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Black History: The Best New Orleans Plantation Tours For Adults & Kids

Black History: The Best New Orleans Plantation Tours For Adults & Kids

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Although these New Orleans plantations are well manicured and beautiful estates to look, years ago, they housed slaves who worked endlessly and tirelessly day in and day out. So, it was very important for us to go on a New Orleans Plantation tour while in New Orleans.

This wasn’t Aiden’s first time learning about his history. When we visited Ghana, learning about slavery first hand was very important. Aiden was about four years old when I started talking to him about the slavery and the real truth about it.

plantation tour with kids
Cell where slaves were house in Ghana before being sent to the Americas
new orleans plantation tours
Getting a glimpse of how packed the slaves dungeons were and many lives were lost.

We visited the Whitney Plantation and it was upsetting, painful and eye opening to see the conditions that slaves lived in, and everything that they had to endure without much of a choice.

kids tour
Slave quarters, Whitney Plantation

If you are planning to take your kids on a plantation tour, I highly suggest that you start of by reading a book from this collection with your kids reaching them about slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and more.

homeschool group activities
A few books from our collection of Black History Books

Regardless of race, background, ethnicity, it is important to talk to your children about slavery. Talking to your kids about these topics and being open with them will give them a solid foundation and a better understanding of what they will see and learn about at the plantations.


List Of New Orleans Plantations

There are eleven plantations in New Orleans:

  1. Whitney Plantation
  2. Laura Plantation
  3. Oak Alley Plantation
  4. Houmas House Plantation
  5. San Francisco Plantation
  6. Nottoway Plantation
  7. Destrehan Plantation
  8. Ormond Plantation
  9. Malus Beauregard House
  10. St. Joseph Plantation
  11. Madewood Plantation

Want to know which plantation to visit – then click here to read more about each New Orleans plantation individually.

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If you haven’t talked to your kids about slavery yet, then you absolutely should, and while in New Orleans make sure that you also show them as well.

Visiting The Whitney Plantation With Kids

The doors of this museum were opened for public in 2014 for the very first time in the entire history of the museum and this is the only New Orleans plantation which is based on the views of slaves and everything that they endured.

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The museum at the Whitney Plantation exhibits memorial artwork, plenty of first-person slaves’ narratives, restored buildings, and can give a unique perspective of the enslaved people who lived there.

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travel with kids
Aiden sitting with statues of kids who grew up on the Whitney Plantation.

From New Orleans you can drive to the plantations or go with a tour group. We went with a tour group because we didn’t rent a car and it went well.

fun things to do with kids

Reading this below made my heart ache thinking about all the slaves had to endure and how strong and resilient they were.

plantation Tour

Booking A New Orleans Plantation Tour

There are plenty of New Orleans plantation tours so it is important to make sure that you are booking a tour to the specific plantation that you want to see.

All the tours below include pick up from New Orleans, so make sure to inquire where exactly the pick up location is for your tour when you book it.

Do note that you can visit some of these plantations on your own, however an advance purchase ticket is a must. I do however highly recommend a tour especially because you get a more in depth explanation of everything.

Orleans Plantation Tour
  • Whitney Plantation tour – this half day 5 hour tour includes a full visit to one of the most popular plantations. It includes museum exhibits, restored building and offers a first hand experience from a slaves point of view. This is the tour we booked.
  • Swamp boat adventure and plantations full day tour – this nine-hour tour is a full day tour which includes visiting secluded areas of the bayous to witness Cajun living. This tour also includes Oak Alley Plantation and Laura Plantation.
  • Swamp boat ride and southern plantation tour – this is a five and a half hour plantation tour which includes viewing wildlife and a visit to Destrehan Plantation.
  • Double plantation tour – this five-hour tour includes a combined visit to Oak Alley, Laura Plantation or Whitney Plantation. When you book this tour you have the option to choose any two plantations that you’ll like to visit.
  • Plantation brunch and swamp experience tour – this eight and a half hour tour not only includes a visit to Oak Alley and Laura Plantations, but it also includes a delicious Cajun brunch as well.
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Here is a compiled list of New Orleans Plantation Tours you can choose from.

Have you ever gone on a plantation tour? Or taken your kids on one?

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