6 Effective Tips to Parent a Sensitive Child

Effective Tips to Parent a Sensitive Child

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Does your little one cry more often than other kids his age? Does he take the smallest of situations or events to heart, and you often find him taking things too deeply? Some children tend to be more sensitive than others, and if you suspect your little one is too, you might be a bit confused and even worried about how to handle it all.

Effective Tips to Parent a Sensitive Child

Aiden is 6 years old, and I’d like to consider him a sensitive child. He is the sweetest little boy, but often times takes things to heart. Learning how to parent him and encourage him at the same time is something that is very important to me as a parent. If you have a child that is this way too, then it is important to understand how to deal with him/her and be the best parent possible.

Read on to discover 6 super effective tips to help you parent your sensitive child and strengthen your bond with him/her!

Hug Often

Sensitive children need more caring touches to feel safe and secure- so go ahead and make him feel just that with all the hugs and cuddles and goodnight kisses. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this little trick can make, and how quickly it can deepen the connection between you and your kid.

Accept & Appreciate

Attempting to change your child’s temperament is probably one of the biggest mistakes you, as a parent, could do. Accept and appreciate your kid for what he is- and instead of labeling him or walking on eggshells around him, consider his sensitivity a gift and a strength. If that’s how you look at it, that’s how he will too!

The Best Words of Encouragement For Kids

Praise Efforts

Sensitive kids need a lot of encouragement and tend to seek approval, especially from their parents, so make sure you give it to them. Increased sensitivity often comes with low self esteem levels, and that’s exactly when cheering for your little one, or offering an extra pat on the back can help!

Allow Some ‘Alone’ Time

Children who are highly sensitive tend to be overwhelmed more easily than the rest of us. This means that they need more downtime than others. Give your little one the space and alone time he needs to recharge himself, make sense of his emotions and put himself back together. Encourage him to try relaxing activities such as painting or taking a bath or reading when he feels overwhelmed.

Effective Tips to Parent a Sensitive Child

Teach Problem Solving

Teaching your sensitive child little problem solving tips can go a long way in helping him gain better control of himself and his emotions. Help him discover ways to handle his uncomfortableness in social situations, and how he can calm himself down when he’s feeling sad or down.

Talk it Out

There’s nothing that can beat the power of a heart to heart talk with your little one! Parents, regardless of whether or not their child is sensitive, need to make it a point to have active conversations with their kids- even if their complains or concerns seem too little. Reach out to your little one often, especially during down times. Make him feel safe and open with you!

I hope these few tips are helpful for you as you figure out how to nurture your sensitive child. If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to know more. So please share them below.

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