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How To Spend 4 Nights In Phuket Thailand With Kids

phuket thailand with kids

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When I planned our family trip to South East Asia in November 2016, I wanted to make sure that our last days in South East Asia would be spent in Phuket. I had researched traveling to Phuket with kids and got a relaxed vibe hence why I wanted to end our trip that way. I envisioned lazy days splashing in the pool, hanging by the beach and basically doing very little, and that is exactly what we did.

4 nights in Phuket Thailand with kids

How Did We Get To Phuket, Thailand

We flew from Singapore Changi Airport to Phuket International Airport on Tiger Air.  We flew on Tiger Air, and I paid $220 for 3 one way tickets from Singapore to Phuket. I purchased our air fare on Skyscanner. (Don’t forget to click here to download the skyscanner app to track flight prices). There was hardly any line at the immigration check point which was great! You can read about our Singapore adventures here –> “Singapore With Kids In 48Hrs“.

phuket international airport

How To Get Around Phuket, Thailand

When we arrived Phuket Thailand with kids, we realized that there was no Uber at the airport. We then booked a cab right there and it took us to our Hotel. Thailand is fairly cheap, so the cab ride didn’t cost much. Make sure to negotiate the price prior to getting in the cab. We also took cabs around Phuket as needed. All you have to do is request one from the hotel front desk, or flag them down on the street. And oh, don’t forget to change your money at the airport when you arrive.

phuket thailand with kids

Where To Stay In Phuket, Thailand

We spent a total of 4 nights in Phuket, Thailand and I booked 2 different hotels (2 nights in each), and I am very glad I did. When traveling to new places that I am not so sure off, I prefer to book 2 different hotels just to be safe. This worked out perfect because the much preferred the second hotel to the first one. If I had booked the 1st hotel only then I wouldn’t have had the experience of the 2nd hotel.

Hotel 1 – Thavorn Beach Resort

The first resort we stayed at was Thavorn Beach Resort located right on Thavorn Beach. I booked it because while researching, I read that the resort had animals at the beach that Aiden could interact with. The photos also showed a play structure and I figured it’d be great for Aiden. We loved our stay there, except the mosquitoes almost ate Aiden & I alive. I highly suggest packing Repel Mosquito Spray, as it is an all natural mosquito/insect repellent.

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids

Hotel 2 – Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach

The second resort we stayed at was Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach and it was much nicer and newer. Our room had 2 floors; with a living room on the bottom floor, and bedroom on the top floor. The best thing about it was the connecting pool to the balcony. Basically, we went from living room to balcony to pool and then out to the beach. The food at this resort was plentiful and super yummy !!! They have weekly Sunday brunch buffet that is to die for which is open to everyone, and cost very little which is absolutely worth it. We spent the whole day hanging by the pool and eating & drinking.

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids

phuket thailand with kids
Aiden makes friends so easily all over the world

The first hotel was booked with Aiden in mind due to the animals and kids play area, and the second hotel was booked with all of us in mind. If I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be the Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach. The room was amazing, the food was better, the location was better. Overall, it was a much nicer resort.

What To Do In Phuket, Thailand With Kids

Phuket Trickeye Museum

I had read about this museum prior to our trip and was curious to see what it was all about. You basically go around to the exhibit’s and snap photos. Those photos are meant to trick the eye of someone who hasn’t been there. If you take them really well and it the right positions, they do look quite believable.  We had a good time there and took lots of pictures.

phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids

The Upside Down House

This is another fun place to visit. Aiden was amazed at the fact that everything was really upside down. He was so excited about it, and we took lots of photos here.

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids
phuket thailand with kid

PhiPhi Island Excursion

One day as we took a stroll on Rawa Beach, I met a lady in a small booth selling tours and we stopped by and chatted a bit. I told her I wanted to go to Phi Phi Island and she booked a tour for us with Phuket Tropical Touch Travel & Tour. We paid her and she gave us tickets and informed us of the hotel pick up time and what to expect on the tour. This tour cost about $50 per person. Aiden was 3 at the time and free. My husband was a bit skeptical about paying her, but I always expect the best from people so I knew there was no way she would be scamming us. The next day, early in the morning, the bus was ready at our hotel waiting for us just as she had told us. This tour includes a stop at Phi Phi Leh Island including Maya Bay, featured in the movie “The Beach”, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave, lunch at Phi Phi Hotel on Phi Phi Don, swimming and snorkeling at Coral Bay as well as free to explore the surroundings. Take note that this is a full day excursion, and scuba diving was optional and an extra charge.

Phi Phi Leh Island

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids

Monkey Island

These monkeys love grabbing drinks, food and more from tourists, so be careful around them. Aiden loved watching then run around the beach. This was such an awesome husband and wife activity for us.

phuket thailand with kids

Scuba Diving

Aiden waited on the boat with one of the workers while my husband and I scuba dived. This was our first time scuba divingand it was so much. I was nervous at first, but overall had such a great time. Aiden had on a life vest and there were other families on the boat so I wasn’t worried. Plus Thai people are so amazing and someone sat with him the whole time after we went down.

phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids

Patong Night Market

There are lots of night markets in Phuket bursting with livelihood, music, street food, shopping and restaurants. One of the most popular ones is Patong Night Market, which is also located by Patong Beach. If you want to be right where the action is, then this is the best place to get a hotel. We visited this market twice on our stay in Phuket. We enjoyed eating there as there are so many restaurants and even yummy street food. We also loved going around the markets to see what types of things they had for sale.


Food In Phuket, Thailand

When we first got to Thailand, Aiden only wanted to eat plain boiled white rice as he didn’t fancy Thai food. By our second week, he had gotten comfortable with the food and was enjoying it so much. One of the reasons why I love travel is because it allows children to try new foods they wouldn’t usually eat at home. We don’t eat Thai food at home, and I don’t cook it, but guess what, now my son loves Thai food. I know this can easily be achieved by visiting various restaurants, however it is just so much better to try out new foods in new countries. Thai food is my husband’s favorite, after Nigerian food, so he enjoyed eating everything!! Now we all love Thai food.

phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kidsphuket thailand with kids

Highlights Of Our Trip

Aiden Attends School

Prior to our trip, I did some research and found a school for Aiden in Phuket. What I do is google schools in the area I will be visiting and then send out emails, as well as make phone calls. I inquire about their short-term options and then let them know I am interested. I also make sure to find out about the cost. Aiden is world schooled and he learns soooo much from this!! He attended school at Chalong International Kindergarten & School. He loved it and I highly recommend it.

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids
Aiden has been in preschools in almost every state we have been to. Also when we travel internationally and I can find a school, I definitely put him in for a few days. It may not be much, but it gives him a chance to meet kids who speak another language and have a different culture, and most of all it gives him a chance to learn from a different perspective. He attended school in Phuket for two days and wasn’t ready to leave when we showed up to pick him up. He really loved it, and that meant a lot to me. He really enjoyed his classmates and teachers. The first day we dropped him off, he walked into his classroom and waved bye to us like a big boy. You’d think he was a full-time student there lol.

Husband & Wife Alone Time

On both days that Aiden went to school, my husband and I had a chance to spend some alone time. The first day we dropped Aiden at school, my husband and I were lost. Lost in the sense that we take Aiden with us everywhere we go, and do everything with him so much so that having a few hours to ourselves almost seemed overwhelming. It took a little bit of time but we adjusted quickly and just enjoyed each other’s company. We were crossing the street and my husband grabbed my hand and that made me giggle. I said “How sweet Babe, if Aiden was here, he would be in the middle and we would both be holding his hand instead.” Having a few hours gave us the opportunity to rekindle, which is very important in a relationship. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what things were like before kids came into the picture.

The first day, we took a cab to Rawa Beach. As we were walking around, we found a nail shop that also offered massages and decided to take advantage of it. We both got a pedicure and a one hour massage. We felt so rejuvenated afterwards and plus it was so cheap!

The second day, we rushed back to the hotel and just relaxed !! We definitely needed it.

phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids phuket thailand with kids

Phuket, Thailand Tips

  • The minute we arrived at our hotel, within minutes I had been bitten all over mosquitoes. You must invest in bug spray! I highly suggest Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent.
  • Knowing how to say common phrases such as the ones listed below goes a long way.
    • Hello – “Sawadee” : Sawadee Ka (female) and Sawadee Khap (sa wa dee cup) (male)
    • Please – “Kho”
    • Thank You – “Khop Khun” – pronounced (cup coon)
  • Make sure to check the weather and pack accordingly. It was very hot and I am glad that I packed short sleeves and shorts.
  • If your kid still needs floaters to swim I highly recommend taking yours. Wish we had packed Aiden’s Inflatable Arm Floaters.

Overall our trip to Phuket, Thailand was amazing !! From the food to the super friendly Thai people, and not forgetting the temples, the warm beaches and so much more. It was truly such an amazing experience for our family, and I hope to visit Thailand again soon. Make sure to read my blog post on “Bangkok, Thailand With Kids

phuket thailand with kids

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