15 Things To Do In St. John With or Without Kids

Things To Do In St John With or Without Kids

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St. Johns is one of the most relaxing vacations for families. Located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Johns offers a variety of activities for adults to enjoy with kids. Whether you want to get wet with an underwater adventure of snorkeling, check out the historical plantations, or relax by the beach, this destination has it all.

This island is one of the three islands that make up an area known as the United States Virgin Islands. While St. Johns is the smallest of the three islands, it’s one of the more popular tourist destinations.

We’ve been to all three islands, St Croix, St Thomas and St John and loved them all!

Over half of St John is protected as it’s part of the Virgin Islands National Park. This means you’ll experience more of the natural beauty of this Caribbean destination during your vacation. 

15 Things To Do In St John With or Without Kids

How To Get To St John

There is no airport on the island of St John. The best way to get there is to fly to St. Thomas (STT Airport) and then take take a ferry over to St John. You can take a car ferry if you already have a rental or you can ride a ferry and take a taxi when you get on the St John.

There are always taxis available. Make sure to keep in mind when the last ferry is so you don’t miss it. If you do, you’ll have to stay on St John/St Thomas until the next day.

How To get Around St John

You can catch a taxi around the island, but the ultimate best way to get around the island is by rental car. If you really want to experience the island on your own time, I highly suggest a rental. Make sure to reserve one ahead of time as they are hard to come by.

Where To Stay In St John

  • Ke Villas
  • Sugar Mill Hotel
  • Gallows Point Resort
  • Sebastien’s On The Beach
  • The Westin St John Resort Villas
  • Club Wyndham Elysian Beach Resort

Things To Do In St John

Below you’ll find some of my favorite things to do in St. Johns with or without kids. I do hope these ideas help you create a family or honeymoon or solo vacation itinerary that allows you to make the most of your next trip to St. Johns.

Annaberg Sugar Plantation

The historical Annaberg Sugar Plantation is one of the best-kept sights to see in St. Johns. Originally created when the island was part of the Danish West Indies, this old sugar plantation still has remains of the old factory, windmill, and other areas that were used when this sugar plantation was in full working order.

The Annaberg Sugar Plantation features living-history demonstrations and tours for families to witness one of the most preserved sugar plantations in the area. 

Things To Do In St John With or Without Kids

Reef Bay Sugar Plantation

Reef Bay Sugar Plantation is another historical sight to see during your vacation with kids in St. Johns. This plantation was established as a cotton and cattle plantation back in the early 18th Century. The original plantation switched gears to sugar cane production when it was combined with the Par Force State in 1800.

Your whole family will enjoy seeing the old factory, horse mill, and a free-standing bake oven along with a few small dwellings that remain on the property during your tour.

Honeymoon Beach

Another beautiful beach in St. Johns is Honeymoon Beach. This beach is more secluded than other options in St. Johns. It’s located between two coral reefs making it accessible by foot, boat or shuttles offered in the area.  The most popular activity at Honeymoon Beach is snorkeling because you can witness the beauty of the coral reef here easily.

Enjoy snacks, beach views, and other family-friendly activities during your day at Honeymoon Beach during your St. Johns vacation with kids.

Honeymoon Beach
Honeymoon Beach

Virgin Islands National Park

Learn about the rich history of this island in the Caribbean during your vacation with kids in St. Johns. Virgin Islands National Park features multiple hiking trails, beaches, and activities for the whole family. Since two-thirds of the island is a national park, you’ll find most of the fun things to do will be within the Virgin Islands National Park area.

Some of the fun things to do in Virgin Islands National Park include sea turtle watching, boating tours, and snow white sandy beaches.

Go Hiking

With over 29 hiking trails in St. Johns to enjoy your family can determine which hiking trail sounds most interesting. From beach trails to view trails and everything in between this is one of the most popular things to do in St. Johns. Tire the kids out with a hike while you soak up the gorgeous scenery of the Caribbean views.

Some of the trails will go through the remains of the old sugar plantations. While other trails connect to the fabulous beaches in the area.

Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay Beach is the most popular beach in St. Johns. You’ll find plentiful photos of this Caribbean beach online as it’s been deemed the most photographed beach in the area. You can enjoy a self-guided snorkel tour, snack bar & grill, and hours of swimming. There’s an entrance fee and option to rent snorkel gear, and beach chairs for a fully relaxing spot to stop with kids.

There are showers, public phones, and lifeguards on duty at Trunk Bay Beach. So you’ll always feel safe during your beach day here.

Trunk Bay Beach

National Park Underwater Trail

One of the coolest things to enjoy in St. Johns with kids is the National Park Underwater Trail. This trail is marked similarly to land hiking trails so you won’t get lost during the underwater fun. This trail starts at Trunk Bay where you can rent snorkel gear and floats for the underwater trail.

The National Park Underwater Trail is rated enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages. The sea drops about 25 feet and the underwater trail is lined with a barrier reef so you’ll see plenty of coral.

Circle the Island of St. John (Taco Boat)

If you love tacos and the ocean then you’re going to enjoy this fun thing to do in St. Johns with kids that combines both! You can circle the island of St. John with no more than 14 guests allowed per tour. The Captain will select a calm area to stop the boat for you to get out and snorkel twice during this tour with a side stop for lunch.

Lunch is enjoyed at the floating Taco and Craft Cocktail floating bar that’s located in Hansen Bay. The price of your tour includes a light lunch, and snorkeling equipment use.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Learn something new with your kids during your vacation in St. Johns! There are multiple locations where you can learn stand-up paddle boarding. SUP St. John is one of the popular options to use when it comes to learning and experiencing outdoor activities on the island.

Taking a stand-up paddle boarding tour allows you to sneak into the areas of St. Johns that can’t otherwise be accessed. Anyone from age 5 and beyond can enjoy this outdoor activity.

Find Sea Turtles

The sea turtles are protected on the island through various volunteer organizations, but you can take a walk around the beaches to witness some of the Hawksbill sea turtles in the area. If you plan on being in St. Johns on a Friday you can sign up for their Friday With Friends Seminar.

During this seminar, you’ll learn more about the sea turtles, their habitats, and other marine life that calls these Caribbean waters their home.

Things To Do In St John With or Without Kids

Take a Taxi Tour

When you’re tired of walking around or lying on the beach all day, hop in a taxi to enjoy a taxi tour of St. Johns. Star Fish Tours & Taxi allows you to customize your taxi tour while having one on one access to your tour guide. You can use this service to get around the island or to immerse yourself in the culture, scenic views, and education of the island.

This is a fabulous option for families with small kids who are tired of walking. Take a moment out of your day and enjoy a taxi tour of St. Johns to view the island from a different angle.

jeep rental in St John

Most people on the island drive Jeeps, so if you don’t want to pay for a tour, you can rent a jeep and drive around the island on your own. Make sure to rent one on time as they sell out very fast!

Watch the Sunset

Give your kids an experience of a lifetime when you opt to sit on one of the many beaches in St. Johns during the evening hours.

Find out when the sunset will happen and gather the family to go sit at your favorite beach on the island. Enjoy snacks and family conversations with your kids while you wait to experience the Caribbean Sea sunset.

This is an excellent activity for families who want to give their kids something magically natural about their St. Johns vacation. Watching the sunset together will take your breath away as you capture photographs of the moment to forever cherish.

Build Sandcastles

With so many activities to sign up for and enjoy with your kids in St. Johns, it’s important to step back to enjoy some simple pleasures. Make plans to build sandcastles with your kids on one of St. Johns white sand beaches. This will give your family a chance to relax from the day’s activities while enjoying some quality time together.

Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Beaches, etc.

There are so many fun things to do in St. Johns with kids that I couldn’t list them all! You can schedule a scuba diving session, go snorkeling, or just relax on the plentiful beaches here. Take a look at all that St. Johns has to offer and make a list of every activity your kids want to enjoy.

With well over 7 beaches to choose from, you can enjoy a unique above water and underwater view of the Caribbean waters surrounding St. Johns during your trip.

Lowkey Watersports and Andante by the Sea are two places that offer scuba diving and a range of other water activities. You can also check out “4 of the Best Places Places To Experience St John Scuba Diving” for more ideas.

Overall Thoughts About St. Johns with Kids

St John family travel

St. Johns is more than a luxurious vacation for adults, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy during your Caribbean vacation.

As you can see above, your family can learn something new, dive into the sea to witness marine life in its natural habitat, soak up the sun on the beach, and sit back to relax building sandcastles in St. Johns.

This is the perfect family vacation idea to enjoy with kids of all ages.

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