How to Enhance Your Child’s Summer Learning with Osmo


Summer is the perfect time for children to explore their creativity, and what better way to do that than with the Osmo educational platform 👉

Osmo is an educational learning platform designed for kids ages 3-10. It’s easy enough for even young kids but still challenging enough to keep older ones interested.

What is Osmo

It's an educational learning platform that lets kids build confidence and enhance their creativity, using tangible pieces to create an engaging hands-on experience!

Trusted By Teachers

Teachers in over 30,000 schools have been using Osmo to successfully teach and engage kids in STEAM subjects like STEM, coding, math, spelling, reading & more.

No boring, mind-numbing screen time

In addition to their iPad, children interact with actual handheld pieces and an iPad, bringing a child’s game pieces and actions to life.

Independent Learning

While I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up, my son is improving his math (addition, subtraction, multiplication), spelling and vocabulary.