the hotel room, have conversations that won’t be overheard, watch movies without turning it into a family viewing, and just enjoy each other’s company.

You Can Do Things That You Both Enjoy

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Let’s face it: you just can’t do everything you want to when you’re on vacation with your kids. Certain activities have an age and weight requirement, that you definitely can’t do especially when traveling with young kids.

Couple travel lets you visit more of the attractions that appeal to you and your spouse. Your itinerary won’t be filled with activities for your kids, leaving more time for you to do whatever you want to do. Which sometimes is as simple as doing absolutely Nothing!

stay out all night if you want to or even visit places like bars, clubs, or anywhere else that isn’t child-friendly. Your night doesn’t have to end at your child’s bedtime!

You’ll Get A Chance To Rekindle Your Relationship

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At some point in every couple’s marriage, they’re either too tired, or too busy to focus on the things that fueled their love and passion. After a while it can start to look like you’re living with your roommate instead of your significant other.

It is very important to remember that love isn’t enough to make a marriage or relationship work. There are so many other things involved, and one of them is being able to rekindle your relationship without kids.

When you travel as a couple, you’ll be able to do things that you don’t do often enough when you have the kids around you, something even as simple as taking pictures alone.

Plan activities that allow you to interact with your significant other in ways that you can’t when the kids are around. Get a room with hot tub if you need to.

You Can Travel When You Want To

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When you take a family vacation, you have to be mindful of your kids’ school schedule. If you have children at different schools, you know how hard it is to plan a vacation that lines up perfectly with everyone’s school breaks.

As long as you and your partner can get the same days off from work, you can travel whenever you want to. Plus, flights and accommodations are much cheaper when school is in session, so you’ll save money on your vacation.

You’ll Have Plenty Of Time For Intimacy

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Photo Credit: Ceciliamarruiz

This is not something talked about often, but how often are you intimate with your partner? Or more of, are you intimate with your partner as often as you’d like to?

Taking a couples vacation allows you to be as intimate as you want to in a space without worry that you’ll be interrupted by your kids, or even any one at all.

Make sure to plan activities that allow you to interact and encourage intimacy with your significant other. Without having to spend extra money on your kids, maybe you can even get a room with a hot tub!

You’ll Be Able To Take A Break From Life

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As a parent, you have multiple occupations: your career, your kids, your household responsibilities and so many more. One you come home from work; then work at home starts.

Whether you’re cooking meals, helping your kids with their homework, or handling other responsibilities, your day isn’t done until everyone is asleep.

When you don’t have your kids with you, you’ll finally get a break from all of your responsibilities at home. You and your spouse won’t have to deal with the stress of taking care of kids while on vacation, and you can both finally get that relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming off.

How Did We Get To Los Cabos

I was looking at flight tickets online on Skycanner to find the cheapest place to fly to in Mexico in October from Tijuana Airport, and Los Cabos popped up. I wanted us to travel someplace fun, however I didn’t want to go too far, so Mexico was perfect.

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I booked a direct flight from Tijuana, Mexico to Los Cabos, Mexico for $230 on Viva Aerobus. It was a quick and smooth 2-hour flight. They are a Mexican low cost carrier, similar to Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Airlines in the USA.

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We were so excited about our trip that we missed our flight on Viva Aerobus while at the airport. Viva Aerobus has no other flights until 4 days later, so we had to purchase one way ticket on Volaris. This baecation HAD to Happen – haha.

Getting Into Tijuana Airport From San Diego

We drove to San Diego and crossed the border into Tijuana Airport through CBX (Cross Border Express) for $16 each. This option allows you to cross the border through a bridge.

It took about 5 minutes total walking to cross the border. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get to Tijuana airport from San Diego.

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Getting Into San Diego From Tijuana Airport

On the way back, instead of crossing directly from the Tijuana Airport into San Diego like we did before with CBX, we decided to get out in Tijuana. We took a taxi (Uber doesn’t pick up at the airport) to a popular taco stand, and ate some amazingly yummy tacos.

Then we took an Uber from the taco stand in Tijuana to the pedestrian border crossing in San Diego. It was about 8pm at night and it took us no more than 2 minutes to cross.

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How Did We Get Around Los Cabos

We didn’t reserve a car online, so when we got to Los Cabos, my husband and I went from counter to counter trying to find the best deal.

I wanted a red Jeep and Hertz was the only rental company that offered it to us for a good rate at $50 per day. This rental care was priced much higher because they said it was considered luxury. There were plenty of other cars for as cheap $20 per day.

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Parking was easy to locate around Los Cabos as well our resort offered valet parking for free so that was great too. Driving in Los Cabos is fairly easy to do, as long as you have Google maps you shouldn’t have any issues.

Where Did We Stay In Los Cabos

We stayed at Hacienda Encantada which I booked on TripAdvisor. It is an all-inclusive resort; however, I purchased the room only option and it cost about $320 for 3 nights including taxes.

The resort was okay, the food was bland and overpriced. We only had one meal there for breakfast, and that was enough for us to eat any other meals there. We had a rental car so we drove out for meals which worked perfect for us.

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The resort is nestled next to a beautiful but very rocky beach. It is beautiful to look at while resting in the adult only pool, however it is not a swimable beach. You watch the video below to see the resort.

What Did We Do In Los Cabos

We had absolutely no plans and nothing to do on this trip. When we travel with the kids we are gone all day from one activity to the next and we really just wanted to do nothing at all.

  • Sleep in
  • Take naps
  • Eat tacos every day
  • Fall asleep by the pool
  • Swim at all the resort pools
  • Drink Mojitos and Margaritas
  • Get professional photos taken by Cecilia ( You can find her on instagram via this link – ceciliamarruiz or her website )
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Photo Credit: Ceciliamarruiz

Where Did We Eat In Los Cabos?

There are so many amazing restaurants in Los Cabos, however we prefer local eateries and especially street food.

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Black Family Travel Black Couple Travel Cabo San Lucas Mexico 11
Black Family Travel Black Couple Travel Cabo San Lucas Mexico 16
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We bumped into some good friends in Cabo and had breakfast with them. They too were on a baecation! What are the odds that ypu’ll meet friends in another country.

Overall, my husband and I had such an amazing vacation, and we have decided to make it a yearly thing, YAY! I can’t wait for the next one already.

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Photo Credit: Ceciliamarruiz

When you take a couple’s vacation, you’ll actually be on vacation. Your kids will be in someone else’s care, giving you and your partner a chance to connect. There’s no need to feel guilty about wanting some time away from your responsibilities – amazing parents like you deserve it!

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