I know what encouragement does to kids; it works miracles with mine! I have tested & experienced the magic of what positive words can do for kids.

Words Build  A Kid’s Mind

– I have faith in your abilities – I trust your instincts – You are free to make  a decision – It is okay to say No – You are a good friend – I am proud of the person you are becoming – We are proud of you – Great thinking

– It is okay to ask for help – I am impressed by your hard work – Tell me what you are working on – I notice your passion – I am amazed at how committed you are to finishing your work

– I am amazed by your kindness – You have great listening skills – You made me very proud – I love that you prioritize people’s needs – That was kind of you

– We all have bad days – It will all be fine, take a break – You cannot make everyone happy – Is there something that you made you smile? – Do you know that I also have bad days?