Kansas City, Missouri not to be mistaken with Kansas City, Kansas is the 23rd largest city in the USA and well known for jazz & barbecue 👉

If your kids love legos, then it’s guarantee that they’ll have a blast here! We got on the rides, played with legos & even watched a VR Lego race.

We love visiting aquariums & learning about all types of fishes so this was definitely a fun activity!

My son's favorite part was getting the chance to create his own jazz music. They allow you to create the sounds you want & learn about the instruments used to create jazz music.

American Jazz Museum

The Kansas City Zoo is very big, & exhibit is quite a walk from each other, so make sure you give yourself enough time if you plan to visit!

The Nelson Atkins Museum of art is known for its architecture as well as wide collection of Asian art.

This is a 9 hole mini gold course designed by an artists to interpret the works of art that can be found in the museum.

This was my first time visiting a museum like this & it was so much fun. There are enough illusions to spin your head & make you laugh as well!

From feeding the baby goats, to fishing, to riding a pony to hay rides around the farmstead, this is such a fun place to visit!

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead