7 Budget Worksheets For Kids To Learn Budgeting

Budgeting Worksheets For Kids

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Budgeting is an important life skill that should be learned earlier in life rather than later. Teaching your child about money management can set them up for success in the future. If it wasn’t for our family budget, we wouldn’t be able to afford our travel life

One of the easiest and most effective ways to teach kids is with a worksheet. A monthly budgeting worksheet for kids helps them learn how to manage their finances while having fun at the same time. 

If you’re looking for an effective budget worksheet that is suitable for kids, consider one of the following options. Listed below are seven of my favorite free printable budgeting worksheets for kids.

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7 Budget Worksheets For Kids To Learn Budgeting

Carrie Elle Free Monthly Budget Printable for Kids

Here’s a fantastic blank budget template for kids to learn about creating a monthly budget. It includes sections where kids can track their income and expenses, as well as their savings and financial goals.

This free printable is a straightforward way to engage younger kids and start teaching them how to properly manage their money.

OldSaltFarm’s Kid’s Monthly Budget Worksheet

This one is a great monthly budgeting worksheet geared toward kids. It works especially well with the corresponding save, spends, and share jars. The spreadsheet and jars work together to help your child track their money.

Being able to see where their money goes can be super helpful for many younger children. 

iMom’s Save, Spend, Share Printable for Kids

Here’s another great save, spend, and share printable for children. iMom’s Save, Spend, Share Printable for Kids.

If you like the idea of encouraging kids to donate to charity, the share category allows them to do so, while also managing their finances.

Here is a wonderful list of charities that kids can donate to. 

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Making Frugal Fun Free Kid’s Budgeting Printables

The free budgeting printables from Making Frugal Fun are perfect for younger children who are ready to start learning about money management.

These printables give young kids tools to learn about budgeting and offer parents the opportunity to give their little ones a little more financial responsibility.

With the budget worksheet, you can make learning about budgeting more fun and kid-friendly. You can easily turn this more serious topic into one that feels like a game.

At the very least, you’re laying the groundwork for important concepts that your child will need to know later in life. 

Washington State Department Of Financial Institutions Student Budgeting Worksheet

Here’s a fantastic budget worksheet geared more toward middle school-aged children. I especially love how informative this worksheet, from Washington’s DFI, is.

You can easily use this worksheet to guide you through a lesson on budgeting and managing finances. 

Or, for more independent learners, you can have them go through the worksheet on their own, and then potentially follow up with one of these business books for kids. It would make for a great at-home lesson for homeschoolers.

Learn In Color Financial Literacy Printables

The Financial Literacy Printables are great for kids of all ages, including teenagers. This is a great option if you prefer a simple, more straightforward approach to budgeting.

The literacy printables encourage your child to budget only three categories, so it’s a great starting point for kids who are just starting.

The printables include a savings tracker, a needs vs wants worksheet, and a share, spend, and save the sheet. All three pages are included in the free packet!

Family Education Teen Budget Worksheet

Last, but certainly not least, is a budget worksheet from Family Education that is geared toward teenagers. With this free printable, you can help your teenager better organize their finances. 

The worksheet encourages your child to track their monthly income and expenses and then calculates a proposed budget for them.

There are sections for different expenses, including school, pets, transportation, and more. By breaking down your teen’s expenses, they can easily see exactly where their money is going.

They can then make better decisions about how and where they spend their money so that they can potentially save more.

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Teaching kids about money and budgeting doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Budgeting is such an important lesson for kids to learn that it’s important to approach the topic the right way.

One of the best ways to teach kids about saving money and the other aspects of budgeting is with one or more of these fun youth budget worksheets.

We also make a habit of teaching Aiden Math and English through travel planning – where we allow Aiden to create travel plans and budgets for possible trips in the future.

Read more about our journey, learning through travel HERE. You can also find more information on saving money, homeschooling, and living on the road, on the blog.

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