I was definitely overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out homeschooling, it was like foraging into a new frontier.👉

– Parent’s are not qualified to teach

False! There are currently no state laws that require homeschool teachers  to be certified; while some states may require a high school diploma or a GED to teach children at home, some do not.

- Children are stuck in the house  all day

False! Homeschoolers are exposed to so many opportunities beyond the school room. Travelling & exploring leads to amazingly memorable & educational occasions.

- Homeschooled children don’t have friends/under socialized.

False! There are coordinated homeschool groups for activities, field trips, classes, youth groups, arts & sports!

- Homeschooled kids can’t get into college.

False! Colleges are actively recruiting homeschoolers as data routinely suggest that homeschooled students not only consistently perform better on standardized testing, but they are generally more self-disciplined, mature & better equipped academically than those of traditional schooling disciplines.