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How To Understand Your Inner Self and Get Empowered

How To Understand Your Inner Self and Get Empowered

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How to understand your inner self and get empowered
Find out the best ways to understand your inner self and get empowered with these tips. Gaining a better understanding of yourself is often the first step to loving yourself. These steps will help you to become more confident with every day.

Knowing your inner self is an important step to achieving self-love and more importantly, self-compassion. 

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, here are our top tips to get to know yourself better. Remember, baby steps are key to becoming your own best friend, so make sure you pat yourself in the back for taking the first one!


How to understand your inner self:

Schedule time for yourself

Taking the time to be alone has a lot of amazing effects. By taking time for yourself, you’ll get the opportunity to dive into your feelings and work on processing them. Find a quiet place where you can sit in silence, go for a meditative walk, or even journal about your day and the thoughts and feelings you went through.

Deeply think and reflect

Process your thoughts and allow them to fully sink in. Pause for a while to ask yourself the following questions and answer them to yourself (remember that being honest is key here!):

  • Did something trigger you during the day?
  • If so, why do you think that is? 
  • Have you been able to give yourself the love and care it deserves lately? 
  • Have you deprived yourself of feelings out of fear of judgement lately? 

Show compassion towards yourself

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made, but also for the times you allowed yourself to suffer or let others to take advantage of you. You’re human. It’s easier said than done, but working towards self-compassion and letting go is key to achieving a better relationship with yourself. 

Always remember to be kind and gentle to the most important person in your life: You.

Allow yourself to heal

When you let self-compassion in, that’s when the healing starts. Choose to healing regardless of your circumstances, because no matter what happens, no one will ever save you from your battles except you. 

Remember to allow time to heal – it never happens overnight, but the simple process of choosing to start your healing process is the most important step.

Have conversations with yourself

Talk to yourself as though you’re your best friend. Have deep conversations and don’t be afraid to spill it all out. Remember, it’s yourself you’re speaking to, so no judgement is allowed! Here are a few questions to get started with:

  • What are the things that trigger you the most?
  • What makes you happy? 
  • What makes you sad? 
  • What hurts your feelings? 
  • What are the things you like and things that you don’t? 
  • What makes you cry and laugh? 
  • What turns you on and off? 
  • What are your values and principles in life? 

If a conversation with yourself doesn’t sound like your jam, then journaling is a great alternative. We often go through the motions of life without really reflecting on any of it. By writing down our feelings and thoughts at the end of the day, making sense of what you’re going through suddenly becomes much easier.

Work on your flaws

Be completely honest with yourself and accept the fact that you’re not perfect and you will never be. Don’t worry, though, because nobody actually is! That said, though, if you feel like there’s something you’d like to change, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in taking steps to change it.

Working on your flaws is extremely empowering, as long as you’re doing it for yourself. If you’ve sometimes felt like you get easily triggered by other people’s opinions, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out help from a professional to figure out why that is.

If you’ve always dreamed of being a healthier person, you can always work on figuring out how to implement a healthier lifestyle in your day.

But accept what you cannot change

Nobody on this planet is perfect, and there are things that we simply cannot change – and that’s okay! Instead of seeing your flaws are imperfections, look for ways to see them as the things that make you unique. 

For example: Do you snort while you laugh? That means you are a joyful person who sometimes laughs a little to hard – that’s actually a really cool thing – who doesn’t love to be around someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously?

Choose wisely

Choose how you want your life to be, choose what kind of person you want to become, choose the people you share your energy with, choose the people you surround with, choose what feelings you allow yourself to feel, choose what thoughts you feed your mind with.

Most things in life are a choice, so always try to chose the things and people that make you feel good.

Trust your gut

Since we’re in the topic of choosing wisely – learn to trust your gut. Believe it or not, and even though the phrase is thrown around a lot, it’s scientifically proven that our gut health is very much linked to our mental health.

Our bodies are constantly picking up signs without us even realizing, and it finds ways to let us know when things don’t feel right. Your gut is a friend who has your best interest in mind, so always listen to it!

Don’t settle for less

As cliché as it may seem, never settle for anything less than you deserve. Yes, that includes both situations and people. Getting to know your worth is a key step to not settling, and once you learn to understand yourself better, you’ll be able to assess when a situation or person isn’t right for you.

Never compare yourself

For you to deeply understand yourself, you need to realize that comparing yourself to others is extremely toxic. Always remember that this is YOUR life, YOUR story, YOUR book. Everyone has different struggles and grows at a different pace, so comparing yourself to the highlights reel of someone to your behind the scenes isn’t exactly a wise choice.

Celebrate your progress

Big or small, whatever progress you’ve made is still progress and you need to acknowledge that because it only means that you’re growing and getting a step closer towards your ultimate goal.


Journaling is such a powerful act of self-love and self-awareness. Life is messy, and our own thoughts and feelings even more so. Writing down what you’re feeling – both the good and the bad, is a surefire way to let it all out as well as creating a clearer picture of what’s going on deep inside your subconscious. 

Plus, your future self will love going through the pages of your journal – it’s your life story, after all! In the future, whenever you’re confronted with a similar problem, you’ll be able to look back and remind yourself of how you’ve gotten through challenges before and know the best steps to take.

Bottom Line How To Understand Your Inner Self and Get Empowered

It is important to remember that, we are all work in progress and nothing happens overnight. I work on myself daily and have seen major improvements in my mindset and how I handle things. Going through this list helps me feel empowered and I absolutely love it.

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  1. Mindy Guice
    October 31, 2021 / 9:47 pm

    This was a great article. Very helpful. I’m on my journey of seeking my inner self and healing. Thank you for your helpful words. Funny thing, I’m starting to go this route with blogging. Making it my outlet to put all my focus on. A way to escape my reality. Hope for the best for you and your journey. 😊

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