Best Things To Do In Ghana With Kids

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Let me start by saying this, Ghana is such an amazing country. I didn’t expect it to be so tourist friendly, and I am happy to say that my expectations were surpassed. The people are nice, the food is great, the culture is bursting and there is so much to do. Three days in Ghana with kids was definitely not enough. I wish we had more time to explore other parts of Ghana.

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When Did We Go There

We traveled to Ghana in October 2017.

What Was The Weather

The weather was in the high 80’s – 90’s the whole time. It was sooo hot!! So if you plan on traveling, make sure you check the weather and pack accordingly.

How Did We Get There

We flew to Accra on 40K United miles + $15.60 each on South African Airways. The tickets however were booked through United Airlines as that’s where I build my points (I also have a United Airlines credit card). Both airlines are part of the Star Alliance network (one of the world’s largest global airline alliances).

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How Did We Get Around

Prior to my trip, I got the phone number of a guy who arranges tours and transportation for tourists. I reached out to him and told him how long we were staying for. He asked for my email and sent me a detailed suggested itinerary with hotel recommendations for the three days we would be there. It was a good starting point as I was able to look through and add or take out things I did / didn’t want to do.

The tour came with a car and a driver which I absolutely enjoyed. I loved having the security of knowing we would have the same person taking us around for the 3 days of our trip. I was also able to leave the  The tour guide assigned a driver to us, and he was simply amazing. He went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed and followed our preferred itinerary.

Ebenezer (our driver) picked us up from the airport and took us around until the day we left.

  • To contact the tour company, you can email Moses at
  • Our driver was Ebenezer (you can let Moses know you want request him, not sure if it’s possible). Or even better, skip the tour company entirely and reach out to Ebenezer. He is very sweet and knowledgeable and can come up with an itinerary for you. If you need his number, let me know (he’s okay with that btw).

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If you have young kids, make sure you take their car seat. Although there are no regulations whatsoever in Ghana, meaning no kid, not even babies ride in car seats, I much prefer Aiden in a 5 point harness.
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Where Did We Stay In Ghana With Kids

Night 1 / Accra – Chez Delphy Bed & Breakfast

This place was amazing. Customer service and the breakfast was just awesome and right in the heart of Accra. I’d definitely recommend it.

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Night 2 / Elmina – Coconut Grove Beach Resort

This place is a little pricey, but we splurged for one night and it was worth every penny. The breakfast had a variety of options and I also had the best jollof rice eve at their restaurant (If you haven’t had jollof rice, you are missing out). The pool & beach was just awesome. They also have a kids playground. Aiden did not want to leave, me too lol. Next time I visit Ghana, I’d definitely spend a few days here just relaxing, as this resort is perfect for that.

Black Family Travel coconut grove beach resortBlack Family Travel coconut grove resort ghana

Night 3 / Accra – The Sleepy Hippo Hotel

This place was just okay, but also very affordable. We only stayed here because we had to leave early the next day. We basically got here late at night, crashed and left about 4.30am. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you just need a quick place crash like we did.

What Did We Do In Ghana With Kids

Day 1

After we checked into our hotel, ate lunch and got some rest, we went out for some sightseeing and this was our first stop. Aiden slept most of the flight so he wasn’t jet lagged at all, and neither was I/ It was nice to have a tour guide explaining everything to us. History is so powerful.

Black Family Travel independence square accra

Kwame Nkrumah played a very big role in the history of Ghana. At the memorial park, there is a museum dedicated to him. Once you pay the entry fee, there is a guide in there who takes the time to explain every piece in the museum as well as his accomplishments. The museum is small, so don’t expect much. However, it is a great history lesson. You cannot visit Ghana and not learn about Kwame Nkrumah.

Black Family Travel kwame nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah’s burial ground is in this building.
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This was out last stop for the day, one of my favorite. I freaking loved it. I wanted to BUY ALL the fabric, and all the beautiful dresses and basically everything in sight. Aiden got a backpack and a few dashiki’s. Remember to haggle, but also be reasonable.

Black Family Travel textiles market ghana

Aiden enjoyed shopping and bargaining prices at the Centre for National Culture. First thing he bought, a Kente Backpack. [Scroll Right for more ??] . I usually don’t shop when we travel. Things don’t really fancy me. But I wanted to buy everything in this market. No joke, I wanted it ALL lol ❤? I had to fight the urge to spend money I don’t have. Because I’m good about budgeting I had to check myself before I wreck myself ? . It’s feels good to be in the Mother Land!! ? #KidsShopping #TravelWithKids #WorldTraveler #TravelTheWorld #ExperienceTheWorld #Accra #Ghana #GhanaTrip #AccraGhana #Kente #KentePrint #AfricanPrint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #JetSetKids #JetSetFam #TravellingFamily #FamilyTravel #FamilyTravelBlogger #BlackBlogger #BlackTravelFeed #BlackTraveler #BlackTravel #KidsTravel #TravellingWithKids #TravelWithKids #TravelKids #KidsOnVacation #TakeYourKidsEverywhere #ShowThemTheWorld #HaveKidsWillTravel #KidsLoveTravel #TravelGoals

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Day 2

Both Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle have beautiful views of the coast. I am just so glad that both of them are no longer slaves castles! The entry fee into both castles comes with an amazing and very detailed guided tour.

This castle is the biggest, with a museum and shop to buy souvenirs. We spent quite some time here. It was so interesting to take the guided tour and learn about all the slaves had to go through. We saw the male and female slave dungeons as well as “The Door Of No Return.” It was really hard to think that once slaves left that door, they never returned back home. Visiting Cape Coast Castle was very emotional, and I made sure that I explained to Aiden so he understood why it was an emotional place to visit. Aiden had lots of questions to ask and I was able to answer all of them. We often underestimate kids and their capacity to understand adult situations. So if you ever make it to Ghana, you absolutely have to visit Cape Coast Castle.

Black Family Travel cape coast castleBlack Family Travel slave castle
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Elmina Castle was smaller, but also similar to Cape Coast Castle. It also had a gift shop for souvenirs. The entry fee to Elmina Castle includes a guide who takes you around and explains everything to you. We were able to visit the entire castle and learn about how it was used to house slaves. It was such a relief to know that these castles aren’t used for such evil anymore.

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Day 3

We did two tours at Kakum National Park. Tour #1 was a walk / hike through the forest to learn about different species of trees and Tour # 2 was the canopy walk. I only braved that walk over 130ft and 7 different hanging bridges because Aiden convinced me too. I was so scared of it I almost pissed my pants, haha. Aiden is so brave and he pushes me to do things I’d never do on my own. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for this tour. It rained while we were on our first hike through the rain forest, after all it is called a rain forest for a reason. However because it was very hot, we got very dry quickly.

Black Family Travel kakum national forest
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We actually went here to eat and were pleased to know that they had crocodiles that Aiden could see. After we placed an order for our food, we stepped away for a walk around the crocodile garden. The crocodiles were hiding and the tour guide offered them some food for them come up above the water. Aiden loved seeing the crocodiles. After that, we walked back to our table right when our food was ready. Perfect Timing!

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Where Did We Eat In Ghana With Kids

The food in Ghana is amazing !! Make sure to try different things. I am foodie and make sure to try new foods when we travel. I also encourage to the do the same. He doesn’t have to eat it if he doesn’t like it, but he has to try it.

Black Family Travel ghana food

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Tips For Traveling To Ghana With Kids

  • Apply for a Ghanaian visa at least 2 weeks before your trip. The requirements are super easy and it takes about a week to get your passport back or even less time if you can pick it up as the embassy is in DC. Visit the Ghanaian Embassy website for more information.
  • Pack enough mosquito spray, mosquito repellent as possible. They almost drank all of Aiden and I’s blood. My husband however was untouched. I recommend Repel as it’s as natural as can possibly be. It was basically #BAE, as I carried it with me everywhere I went lol

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  • Get your yellow fever vaccine prior to your trip, it is the only required vaccine. I chose not to give Aiden this vaccine, and my husband and I opted not to as well. We were lucky enough not to have been asked to present it prior to entry into Ghana. That was pure luck. If you have no issues with vaccines, then definitely get it.
  • Malaria pills are highly recommended, but not mandatory. Again, we decided against it and none of us got malaria. Read up on malaria, and then decide whether or not to take the pills for it.

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