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10 Things You Should Know Before Planning A St Croix (USVI) Vacation

10 Things You Should Know Before Planning A St Croix (USVI) Vacation

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Our family recently spent a few amazing days in St Croix in January. It was our first trip of the year, and a St Croix vacation was the perfect place to start of the year.

If you’ve never planned a trip to the Caribbean or even St Croix, then you’ll definitely find this list of 10 things to know before planning a trip to St. Croix vacation useful.

Driving In St. Croix

Renting a car is the best way to see the entire island on your own terms. Do note that they drive on the left side of the road like in The United Kingdom or New Zealand, however the driver also sits on the left as the cars are American.

This can be a challenge, so keep this in mind when planning your St Croix vacation. You will have to make the decision whether to rent a car or not. You can also rent a car only for day trips if you need to.


St. Croix which is one of the US Virgin Islands is a US territory so there is no visa or passport required to visit. However, in order to fly back into mainland US, immigration must be able to verify that you are a US citizen.

So make sure to pack a copy of your birth certificate when heading on a St Croix vacation, or if you have a passport that works even better. The same applies to children as well.

Take All Your Necessities

There is no Target or Walmart on St Croix, however there is a K-Mart. If there are any specific things that you like to use when home, make sure to pack it so you don’t have to go from store to store searching for what you need.

We stopped by a grocery store and the prices made me gasp. So, when on your St Croix vacation, definitely keep in mind that prices will be higher because a lot of items have to be important.

Island Time

Nobody is in a rush anywhere – remember this while on the island! There is no rush when driving, expect to wait a bit longer for your than usual and more.

I actually enjoyed the fact that  for the first time, I didn’t feel like I had to rush everywhere while on vacation.

What To Pack

St. Croix’s weather is hot all year round, so make sure to pack light airy clothes so that you don’t overheat. Also, don’t forget your pool and beach gear – swimming trunks, water proof phone case, goggles etc. As well as a must have – sunscreen. 


The currency on the island is US dollars, so no need to change money before your St. Croix vacation.

Most businesses allow card transactions, so you won’t really need to carry cash on hand except you need to tip. I highly suggest having cash on you for that!


Mutiny Vodka Distillery

I was excited to learn that if I purchased alcohol, then I can check it in for free. I bought 4 bottles of alcohol as gifts for friends and family, and I was able to check it in for free on Spirit Airlines.

I picked it up from the Spirit Airlines baggage counter once I landed in Los Angeles, and the bottles were still in good shape although the box wasn’t.

Cell Service

Your cell phone will work on St Croix like it does when you are home. You will not be charged any international fees as a result of you using your phone to text or call. I have Verizon and had great service the whole time on our St Croix vacation.


St Croix is very safe! At no point in time did I or my family feel unsafe while on our St Croix vacation. We didn’t hear of any theft or pick-pocketing stories.

I highly recommend a St Croix vacation for people who travel solo, with friends, and families too.


People from St. Croix are called Crucians, and they are some of the nicest and most friendly people you’ll ever meet. All of this just adds to the charm of the island making it a highly rated destination, especially.

This post was sponsored by Visit St. Croix, however all opinions are my own.

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