Camping With Kids Checklist – What To Pack


Make sure to check out this camping with kids checklist, which contains must-haves to help you have the best camping trip! 👉

First Aid Kit

Don’t leave home without a first aid kit and take it with you on any hikes or excursions while you’re camping. Cuts and burns can happen, so make a first aid kit one of your top priorities when packing.


A solid piece of rope can go a long way so make sure you take some with you.  You can hang it to dry wet clothes and even bail someone out of the water with it should the need arise.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife, or a Swiss Army Knife is a camping essential and is so easy to pack.  You will have not only a knife, but small scissors, a corkscrew, and of course a knife!

Insect spray

There will be bugs, so make sure you are prepared by packing bug and insect repellant, either in a spray form and/or citronella candles.