Things To Do In St. Thomas With or Without Kids

Things To Do In St Thomas With or Without Kids

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There’s no end in sight when it comes to things to do in St. Thomas with kids. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach, exploring historic sites, dining, or more, you’ll find it in St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is the kind of place that provides the perfect balance of pure vacation escapism and enrichment opportunities at the same time.

My family and I recently visited St. Thomas in March and had such a wonderful time. We visited St. Croix last year in January and loved it and couldn’t wait to visit the other islands that make up part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

My son has grown up traveling both domestically and abroad, and because he’s grown up on travel, he appreciates that travel can be anything from lounging to learning about the history of an area, and he enjoys it in equal measure.

Things To Do In St. Thomas With or Without Kids

Where Is St. Thomas Located?

St. Thomas is located in the Caribbean. It is one of the 3 islands that make up part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The other two islands are St. John and St. Croix.

Caribbean Basin

How to Get to St. Thomas with Kids

There are two ways to get to St. Thomas:

  • Cruise Ship – several cruise ships dock in St Thomas
  • Air plane – you can easily fly into STT which is the airport in St Thomas
How to Get to St. Thomas with Kids

We flew from Orlando (MCO) to St. Thomas (STT) for $65 round trip on Spirit Airlines. The flight was just under 3 hours long.

St. Thomas Entry Requirements

  • You don’t need a passport to travel to St. Thomas, because it is a United States territory. You can travel without any documentation for your kids, however you will get extra screening. So make sure you have a birth certificate or ID or passport on hand to make your trip easier.
  • A negative Covid test is required for everyone aged 5 and older 72 hours before travel. We were able to take a PCR Rapid test the day before our trip and that worked just fine.
St. Thomas Entry Requirements
Checking for negative Covid test and USVI travel screening
  • A Covid test isn’t required for entry back into the United States!

How to Get Around St. Thomas with Kids

The main methods of transportation on St. Thomas are by driving or renting a taxi. I recommend renting a car ahead of time before you visit the island because taxi rental fees get very expensive very quickly.

Make sure to book your car rental far in advance as they can be sold out weeks ahead of time. When we got to St Thomas we realized that there were no cars available.

car rentals

When we got to the airport and realized that there no cars available, we asked one of the cab drivers who was able to give us a few numbers to call and ask for a car. Thankfully we were able to find one at Bowsky Auto Sales and Car Rentals, Inc.

We paid about $99 per night for a Hyundai including tax. We wanted a Jeep but there were none available as they are one of the most sought out for cars on the island. Those Jeeps rent for around $120-$140 per night.

One thing that is important to note is that they drive on the left side of the road in St. Thomas. So make sure to keep that in mind when driving!

Where to Stay in St. Thomas with Kids

There are several places to stay in St Thomas. Resorts are a great option, but also don’t forget to check Airbnb and VRBO.

Margaritaville in St. Thomas

We stayed at Margaritaville and loved it. Our room came fully equipped with a bed, pull out couch and small kitchen that has a cook top, ink, microwave and dish washer.

We also had a washer and dryer in our room which was nice. It was almost like our own mini apartment.

Margaritaville bedroom

Margaritaville is a timeshare, so if you can find someone who isn’t using it, they’ll give it away at a discount, then you’ll be able to snag a steal. Extra Vacations Facebook Group is a hidden gem for finding deals like this. We were able to snag a deal for $599 for 4 nights.

Aiden’s favorite part was getting to hold and take a picture with these beautiful parrots. They usually have them there for shows about one to twice a week, so make sure to ask at the front desk.

Things To Do In St. Thomas With or Without Kids

Other places to stay in St. Thomas

Things to do in St. Thomas

There are so many things to do in St. Thomas with and without kids. St. Thomas is very family friendly though, so we were able to do everything we wanted to with Aiden who is 8yrs old.

Beaches in St. Thomas

Of course, when you think of St. Thomas, you probably think of beaches. The island is known for its beautiful coast, and its beaches are some of the most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world.

Coki Point Beach
Coki Point Beach
At Coki Point Beach

Coki Point Beach, also called Smith Bay, is a gorgeous white sand beach on the North East side of St. Thomas adjacent to the Coral World Ocean Park. Here, you’ll find white sand, crystal clear water, snorkel rentals, and even snack bars.

Magens Bay Beach
Magens Bay Beach
Magens Bay Beach

Located in the Northside region of St. Thomas, Magens Bay Beach is perfect for the quintessential day at the beach. You’ll be greeted by the classic white sand and gorgeous waters the island is known for and so much more.

The beach offers food and beverage concessions, kayak rentals, a nature trail, camping options, and more.

Brewers Bay Beach
Brewers Bay Beach
Brewers Bay Beach

Located on Brewers Bay northwest of Cyril E. King Airport, Brewers Bay Beach offers white sand, crystal clear water, and spectacular views. The beach offers several tours in addition to simply lounging surfside.

Linquist Beach
Linquist Beach
Lindquist Beach

Linquist Beach is part of a protected 21-acre park, which means the beauty of nature is on full display. Enjoy white sand, turquoise waters, and absolutely gorgeous views.

The beach offers cabanas, boat tours, and more.

Day Tours from St. Thomas

Day tours are great things to do in St. Thomas with kids. From the island, you and your family can take day tours to the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. John, and St. Croix – all accessible by ferry.

The British Virgin Islands

A 60-minute ferry ride from Red Hook in St. Thomas to West End is all it takes to go on an adventure in The British Virgin Islands.

Comprised of four main islands, you’ll be able to explore the natural beauty of rainforests, historic sites, beautiful beaches, and more.

Puerto Rico

It only takes 2 hours by ferry to reach Puerto Rico. Discover the beautiful rainforests, bustling urban hubs, historical sites, and family-friendly activities.

St. John
Day Tours from St. Thomas

Take a 45-minute ferry ride to St. John, and get ready to explore an island rich in beauty, culture, and more. We loves exploring St John! The beaches there are just as beautiful as St Thomas.

St. Croix
St. Croix day tour

While St. Croix is the longest ferry ride, clocking in at 2 hours and 20 minutes, it is also an island that shouldn’t be missed. On this beautiful island, you’ll find beautiful beaches, historic towns and sites, golfing, and much more.

Historical Sites

We always try to visit historical sites whenever we travel. It’s important to us that our travels be both fun and enriching. These historical sites are definitely important and should be listed on any list of things to do in St. Thomas.

Fort Christian

Fort Christian is a Danish/Norwegian-built fort in Charlotte Amalie. The historic fort, with its signature bright red exterior, holds a museum within its walls that features a collection of relics related to the islands of the area.

Drake’s Seat

Drake’s Seat is a popular lookout point in St. Thomas and a historical spot. This vantage point where Sir Francis Drake supposedly kept watch for enemy Spanish ships offers panoramic views of the surrounding Virgin Islands.

Scenic Spots

One of the best things about St. Thomas is the scenery. This beautiful island boasts a wonderful combination of beaches, forests, and mountains.

Waterfront Highway

Waterfront Highway is a combination scenic route and shopping extravaganza all in one.

Running parallel to the ocean, Waterfront Highway offers beautiful views along with a plethora of shopping opportunities at the many road-side shops.

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive runs from Donoe Road in the east until it branches into Highway 40 and Valley road in the west a few miles later.

Along this route, you’ll find gorgeous views of both the natural beauty and lovely atmosphere of the island. You’ll also find Skyline Drive Overlook, as well.

Other Things to do in St. Thomas

There’s so much more to do in St. Thomas than just lounging on the beach. There’s a treasure hunt, boat tours, snorkel tours, and more to be found on this beautiful island.

Coral World Ocean Park

Coral World Ocean Park is located at Coki Point Beach and has fun activities like snuba, snorkeling, and the Sea Trek. We wanted to do the Sea Trek but you have to be 8yrs old and 80lbs.

Coral World Ocean Park

So although Aiden is 8, he isn’t 80lbs yet. He was bummed out about it but we were able to do Suba which he really enjoyed. He was like a fish in water.

Tropical Treasure Hunt

Tropical Treasure Hunt combines elements of escape rooms and scavenger hunts to create a pirate adventure that the entire family will love. As the hunt unfolds, participants will learn pirate history, experience great attractions, explore the surrounding nature, and more.

V.I. Jet Boat Tours

V.I. Jet Boat Tours is all about pure fun. Enjoy the beauty of the islands and the speed of jet boats while you ride the Screaming Eagle across the water.

Snorkel Tours

There are various Snorkel Tours available across St. Thomas. You’ll find companies that specialize in showing you the underwater beauty of the island, where you’ll enjoy watching sea life of all kinds.

Snorkel Tours

Coki Dive Center

Coki Dive Center offers diving for beginners and non-certified divers, beach and boat dives for certified divers, snorkeling, and more.

At Coki Dive Center, kids as young as 8 years old can go scuba diving and they can go as far down as 20ft vs 40ft like adults. They were fully booked so we missed out on this, however next time it’ll be one of the first activities we sign up for.

Charming Charlotte Amalie Self-Guided Audio Tour

The Charming Charlotte Amalie Self-Guided Audio Tour is a fabulous way for the independent family to go at their own pace while learning more of the historical area in St. Johns. This is a popular option for families with kids who may need more time than offered by a guided tour.

Download the audio file and get your walking shoes on and enjoy following the map of this area while your kids learn something new in a fun, scenic location. 

Where to Eat in St. Thomas

Everything we ate in St Thomas was sooo good! We ate oxtails, curry goat, fish etc. There are many American restaurants in St Thomas, but we did not go to the Caribbean to eat American food so we only ate at local restaurants.

Where to Eat in St. Thomas
Restaurants in St. Thomas

We ate at all the restaurants below and highly recommend them.

How Is St. Thomas Handling The Pandemic?

In my opinion they are handling the pandemic really well. They are very strict about wearing masks when out and about and keeping a 6 foot distance.

There is also sanitizer as needed at most locations we went to. At no point did I feel unsafe while in St. Thomas.

So, yep, I highly recommend visiting! I think you’ll love it just as much as we did.

How Is St. Thomas Handling The Pandemic

Bottom Line on Visiting St. Thomas

From beach bumming and snorkeling to treasure hunts, island hopping, and more, there are so many things to do in St. Thomas with kids and alone as well.

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