The Best Homeschool, Wordschool and Unschool Curriculum


Unschooling simply means experienced based learning or natural learning or independent learning and worldschooling simply is a combination of learning and travel 👉

Incorporating Writing / Language Arts in Unschooling

The kids ask to write every single day, so I got notebooks, paper, pencils, scissors and most importantly an electric pencil sharpener.

Incorporating Math in Unschooling

Counting cubes are great for math. The kids usually try to use their fingers and toes to count, however, having counting cubes or counting bears makes it so much easier. Pattern blocks are also a great resource for kindergarten math, make sure to pair it with activity cards.

Reading Kindergarten Curriculum

Books are very important and the kids self taught to read with guidance of course. It just sort of clicked and they woke up one day being nosy and trying to read my texts.