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Things To Do In St Croix (US Virgin Islands) With Or Without Kids

Things To Do In St Croix (US Virgin Islands) With Or Without Kids

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Although I love snow, eating it especially, I’m not a big fan of cold weather. All I could think about was how to escape the January cold weather for at least a few days and head to someplace warm that has sand and sea.

Saint Croix initially wasn’t on my radar, but I am so thankful that my family and I got to experience the beauty of the island because we fell in love with it.

It was the perfect place to head to for a January Getaway as there are so many things to do in St Croix.

About St. Croix

Saint Croix (pronounced KROY, /ˈkrɔɪ/) is one of three US Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean. The other two islands are Saint John and Saint Thomas.

In 1848 there was a slave revolt that prompted the abolishion of slavery in the Danish West Indies. St Croix was originally called the Danish West Indies until the US took over on March 31st 1917. 

The US bought the island from Denmark for $25 million and officially changed the name to the US Virgin Islands.

Currency: US Dollar $

Language: English

Visa: The US Virgin Islands belong to the USA, so there is no visa needed to visit. However you will need proof of American citizenship to board your flight back to mainland US. The immigration officer informed me that he can verify citizenship if you provide legal identification.

Car Seats: Using a car seat is the safest way to transport your kids especially if you’ll be renting a car.

Stroller/Baby Carrier: If you plan to do a lot of walking, then a stroller or baby carrier is highly recommended.

How To Get To St. Croix

We flew from Los Angeles to St Croix on United Airlines, and then flew from St Croix back to Los Angeles on Spirit Airlines. It was pretty good flight both ways!

PS: All airplanes land on the tarmac so you have to walk to and from your flight each time.

Arriving St Croix
Leaving St Croix

We purchased some Mutiny Island Vodka and Cruzan Rum and I was excited to find out that we could check it in for free on Spirit Airlines. From my understanding, all airlines offer this perk as a thank you for purchasing something.

Airlines allow passengers to check in alcohol boxes for free to be be picked up when you get to your destination.

How To Get Around St. Croix

The best way to get around St Croix is by Taxi or Rental Car. The island is big and there is lots to explore. Taxi fees may add up, so if you plan to stay for a few days and explore the island, I highly suggest a rental car. 

Taxis in St Croix

We arranged transportation and our ride was waiting at the airport when we got there. PS: Taxis in St. Croix are vans and they charge per person, not per ride, so keep that in mind.

Where To Stay In St. Croix

The two main cities in St. Croix are Frederiksted and Christiansted. When traveling to St Croix, the first thing you want to do is figure out what part of the island you want to stay on. Once you figure that out, finding a hotel will be much easier.

Where Did We Stay In St Croix With Kids

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer which is located just a few minutes away from downtown Christiansted is one of the best hotels to stay in when you visit St Croix.

Welcome Rum & Punch for Hubs and Punch for A
Giving us a ride to our room

It has absolutely stunning views of the ocean, ocean front rooms, family rooms, a golf course, full service spa and salon, fitness center, eight tennis courts, three beaches, two pools and so much more.

Family Room

The hotel hosts different weekly activities. Our ultimate favorite was the manager’s Tuesday reception when Aiden got to see the “Mocko Jumbies” perform.

Another thing we loved the most was having an oceanfront room. We initially had a family room and then we were moved to ocean from room which was simply breathtaking. To go to sleep every night to the sound of waves and wake up to the sun setting was truly magical.

Oceanfront Room

The Bucanneer also offers a really great breakfast buffet with a mix of local food and American breakfast foods.

The views at the Buccaneer are absolutely gorgeous. Honestly one of the most beautiful hotels we have ever stayed at!!!

Walking to breakfast

Other Places TO Stay In St Croix

Things To Do In St. Croix

There are so many fun things to do in St Croix whether you’re on a solo trip, a trip with your friends or with your family. There is something to do for everyone.

Below are a few things to do in St Croix that we enjoyed:


We booked a half day snorkeling tour to Buck Island through Big Beard’s Adventure Tours. We had the opportunity to snorkel and see the island’s barrier reef. 

The first stop on this tour was to one side of the island were we got a quick snorkeling lesson and then to the other side were we got to snorkel. 

It had been raining for a few days so the water wasn’t as clear as we hoped, however it was still beautiful.

Food Tour

If you like trying local food when you travel, then you absolutely must do the food tour. This is one of the best things to do in St. Croix.

We booked this tour through Virgin Islands Food Tour and it is called Taste of Twin Cities Food Tour.

Taste of twin cities because the main two cities in Saint Croix are Frederiksted and Christiansted. 

This tour not only included yummy Cruzan food, but it also included an amazing history lesson too. Our tour guide “Q” was very knowledgeable and taught us the history of the island.

The Beach

St Croix has several beautiful beaches, one of the most popular is Rainbow Beach. It is visited by tourists a lot and can get very busy. There is a restaurant right there so you can grab food when you get hungry.

Rainbow Beach

The Buccaneer hotel also has a very beautiful beach as you can see below. We really enjoyed our time there too, If you’re visiting St Croix with kids, they’ll love being able to go to the beach everyday.

Explore Downtown


This is where the cruise ship port is, so there are several shops and restaurants around here just a walking distance from the port. Fort Frederiksted and the Caribbean museum are also located in Frederiksted.


Downtown Christiansted is on the waterfront and you can watch the boats as the arrive and take off. The streets around are beautiful and it has lots of Danish influence. There are also several restaurants and bars here.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the best things to do in St. Croix with kids. Aiden was excited when he found out we were going to be riding horses. 

Fort Frederiksted 

This is a masonry fort that was built by the Danish in the eighteenth century. It is the perfect place to take photos! Aiden loved the cannon and pretending they were real. Tourists flock here to see all of these things.

The Domino Club

The best thing about visiting the Domino Club for all of us was getting a chance to feed the pigs non alcoholic beer. Who would’ve thought you can feed a pig non alcoholic beer?

There is also a restaurant and bar on site where you can get some food if you get hungry.

Rum Tour

Saint Croix is well known for Rum. You can take a rum tour that shows you the behind the scenes of it all. At the end you have the option to purchase some rum if you want to.

I even bought two bottles of Rum to take home!

Family Photo Session

Having someone take our photos was one the best things we did in St. Croix. Now we have some awesome memories of all three of us to last forever.

Other Things To Do In St. Croix

There are so many things to do in St Croix that we didn’t get a chance to do. Here is a list of other things that we would have loved to do so that you can consider checking them out too when you visit St. Croix.

  • Eat at Nidilurali a stationary food truck located on Mahogany Road less than 2 miles from Fort Frederiksted. 
  • Visit Point Udal which well known for being the easternmost point of the United States. Note that this is measured by travel and not by longitude.
  • Go see the Estate Whim Great House which is the only sugar plantation museum in the US Virgin Islands which still has slave quarters, a cookhouse, sugar mill and more.
  • Go shore diving at the Cane Bay Wall.
  • Visit St. George Village Botanical Garden where you can connect with nature.
  • Go on a sightseeing tour of the island with Sweeny’s Safari Tours.
  • Visit Salt River Bay National Historic Park where it is believed that Christopher Columbus landed.
  • St Croix has two bioluminescent bays which are Altona Lagoon and River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve.
  • Take a catamaran sunset tour.
  • Take a hike to Jack and Isaac Bays where you can find beautiful beaches. 

Where To Eat In St. Croix

La Reine Chicken Shack

Fire roasted chicken

Singh’s Fast Food

Vegetarian Roti

Kims Restaurant

PS: Call ahead of time and order. On our first time visiting we waited over an hour and 30 minutes for our food, However Kims Restaurant has the best food we had on the Island.

Zeny’s Restaurant

Gary’s Bakery & Deli

2 Plus 2 Restaurant

Whole fried snapper, seasoned rice and veggies

Rum Runners STX

The best punch Aiden had and Rum & punch I had was at Rum Runners

St. Croix Itinerary

You can visit St Croix for a few days like we did, or spend months there like some people we met on the island.

If you only have a few days to spare, here is a St. Croix itinerary for you.

St Croix Itinerary Day 1

  • Arrive St Croix
  • Check in to your hotel
  • Grab lunch downtown by the Waterfront in Christiansted
  • Relax at your hotel and enjoy the beach or pool
Oceanfront room at The Buccaneer

St Croix Itinerary Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Snorkeling tour (half day or full day – the full day tour comes with lunch)
  • Grab lunch or dinner depending on what tour you take
  • Explore downtown and grab dinner there
Buck Island snorkeling tour

St Croix Itinerary Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Virgin Islands food tour
  • Lunch
  • Horseback riding (this starts and ends at Rainbow beach so you can spend the evening here after your tour)
  • Dinner at Rhythms at Rainbow Restaurant located on Rainbow beach
Curry goat, seasoned rice and corn from Kims Restaurant

St Croix Itinerary Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Point Udal
  • Frederiksted Fort
  • Caribbean Museum of the Arts
  • The Domino Club – have lunch and feed the pigs non alcoholic beer
  • Relax at your hotel pool / beach

St Croix Itinerary Day 5

  • Breakfast
  • Jet Ski at Rainbow Beach
  • Have lunch at Rhythms located on Rainbow Beach
  • Go on a Rum tour
  • Dinner

St Croix Itinerary Day 6

  • Sleep in
  • Breakfast
  • Travel home

Thoughts On St. Croix

We spent 4 days in St Croix and I wish we had more time. Our family fell in love with the island and the people, not forgetting the food too. Now my son won’t stop asking me if I can cook curry goat for him. 

There are so many things to do in St Croix I promise you’ll love it just as much as we did.

We felt very safe throughout our trip on the island, and I would definitely visit St Croix alone without any worry.

One thing is for sure, we will be back for sure!

This blog post is sponsored by Visit St. Croix, as always all opinions are mine.

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