10 Things You Need To Know Prior To Visiting The Hot Water Beach In New Zealand


This post outlines a few things I wish I knew prior to visiting such as Hot Water Beach tides and much more, in the hopes that you can be better prepared than I was!  👉

Visit During Low Tide

Go one to two hours on either side of low tide, and expect to spend at least an hour to two hours there.

Find A Safe Spot To Dig

Pick a spot that you know will have some hot water when you dig, but make sure that spot isn’t too close to the danger sign. The water gets as hot as 64C (147F) so be careful.

Pack Water And Snacks

I suggest freezing a few bottles of water and taking it with you. After sitting in the hot water and under the sun for a while, you will begin to get dehydrated.

Watch Out For The Rip Currents & Waves

Keep in mind that this beach is not for inexperienced swimmers. The hot water beach is well known for strong and fast forming rip currents and waves that can be very dangerous.