The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime

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This is a paid promotion by Fisher-Price, and all opinions are my own. Thank you, Fisher-Price, for sending me these characters.  

As we all know, play is linked to leadership, compassion and self-esteem. This makes it very important as a parent to choose the right toys for our children.

“Characters who look more like they do, rather than imagined ideals, help kids build confidence, the foundation for leadership skills. But here’s the kicker, seeing toys that look like others (a different race, for instance) nurtures compassion.”

– Times Columnist
Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime

The minds of young children are very impressionable. They are able to notice little things that we as adults may not even notice. They are quick to pick out the differences in things that we may not think matter, hence why it is important to encourage them to be open-minded.  

When I saw Fisher-Price’s Rescue Heroes® toys, I was excited to show my kids. As expected, they were just as excited as I was to learn about the Rescue Heroes characters. Between the character descriptions and the YouTube animated episodes, my kids found things they could relate to almost instantly.

The first thing my six-year-old said was “Mom, there’s a brown guy”, and then my nephew chimed in and said “Look Auntie Karen, there’s a guy from Cuba. I’ve been to Cuba.” As a family of adventurers, we love that these characters are full of adventure too! 

Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime

One of the things I loved about the Rescue Heroes is that, not only could my kids relate to the Rescue Heroes because there were some heroes that looked like them, but they could also relate to were each Rescue Hero is from.

This just shows that the Rescue Heroes are not only great for representation, but also great for encouraging multiculturalism by allowing children to expand their imagination to see that heroes come in all shapes, sizes, forms as well as from various countries.

This is the perfect balance of everything I look for when purchasing toys for my kids.

Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime 7

There are a total of seven Rescue Heroes.

  • Billy Blazes the team leader and fire fighter with a high powered cannon
  • Rocky Canyon the cadet mentor and mountain rescuer with a swinging pick-axe
  • Forrest Fuego the fire rescuer with a fire tracker on an all terrain vehicle
  • Carlos Kitbash the mechanical expert with a spinning arch welder
  • Sandy O’shin the ocean rescuer with a water rescue claw
  • Reed Vital the medical expert with a hydraulic rescue tool
  • Sky Justice and her hover craft with spinning propellers and a retractable claw
Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime 4

Rescue Heroes strive to show kids that ordinary people can do ordinary things as long as they work together as a team. This will inspire kids to learn about how they too can be heroes and be inspired to make the world a better place because the characters are very relatable.

Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime 10

Behind each packaging of Rescue Heroes, there is a tear away label that lists the heroes name, birthday and birthplace. The kids loved learning about the different countries that the rescue heroes are from. We all loved this personalized touch making the toys even more relatable.

The kids were very excited about the rescue heroes who were from the countries they’ve visited and now want to visit every other country they haven’t been to.

What surprised the kids, and myself too the most was the Rescue Hero from Nigeria. My husband is from Nigeria, and all the kids are half Nigerian so this was so exciting for all of us.

If you’re looking for a toy for your kid that checks all the boxes such as representative, multicultural, fun, adventurous, and easy to take along, then you’ll love these Rescue Heroes characters just as much as your kids will. 

Black Family Travel The Importance Of Diversity During Playtime 11 1
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