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Our Family Goal To Visit All 50 States & 5 Territories In The United States of America

Our Family Goal To Visit All 50 States & 5 Territories In The United States of America

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“Mom, I want to travel around all of America. I want to visit allllllll the states in America. Can you please take me Mom”

Aiden Akpan, 5 Years Old

When Aiden first told me that he wanted to visit all the states in America, I giggled and thought, how awesome. but didn’t put much thought into it.

We love traveling as a family and exploring the world, within the United States of America and Internationally as well. However, It was never a goal for our family visit all 50 states.

But then, I thought to myself, why not? What was stopping us from doing it?Nothing at all. If Aiden wanted to travel the United States of America, then I’ll do my best to make sure that he gets to do that.

The more we began to look at the map of the United States as a family, the more I realized how attainable this goal was and I decided that we should definitely make it a family goal.

The first state Aiden visited was Nevada at just 6 months old. He was excited to be someplace new, taking in all the sights and sounds. People always ask me “Why bother? He’ll never remember it anyways.”

And my response is always the same “It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t remember this trip or any trip we take because I do, and that matters too.” I remember him looking everywhere, I remember the memories I made with him on this trip. I remember him enjoying being in a different place other than home, and smiling, giggling and everything.

Those memories of our first trip matter to me! My memories count too. We are always so quick to think about kids forgetting things, but what about the parents memories too?

Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada

When we decided to take on this challenge as a family, Aiden had already visited about 15 states at just five years old, so I knew we were on the right track. I also decided that I will make sure to include my nieces and nephew on as many trips as we could.

Gatorland – Orlando, Florida

How Do We Plan To Visit All 50 States?

The United States of America are made up of 50 states, 1 federal district and 5 territories. Our goal is to travel all 50 states, however I decided to include the 5 territories. Might as well right?

So far, we have been able to visit over 20 states by traveling on a major budget. If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, then you know that budget travel is my thing.

I want to travel the world, but I don’t want to be broke or knee deep in debt. Plus, I’m not a millionaire, so budget travel is the only way to go for me.

We have no exact method, plan drawn out or exact order in which we will do this. We will just travel to as many states as we can and continue to add it to the list below.

Black Kids Travel - Black Family Travel - Black Travel
Flight Lesson – Orlando, Florida

Below are a few tips on how we plan to visit all 50 states:

  • Following The Sale

My motto is “Follow the sale, Not the location” simply meaning we will travel to whatever state is affordable and whatever state has affordable airfare to get to. We will use that as our basis to visit all 50 states.

  • Visiting Nearby States On One Trip

When we visited Chicago, the cost of our round trip tickets were $40 on Frontier Airlines. After spending a few days in Chicago, we took a Greyhound bus to Wisconsin which was just 3.5 hours away. By doing this, we were able to knock out two states on one trip.

  • Taking A Road Trip

Our family loves going on road trip, and by doing this we are able to visit several states on one trip. On our most recent RV trip, we visited all 5 National Parks in Utah, as well as Nevada and Arizona.

  • Refer to these blog posts for all your budget travel needs

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What States Have We Been To?

Each state is listed below in alphabetical order. If you see a photo, that means we’ve been there. If you see an * by it, that means we’ve been there but I haven’t written a blog post on it yet.

Eventually, I plan to have at least one blog post for each state, so that if you are planning a trip, you’ll have a list of kid friendly things to do there with or without your kids.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Traveling with kids and looking for tips, then make sure to click the links below and read more:

United States



best us states to visit with kids - alaska
Anchorage, Alaska




Los Angeles To San Diego On The Amtrak Train With Kids
San Diego, Califonia


things to do in denver with kids
Denver, Colorado




Orlando, Florida



best us states to visit with kids - georgia
Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta, Georgia


best us states to visit with kids - hawaii
The Big Island, Hawaii



Things To Do In Chicago In The Winter With Kids
The Bean – Chicago, Illinois




Overland Park – Kansas City, Kansas



Eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde – New Orleans, LA


boats in portland miane




Minnesota, MN

black family traveling the world
Greetings from Minneapolis Sign – Minneapolis, Minnesota


Missouri, MO

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum – Kansas City, Missouri



Nevada, NV

las vegas with kids
Valley Of Fire State Park – Las Vegas, Nevada

New Hampshire

New Jersey*

New Mexico*

New York*

best us states to visit with kids - new york.
Times Square, New York

North Carolina

North Dakota



Oregon, OR

best us states to visit with kids - oregon
Multnomah Falls – Portland, Oregon


black kids do travel on a boat tour in pittsburgh
River Cruise – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



best us states to visit with kids - texas
Dallas Zoo – Dallas, Texas


black family sking in park city utah
Deer Valley Ski Resort – Park City, Utah




West Virginia


Lavender Farm on Washington Island – Door County, Wisconsin


Federal District

Washington, District Of Colombia*

United States Territories

American Samoa

Capital – Pago Pago
Population – 57,400


Capital – Hagatna
Population – 161,700

Northern Mariana Islands

Capital – Saipan
Population – 52,300

Puerto Rico

Capital – San Juan
Population – 3,337,177

8 Best Caribbean Islands For Kids That Are Affordable
San Juan, Puerto Rico

U.S. Virgin Islands

Capital – Charlotte Amalie
Population – 103,700


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