Taking care of & growing your money is an important life skill. However, learning the art of investment can be a daunting job.

So, when I began to get the hang of it, I decided that introducing my son to the concept of stock investment as early as now will help him learn the importance of money management!


1. Roth IRA 2. Custodial UTMA / UGMA 3. 529 College Savings Plan

I chose Fidelity because of ease of use & really good customer service!

Judging from its continued dominance in the market, I can predict that Apple stocks will come with a promise of longevity & offer a secured source of income.

Though interrupted with minor lapses, Nike stocks have a strong portfolio & seem to perform well when invested for the long term.

I recently invested in Microsoft stocks on behalf of my son & judging from its growth pattern, I believe it will do well in the future.

If you are a rookie in money management, investing in Disney stocks can be the ideal starting point for you. It has a diverse portfolio & offers low risk.

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