The Best Carry On Luggage For Kids of All Ages


Looking for luggage for your kids and not sure which one to buy?  Then this list of the best carry on luggage for kids of all ages will come in handy 👉

Sesame Street  Rolling Luggage

It is about 12in and doesn’t hold much, but holds enough for a toddler. Plus you don’t want it too full, so it’s easy for your toddler to pull.

Kids Luggage Scooter

This luggage is just a bit bigger than the Elmo luggage before, 16inches to be specific. Doesn’t hold much, but it’s so much fun for kids at the airport.

Thomas the Train Luggage

I love that the handle extends out much longer so a child older than 4 can pull it with ease. We still use this for over night trips and he can fit all his essentials for at least a few days!