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5 Reasons To Visit Royalton Punta Cana

5 Reasons To Visit Royalton Punta Cana

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The Dominican Republic stands as one of our recommendations for vacations in the Caribbean islands with kids. Many luxury resorts and experiences can be reserved and booked in the Dominican Republic for a fraction of the cost compared to other areas of the world.

When it comes to visiting the Dominican Republic, the town and region of Punta Cana is hard to pass up on, hosting one of the longest white sand coastlines in the Caribbean region. Coconut palm trees line the coast for 30 miles, and the area is known as part of the Coconut Coast alongside the Bávaro area.

If you’re looking for a place with soft sanded beaches and clear water to take your kids to, then Punta Cana won’t let you down. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort and Casino.

This hotel is family and couples-oriented, with modern decor, scenic tropical views and amenities for kids and adults alike and here is what they have to offer.

When Did We Travel To Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort

We traveled to Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort in May. The weather was hot and humid which was perfect for lots of pool and beach time.

How Did We Get Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort

We flew there from Orlando Airport (MCO) to Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) on Frontier Airlines, and our flights were about $210 round trip person. We were able to fit all our clothes for 5 days / 4 nights in our carry on backpacks.

Traveling with kids and looking for tips, then make sure to click the links below and read more:

What Did We Do In Punta Cana With Kids

This was a relaxation trip for us. We had just gotten back from Cartagena, Colombia the week before this trip to the Dominican Republic and we were exhausted. So instead of planning daily activities, we decided to enjoy everything the resort had to offer.

If you are heading to Punta Cana and want to get out and explore, then make sure to read “15 Things To Do In Dominican Republic” for an idea on fun activities to do.

Reasons To Visit Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort

We stayed at Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort with kids and loved it. The kids were obsessed with the swim out room, pools, beach and 24hr room service.

Below are 5 reasons to visit Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort with kids:

1. Swim-Up Rooms at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort

Have you ever stayed at a resort with swim-up rooms? While most luxury hotels and resorts have a pool area or even a handful, swim-up rooms offer the ultimate experience by including access to a pool right from your hotel room’s patio.

These rooms are located on the ground floor of the resort, The Diamond Club Luxury Swim Out Room at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort is the perfect option for families with kids. Available in a variety of floor plans including 1 King bed and a comfortable sofa bed in an integrated living area, or 2 Queen beds, there’s no want for more room in this space.

Celebrate and relax on a large terrace in the morning and supervise your kids from the comfort of your room with the easily accessible pool area. No more walking around hotel lobbies or elevators with damp towels around your kids!

Better yet, if you’re a morning person, you can even go for a quick swim or dive without convincing yourself to navigate through the entire resort to get to a pool. Win!

2. The Water Park at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana

To be honest, a swim-up room alone might be enough to entice me into an amazing relaxing vacation at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort. But this resort only has more to offer, in the form of extremely exciting, engaging and thrilling water slides and pools at the nearby splash park.

Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, this park hosts crystal-clear pools, various slides and tubes and a wave pool as well. The Black Hole Waterslide is simply a thrill, measuring at 370-feet long and featuring a 40-foot plunge.

And yet, it has a rival in the Kamikaze Waterslide, which offers breathtaking views of the resort from up high before dropping you into a 50-foot vertical drop into the pool below.

The Twin Waterslide is a side-by-side experience with countless twists and turns and a more tame drop into a pool, while the Multi-Lane Waterslide has 4 huge waterslide lanes to race family members in fun.

No matter the level of excitement you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a waterslide or pool for you here.

3. The Mini Slide Water Park at the Royalton Punta Cana

With a height limit of just under 4 feet tall, the Mini Slide Water Park at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort is a perfect alternative option for your smaller kids looking for a more manageable water adventure.

This water park hosts a handful of water slides. The Falls is an open-air 6 ft. slide, with a single, gentle turn. Freefall Waterslides is an open-air slide with zero turns, with a 6.5 ft. free-fall excitement experience.

The Ramp is a 20 ft. long slide, a “straight shooter” slide wonderful for very young children and similar to the Snakes Waterslides that are 20 ft. long with open slides and a single curve.

If you have adventurous but small children, the Mini Slide Water Park is a great way to test their comfort in the water before trying a more adult-centered park. And if you have kids that are interested in swimming but a bit shy of high-velocities, this park is perfect, too!

4. The Beach and Blue Waters At The Royalton Splash Punta Cana

Royalton Splash Punta Cana resort is right on the beach making it very easy to access and perfect especially when traveling with kids. When you walk from the hotel grounds to the beach, the first thing you’ll notice are the beautiful blue waters.

There are beach chairs and huts available for free, as well as beach front palapas which are available for an extra fee. Make sure to reserve a beach palapa in advance if you’d like one for a day at the beach.

There are servers who go around taking food and drink orders and deliver it right to you so you don’t have to get up. You can take the time to rest, relax and enjoy the beach

5. The Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort’s Genesis Casino (For Adults)

The Royalton Punta Cana Resort is also known for its highly engaging and flashy Genesis Casino. Opening at 7 p.m. each night and open until late, this casino hosts a variety of slot machines, table games and more.

The slot machines host games including Doggie Cash, Break the Spell, Diamond Mine, and Fire Chief. Four roulette tables are available and can host 7 people at a time, while four Blackjack tables can serve the same number of guests but are dealt in European style.

For those of us traveling from the United States, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the Genesis Casino uses the USD currency for guests. Exchange rates may change day-to-day in the casino, but the casino’s service is extremely flexible in accepting all debit and credit card brands.

Located next to the lobby of the main resort, there’s no missing the gorgeous Genesis Casino and a night full of fun. With the Lobby Bar and delicious gourmet meal options nearby, this is the perfect final stop on a party night or a bit of late-night fun once the kids go to sleep.

Where To Eat At the Royalton Splash Punta Cana

The Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort several options for food.

The two international cuisine restaurants on-site are Selections and Under the Sea. The Selections buffet is open during breakfast, lunch and dinner hours, while the Under the Sea restaurant is open for dinner options only.

In addition to the international cuisine dining options at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort, the resort hosts a quick cafe experience at the Beans Cafe and the Bites snack bar. The SCORE Sports Bar and Lounge is great for quick eats and drinks, as well!

For Italian cuisine, check out Bella Cucina or the Grazie Italian Trattoria, the Mexicana Cantina features Mexican food. and the Jade restaurant features fresh sushi and a fusion Asian cuisine.

Finally, the C/X Culinary Experience is a chef’s table experience for adults only, and an amazing option for a luxurious night with that special someone. During this experience, a personal chef will take you through seven full courses alongside musical selections themed around each dish.

Visiting the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort With Kids

From swim-up rooms to breathtaking waterslides, entry-level slides for kids to restaurant options for the whole family, it would be hard to argue against the wide array of fun available at the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort.

The resort is both family and couples oriented, and you can enjoy the casino after-hours or enjoy the C/X luxury Culinary Experience for a seven-course lavish night with your special someone.

There are a variety of room options to choose from, but the resort’s Luxury Suites Offer is a great starting point for budget planning and scheduling. This offer is for 7 nights for 2 adults, starting at $1260 which comes out to $180 per night’s stay.

Currently, I’m seeing about a $300 per night price for an average family of two adults and two children. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the Dominican Republic and the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort, you can explore booking options on their website.

My goal is to inspire and encourage families to find a balance between parenting, educating and traveling with their kids. Check out more of my family’s favorite travel destinations across the world today!

Overall thoughts on the Royalton Splash Punta Cana Resort

The kids absolutely loved this resort and everything about it, they had ZERO complains whatsoever.

As for my husband and I, we loved the resort as well. Our only complain was about the food. The poolside, beachside and room service menu had very few options. We ordered food from the room, pool and beach and didn’t like it. Out of all the restaurants we ate at, the Italian was the only one we liked.

Italian Restaurant – Grazie Italian Trattoria

Please keep in mind that this is solely my opinion, because as we were having dinner at the various restaurants we saw everyone else so excited and loving their meal. So maybe it was just us, who knows! Lol

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