The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids of All Ages

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Looking for luggage for your kids and not sure which one to buy, then this list of the best carry on luggage for kids of all ages will come in handy. Aiden got his first luggage when he was a little over a year old. He has used several different types of luggage’s along the years, and this list will help you figure out which luggage is the best carry on luggage for kids of all ages.

When I told Aiden to model his luggage for me, he was more than excited. Have you ever met a camera ready kid – Yup, That’s my son!! As you will see below, we’ve done lots of trial and error with luggage along the way and Aiden was so excited to show off all his luggage so you can pick the best for your kids.


The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

1. Sesame Street Rolling Luggage

Black Family Travel 1072A3190

Aiden’s first luggage was a Sesame Street Luggage. This specific luggage below seems to be discontinued; I have looked everywhere and I am unable to find it (tell your kid to hold on to it if they own one, it’s a collectors item – haha). The most similar to this luggage below is the Sesame Street Small Rolling Backpack and the Elmo Sesame Street Rolling Backpack.

He was 16 months old when we got the Sesame Street luggage for him. It is about 12in and doesn’t hold much, but holds enough for a toddler. Plus you don’t want it too full, so it’s easy for your toddler to pull. He absolutely loved pulling it around everywhere; at home and at the airport. It was the perfect size and height for him when he was 16 months old. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a kid over 3 as the handle will be too short as you can see from the updated photo below.Black Family Travel 1072A3074

The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

2. Kids Luggage Scooter

Black Family Travel 1072A3199

My husband was browsing for luggage online and came across this. Aiden got a scooter for his 2nd birthday and he loved riding it, so he knew that this would be the perfect stroller for him. Before I knew it, Aiden was running to tell me about his new scooter. The luggage part totally skipped over his head and he wanted to ride it in the house and out of the house even though he wasn’t travelling, (kids right, lol). This is a bit more expensive, so not a purchase I’d make. Yes I’m cheap! But to see how excited he was about it, oh Yay! Good job Dad!!

This luggage is just a bit bigger than the Elmo luggage above, 16inches to be specific. Doesn’t hold much, but it’s so much fun for kids at the airport. People stopped to compliment him all the time. This was nice to travel with except for when Aiden fell asleep and I’d have to pull it because who wants to pull kids luggage right!

The emoji scooter luggage seems to be out of stock, but this Hot Wheels Luggage Scooter or Girls Luggage Scooter look awesome too.

And by the way, just in case you want to scoot through the airport with your kids, there’s one for adults as well; Unisex Suitcase Scooter Luggage and Micro Scooter Luggage.

Black Family Travel 1072A3129

The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

3. Thomas the Train Luggage

Black Family Travel 1072A3192

Aiden has been obsessed with trains when he was 2. I mean majorly obsessed! I was in the process of updating his luggage when voila; UPS dropped of a package and this was inside – “Thomas the Train Kids Pilot Case Wheel“. A close friend got this for Aiden as a gift. She must have read his mind and my mind because he was in need of a bigger luggage and I knew that he would love this and was going to buy it for him.

This luggage is 15.5inches and can fit a lot more than both of the luggage’s above. I love that the handle extends out much longer so a child older than 4 can pull it with ease. We still use this for over night trips and he can fit all his essentials for at least a few days which is great.

I love the fact that this luggage is affordable and that there are several different characters depending on what your kids prefers. This link will take you to a few kids favorites –> Kids 15in Pilot Case.

Black Family Travel 1072A3162

Black Family Travel best luggage for kids

The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

4. Carry-On Spinner Luggage – 21 inches

Black Family Travel 1072A3189

Out of all of the luggage Aiden has, this is my favorite – “Heys America Marvel Comics Luggage“. First of all, the spinner option. Have you tried lugging luggage through the airport that doesn’t have 4 wheels and doesn’t spin? What a headache. This one is perfect, it has 4 wheels and spins and is so easy to get through the airport even when it’s filled to the brim.

It’s not a kids luggage per say, but it’s luggage that will grow with him. At this point, I don’t see myself buying any additional luggage for Aiden I think he has enough till he goes to college haha. He has this in the 21in and the 26inch below.

Heys America and American Tourister makes several nice ones like the USA Carry-On Spinner Luggage, Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kids Spinner and Star Wars Spinner.

Black Family Travel 1072A3085

The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

5. Spinner Luggage – 26 inches

Black Family Travel 1072A3191

When we were buying Aiden the Marvel Comics Spinner Luggage 21 inches  above, we figured why not just get him the whole set. So, we also purchased the Marvel Comics Spinner Luggage 26 inches. This way we don’t ever have to buy him luggage again. Like Really !! lol

The Two Piece Marvel Spinner Set (which incluse a 21in and a 26in), is just perfect for any growing kid. We picked Marcel because it has several of the characters he likes such as; Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America etc. This is luggage that he can use as a 4yr old, as a 10yr old and even as a 16yr old (that’s if TSA hasn’t broken it yet right, haha). We traveled to Europe for 3 weeks and his 26in spinner luggage was able to fit all his clothes and shoes etc. Sometimes we travel light, and we all use the same luggage (with packing cubes of course), and sometimes I share a luggage with my husband so Aiden can have his own his luggage. He loves running to the belt in arrivals to pull his luggage off.

Other nice sets are the Captain America Spinner Set, and the Explore Spinner Luggage Set (perfect for the little adventurer who doesn’t care for characters).

Black Family Travel 1072A3110 1 scaled

The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids

6. Spinner Luggage – 30 inches

Unless you are sending your kid on a vacation and expecting them never returning home, Yessssssss!! I kid I kid then I don’t see the need to purchase a 30in spinner luggage. Maybe later Aiden may need a 30in luggage, but I am hoping that by then he will out of my home and at that point will purchase his own luggage hahahahaha.

I had to list it just in case you were wondering if there is something bigger than the 26in luggage. Yes there is, but do you need it for your kid, maybe, maybe not. Only you would be able to tell.

A few awesome 3 piece spinner sets (which includes a 21in, a 26in and a 30in) are Merax 3 Piece Luggage Set, Explore 3 Piece Spinner Set and Fernando 3 Piece Spinner Set.

Black Family Travel heys fvt canada 3 piece luggage set 29

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And because he’s cute he asked me to take photos of him making faces and add to my blog post, lol.

Black Family Travel PicMonkey Collage1 1 Black Family Travel PicMonkey Collage2

Black Family Travel PicMonkey Collage3

Tell me, what’s your kids favorite luggage?

Black Family Travel Aiden Turns 4 4

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