16 Best Travel Apps That You Can Use Without The Internet

Best Offline Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Know About

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Traveling and being in a new country is fun and exciting, but using the internet while abroad can be tricky and get really expensive. Knowing the best offline travel apps and/or the best travel apps that you can use without the internet is vital. When I travel with my family, we absolutely need to use the internet. You ask why; because we need the internet to find fun places to go, check for public transportation, find good restaurants to dine at, not forgetting connecting with our family and friends at home and more. Without access to the internet, most of the apps on my phone are useless, so I set out to find the top travel apps that work offline to ensure an enjoyable trip.

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having an app to find restaurants with yummy food is very important, especially when there is no internet

Our family uses Verizon wireless, and as much as I love them and the great service they offer, their international rates are no fun. Mexico and Canada are included for free on our plan, however most countries have a $10 per day fee to use your phone in another countries. If you are traveling with 2 to 3 cell phones, and staying 5 days, that’s a whopping $150 in cell phone charges alone. Finding connectivity everywhere you travel to is not always affordable and possible, and that’s exactly why I’ve listed down the best travel apps that work offline so that you can download then for your upcoming trip.

If the travel bug has bitten you just like it has my family and I, then you would appreciate this list of apps below.

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  1. Tripit

Tripit has been a favorite among travel enthusiasts for many years- you can manage your itinerary without a connection, and that’s not it- you can store all your hotel information, car rental information, flight tickets and other essential information that you may need at one place for easy access. There’s a free version, but if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and you know you’ll be on the go a lot, you might want to consider getting the paid upgrade too to take things up a notch.

Available on: iOS | Android | Blackberry | Windows

  1. Triposo

Triposo is more of a travel guide type app. It picks up information from popular websites such as Wikipedia and allows you to access it all offline. All you need to do is download the pack for your holiday destination you’re leaving to while you have access to the internet, and then you can access to all the information and the complete travel guide even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Pocket

Pocket is a lot like Triposo; it allows you to save all the information that you’ve bookmarked or saved about your travel destination- right from hotel options to restaurants, which you can then access even when you’re on the go.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Google Maps

This one’s probably a no-brainer, because Google Maps is, hands down, one of the best navigational apps you need to have on your phone (and you probably do). The good news is that it has back support and allows you to save unlimited areas to access offline.

Available on: iOS | Android 

  1. Here WeGo

Need directions for cycling, public transit and even walking, then this is the app for you. You can download map data for countries or even entire regions. This app is considered one of the best offline navigation apps. Make sure you have enough space if you plan to download maps for several regions.

Available on: iOS | Android 

  1. Trip Advisor

The Trip Advisor app works just the same as the website does, even in the offline mode. You can download everything from maps, saved locations, menus and more! If you tend to travel often, this one’s probably going to be an absolute essential on your phone.

Available on: iOS | Android

Best Offline Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Know About
  1. HopStop

Public transportation is such a great way to experience a new city. This app is great when taking public transportation because it makes getting from point A to point B very easily, all you have to do is input where you are heading to. With this app you are able to get directions, travel times, costs as well as several other route options. This app offers bus, train and subway information as needed.

Available on: iOS

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best picks to choose from if you’re traveling to a different country and you feel like you might need some help with the language part. You can access it offline too, and just type in the words you’d want to translate or just point your phone camera at the words you’d want to know the meaning of.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Spotify

You might enjoy streaming music, but you may not have connectivity everywhere you go. That’s why Spotify makes things easy for you- you can download your favorite songs, podcasts and everything else to your device and listen to them whenever you want to- wherever you want to! The membership fee is totally worth it.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. XE Currency

When in a new country, currency conversion is one of the most important things to keep up with. You want to make sure that you are not overspending when eating out or shopping or even when exchanging money, but with no internet that may be hard. This app will instantly convert from a selected currency to any other of your choice. Just make sure that you download the currencies you need before your trip.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Wifi Map

Finding Wi-fi locations when in another country is important especially when you want to connect to the world wide web. The goal of this offline app is to make sure you get online. You can download an entire database of Wi-fi locations for cities ahead of time. This allows you to find out where the closest hotspot is so that you can get online. Users have entered locations and even passwords which is great because this app currently has over one hundred million networks listed worldwide.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Wi-Fi Finder

Just like the app above, this app also has a database of Wi-Fi networks and passwords all over the world. You can search for locations that have Wi-Fi while offline. Some hotspots may become outdated over time; however, this app is still a life saver.

Available on: iOS | Android

Best Offline Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Know About
  1. Instabridge

Tired of asking for passwords at restaurants, then Instabridge is the way to go. Just like the other two apps above, Instabridge provides a lit of Wi-Fi connections nearby. Don’t forget to download the password database in ad advance for your destination.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. AccuWeather

Checking the weather before heading out for the day when on a trip is very important so that your trip doesn’t get ruined. Weather varies in different countries, and you want to be sure of the forecast when planning you daily activities and that’s when AccuWeather comes in handy.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. American Red Cross First Aid

Not sure where to find the closest hospital? Then this app will come in handy because it covers things like burns, bleeding and much more. With this app, you can watch video trainings, learn appropriate techniques as well follow a step by step guidance. This app covers first aid only, so make sure to head to a hospital if you’re experiences any issues other than minor first aid issues.

Available on: iOS | Android

  1. Drop Box

This isn’t a travel app per say but using it to make files available offline is a huge deal when traveling. Want to store copies of passports, birth certificates, flight information or anything else that you don’t want to carry a paper copy off? Simply upload them to drop box and make them available offline so that you can access them anytime as needed.

Available on: iOS | Android

Best Offline Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Know About

Pro Travel Tip:

Skyscanner Website

When planning a trip, make sure to look for tickets on Skyscanner. Skyscanner allows you to search the cheapest time to fly anywhere in the world from any airport of your choice. If you have a specific place in mind, then you can search the cheapest time of the year to fly to that place from any airport of your choice.

Skyscanner App Download

Don’t forget to download the Skyscanner App which is super handy and accessible when you need it. With the Skyscanner App you will be able to track flights and prices and much more. You can always use the app to search for the cheapest airfare as well.

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Best Offline Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Know About
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