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Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health Without Leaving Home

Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health Without Leaving Home

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Are you looking for things you can do for your mental health without leaving home? We’re all spending a little bit more time at home right now. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to go stir crazy.

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of everyone’s life. And, while you may normally head to the gym or to the spa to handle stress, there are other options.

You don’t need to physically leave your home to manage stressful feelings. The important thing is that you support your mental health in ways that help you cope.

Here are a few simple things that you can do for self-care at home.

Be kind to yourself

Remember to be kind to yourself. Speak with care and avoid criticizing your choices and decisions. Make time for the things that are important to you whether that’s reading a good book or walking in the garden. Your needs are no less important than anyone else’s.

And, you cannot care for other people unless you first take care of yourself. If you are tired, on edge, and stressed out, how successful will you be in taking care of someone else?

Connect with loved ones

While you may not be able to physically leave home, you shouldn’t forget to connect with friends and family. A strong social network can help you feel empowered. Reach out via phone, Skype or Facebook to keep in touch with people that can support you during difficult times.

And, remember that it’s important for you to be there for them as well. Why not take the time to schedule a weekly call to check up on each other. Or, call someone you haven’t spoken with for a while and make sure that they’re alright during this time as well. Just imagine if everyone reached out and spoke to just one other person.

Take a bubble bath

Lock the door, fill the tub up and add your favorite scented bubble bath. You deserve a few minutes alone to relax and unwind. Bring a cup of tea and light a scented candle to complete the experience. Pampering yourself is a very important part of self-care.

Manage your stress

You cannot simply ignore stress and hope it will go away. There are many different things you can do for your mental health without leaving home including stress management. Why not try journaling, yoga, practicing tai chi or simply taking a nature walk in the back yard to enjoy the flowers and sunshine.


Remember that this too shall pass. Take time to quiet your thoughts and relax during this time. You may want to try meditating, mindfulness or prayer time. As you practice this more often, you will find it’s easier to bring your thoughts to a healthier spot when you need to.

If those ideas don’t work for you, you might want to try a long hot bubble bath, a cup of herbal tea, and a good book. Or, why not treat yourself to a home manicure or pedicure. Looking good is an important part of feeling good.

Be realistic

No one is perfect. And, no one is successful at everything that they do. When you’re setting goals for yourself, remember to be realistic about what you can accomplish. And, if you fail to achieve your goals, remember that’s alright too. No one is good at everything. And, very few people accomplish everything that they want to.

Choose the most important things on your list and devote your time to those. That way, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as if you try to accomplish five things all at once. Once a task is finished, cross it off and move on to the next one. Eventually, you will accomplish them all. It just takes time.

Be realistic about who you set as your role model. While we may want to emulate movie stars or famous celebrities, their lifestyles often aren’t attainable by average people. You probably won’t always look stylish, have a spotless home, or have children that are perfectly behaved. And, that doesn’t make you any less valuable than anyone else.

Do something different

Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. And, boredom can lead to depression. Why not learn a new skill while you’re at home. You don’t need to leave the house to learn something new. You can check out the free DIY tutorial videos on YouTube. Or, you can order a new craft book from Amazon.

Or, why not dig into your craft box and use up a few of the craft supplies you’ve been meaning to use. Now is a great time to be creative. Get the kids in on the fun too and let them create something to decorate the refrigerator. Teaching them this skill at a young age makes it more likely they’ll take it with them into adulthood.

Play with the kids

Let yourself play like you did when you were a child. Whether that means getting out the dolls for a tea party or building a tower out of blocks, invite the kids to get down on the floor and act like a child for a few hours.

Do a puzzle

A good jigsaw puzzle can keep me occupied for hours. Sometimes, just getting your mind off things you’re worrying about is a wonderful way to improve your mental health. You can order a new puzzle or do one you’ve done in the past. Or, why not get the kids together and help them do a few of their puzzles.

Prioritize your physical health

It’s important to take care of yourself physically. If you’re wondering about things you can do for your mental health remember that how you feel physically has an impact on how you feel emotionally.

Remember that it’s important to eat healthy food, drink lots of water, move at least a little bit each day, and get enough sleep. You should also avoid bad habits which may include smoking or overeating.

Exercising is a wonderful way to feel better when you’re overwhelmed. While you may not be able to head to the gym, you can run up and down the stairs, put on an exercise video, or grab the kids and learn how to line dance by watching a YouTube video. Whatever you do, just get up and move and have fun.

Start journaling 

You can start journaling in a notebook or a planner. Or, if you enjoy writing, why not start a blog. You can write about whatever inspires you, whether that’s your thoughts and goals or poetry. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried writing before, you never know how good you’ll be until you try.

Have a movie marathon

Watch your favorite feel-good movies whether that means chic flicks or Broadway musicals. Or, if you prefer why not have a movie marathon and watch all your favorite television series episodes from beginning to end.

This Is Us is one of my all time favorite shows. Netflix and Hulu also have several really good shows you can catch up on.

Read a good book

Whether it means grabbing your favorite book from the shelf or ordering a few new ebooks from Amazon, spending time with a good book is a wonderful way to relax. You can choose your favorite fiction series. Or, look for a self-help book or uplifting title to help improve your mood.

Start a new skincare routine

There is no better time than to start a new skincare routine than when you’re stuck at home. Grab a face mask, your favorite exfoliator, a skin toner, and pamper yourself. Don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizer.

Write letters to everyone in your address book

Get caught up on your letter writing. Take time to reach out to friends and relatives who have moved away or you haven’t heard from in a while. Or, why not take a few minutes to write thank you cards to all of the people who have helped you during this time.

Ask for help

If you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope it’s OK to ask for help. Asking for help is not a weakness. Whether you need help with the housework and making meals or you need someone to talk to because you feel overwhelmed, it’s important that you ask for it. People won’t know your needs unless you reach out.

Declutter your closet

If you haven’t already, read Marie Kondo’s Book Spark Joy and learn more about the decluttering technique that really works. Then, go through your closet and keep only the clothes that you really love. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel the next time you go out.

Bake Or Cook something

How can you not feel good when the whole house smells like cinnamon rolls or sugar cookies. Bake up your favorite treats that you never have time to make any more. And, don’t forget to enjoy as many as you want to when you’re done baking them.

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Play with your pet

Teach your dog a new trick, see if you can get your cat to chase their favorite cat toys, or let the guinea pig out of his cage for a run. Pets can make us feel good when we take the time to appreciate them. Of course, this step might be more difficult with a fish.

Teach yourself a new language

Have you always wanted to travel? Get started by teaching yourself a new language. There are all sorts of tutorials on YouTube that you can start with for free. Or, why not try learning with an audiobook if that’s easier. I’ve heard that pig Latin is pretty easy to learn for just about anyone.

Make a list

Make a list of everything that you’re thankful for right now. This can be people in your life or anything that comes to mind. Don’t forget to actually thank the people that you put on your list. Just write them a note or call them and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Listen to music

Turn on the radio and listen to your favorite songs. Don’t be afraid to turn it up really loud and sing along if you want to. And, why not let yourself go and dance around the living room while you’re at it. It feels great to be silly sometimes.

Play a board game

You can play your favorite family favorite game night game or find something that the kids would enjoy. Why not consider Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, Clue or Monopoly. Or, order a new game from Amazon if you’re not inspired by something you already have.

Learn a new makeup technique

Have you always wanted to be able to perfect your cats’ eye shadow technique? Or maybe you’re dying to learn how to do an ombre lip? Do you want to learn to paint tulips on your nails? You’ve got the time now so why not try something new.

Get caught up on your sleep

If you’ve been worrying and not sleeping well, now is the perfect time to get caught up on your sleep. Why not take a well-rewarded nap this afternoon. Or, let yourself sleep in tomorrow and don’t wake up until you absolutely have to. Maybe you can convince someone to bring you breakfast in bed to complete the ritual?

Try a new subscription box

You can get just about anything in a subscription box today. So, why not try a new outfit, a different variety of fair trade coffee, a few new beauty products, a new style of food, or some new toys for your pet. They even have a subscription box where you can get crafts and toys to keep everyone in the house busy for hours. You could come up with new ideas to keep busy for weeks with this idea.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and are wondering about things you can do for your mental health at home, I hope that I’ve given you a few ideas to start with. Why not pick one or two or three or four to start today.

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