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Hey There, Welcome to my Blog !!

I’m Karen Akpan, the face behind The MOM Trotter which is a Family Travel, Lifestyle & Homeschool blog. I am also the founder of Black Kids Do Travel which is an organization that inspires and encourages families of color to travel the world,

I work full time in the Clinical Research field. I love my job, because it is for a good cause and it genuinely makes a difference in the world. I also plan trips for people part time at Memory Making Getaways.

I am a Mom to a beautiful and strong spirited super star of a Son – Aiden, Wife to an amazing husband – Sylvester, and a Big Sis to a sweet but stubborn teenager – Ells. I am also an aunt to 3 amazing little’s, Ethan, Milania and Avery whom I adore. My goal is to raise them all to be global citizens.

People think that after kids, travel has to stop, but I am proof that it doesn’t. My passion is to help and empower parents, as well as show them that travel with kids is possible and doable while working a full time job. Also to show families who want to travel that they can travel with kids on a budget.

I strive to encourage all parents, especially parents with children of color, to travel with their children and show them the world. I’m also passionate about letting children follow their interests, hence why you’ll see me blog about our travels, which are 99% of the time dictated by the kids, as well as my sons industry work. He loves modeling and acting and I wholeheartedly support him.

I live by the philosophy “The World is Your Classroom” – because it really is. There is so much to learn about the world that can’t be learned in a classroom. I learn something new every time I travel & so do the kids.

I believe in attachment parenting, homeschooling / worldschooling, traveling the world, letting children follow their dreams, and most of all, living my life to the fullest. Life is too short, so enjoy it now while you can. Do the things you love to do and spend time with the people you love. Simply because, no one knows tomorrow.

I dream of running an organization to help fund travels for less privileged children. I believe in my dreams, and I know that I shall see them come to light someday.

I love all things coffee & chocolate. And oh, I love writing and I hope you love reading .

XoXoXo, 💗 The MOM Trotter


The Mom Trotter’s Family

(Kids from Left to Right – Aiden, Ethan, Avery, Milania)

What Does The Mom Trotter Blog About?

Travel – Everything family travel and travel with kids because it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for your kids.

Model & Talent – My son is in the industry. He is a model and actor and I love writing about each job he books.

Lifestyle – My take on parenting, the ups and downs, and everything in between.

Home/World-schooling – My son is home-schooled/world-schooled and I’ll be sharing about why we choose this route.


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