Orlando is one of my favorite cities to visit with the kids! It is packed with fun activities 👉

The kids took an amazing trapeze class here & had so much fun!

It has 107 trampolines, trampoline basketball, dodge ball, adventure arcade & stacked Rubix cube tower that your kids will enjoy.

Letting your kids experience what is is like to be an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center was the highlight of our last trip to Orlando!

Gatorland is a home of some wild animals such as the alligators, wild birds, wild cats, snakes & gators, tortoises & many more!

This is such a fun experience for the whole family! During half time the kids got to play in a play area, get their faces painted & character balloons all for free.

Medieval Times

Come here to witness the thrilling battle of the knights & enjoy dinner!

One of the fun activities in Orlando includes seeing the scenic view of Orlando by riding a helicopter at Orlando Heli-Tours.

Your kids will love seeing all the chocolate sculptures & eating all the yummy chocolate!