Subscription Boxes That Teach Black History & Encourage Black Excellence

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American school curriculum and the media don’t do enough to show children of color / black children that there are successful people who look just like them.

Why Are There Subscription Boxes Tailored To Black Kids?

Kids don’t discover black leaders unless it’s Black History Month. People throw a fit when movies and TV shows are diversified, as we’re seeing with the live-action The Little Mermaid film. It’s having an impact on our kids – they see fewer options for potential hobbies and career paths.

In New York City, only 6.5% of the STEM workforce was black in 2015. Black kids deserve to have the same aspirations as any other child in America, but without representation, it’s hard to show kids that anything is possible for them.

These subscription boxes for black kids help to remedy this problem. They introduce children to influential black leaders, STEM projects, and other activities that show them that there are no limitations to what they can do.

As with all subscription boxes, these boxes vary in price and contents, though they usually aren’t cheap. It’s important to choose a box that your child will enjoy, so show them a few options to see what interests them!

Subscription Boxes For Black Kids 1-5

  • Just Like Me Box

The Just Like Me Box is great for younger kids. It contains 2-3 children’s books featuring African American characters. This box is recommended for children 12 and younger – the older your child is, the more advanced the books will be. Make bedtime stories more exciting for as little as $23.80/box!

  • Melanin and Made

This book subscription box introduces black kids to protagonists who look like them. These “books through brown eyes” are curated by a mom with a Ph.D., and are divided into four age groups. Melanin and Made offers book boxes for other minorities, too!

There’s boxes for black, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Native American, and multicultural kids. There’s even a custom option – simply contact the curator to have a box made just for your child. Each book box is $24.

  • Dream in STEAM

Dream in STEAM provides kids with fun, hands-on STEAM projects. Each kit comes will all the materials your child needs to put together the monthly project, plus a family project that requires some adult supervision and guidance.

  • DreamKeepers Box

The DreamKeepers Box started as a Kickstarter fundraiser, and the founders raised double their goal! Kids between the ages of 8 and 12 can learn about African American leaders in STEAM through this monthly subscription.

It functions as a career exploration, black history, and STEAM education tool all at once! Order this fun subscription box for black kids on Hello Subscription for $39.95/month.

Their website features kids from different ethnic backgrounds, which is rare when it comes to websites that aren’t aimed directly at minorities. Get your Dream in STEAM subscription for just $25/month.

  • Black Girl Mathgic Box

This subscription box is specifically designed to strengthen math confidence amongst black girls. There are two box options – one for grades 3-5, and another for grades 6-8. Each box comes with a math activity booklet, 3-5 math items to support the activities, and a guide for parents to help your daughter as she works through the math problems.

This box sold out for the month of July, so it’s clear that the $39.99/month subscription is worth it!

Subscription Boxes For Black Kids 6-10

  • Legacy Kits

Legacy Kits making learning about black history fun! Each box includes a history book about Africa with a relevant STEAM project, an African American history book with another relevant STEAM project, and a student workbook that covers the topics in that month’s kit.

This is the perfect subscription box for black kids who are homeschooled, since it makes their history lessons more relevant to them. Monthly kits start at $27.97.

My kids love the books that are sent with the box the most!

  • Heritage Box

The Heritage Box teaches children from ages 7-12 about black history and African/Caribbean geography. Their starter box comes in an authentic Masaai box made in Kenya! If you subscribe to Here Wee Read (or just use the discount code HereWeeRead at checkout), you’ll save 20% on your subscription to the Heritage Box, which is normally $29.99/month!


Here’s a box that’s perfect for homeschool curriculums! KOKÚMỌ is a curriculum box that focuses on African history and STEAM. Each box comes with a STEAM lesson, a history lesson, and at least two relevant pieces of relevant memorabilia. The boxes are designed for kids from grades 5-12, starting at $49.99/month.

  • Because of Them We Can

The message of this subscription box is simple – because of black leaders throughout history, we can do anything we want to, regardless of our race. Through the BOTWC box, your child will discover leaders like Bessie Coleman and Stevie Wonder, and they’ll receive apparel and educational materials each month.

  • Ki’Factors in Education STEM Kits

These inexpensive Ki’Factors STEM kits are designed with your child in mind! For $15, you can build a custom box based on your child’s interests. Choose from a wide range of unique themes, like Wakanda (from Black Panther), sea life, Minecraft, animation, and black history.

Subscription Boxes For Black Kids 11-15

  • Brown Toy Box

The Brown Toy Box aims to make STEAM accessible, representative, and fun for black children. This company recognizes that many black kids don’t see themselves pursing careers in STEAM, but they want to change that by showing children that they can enter those fields. Kids between the ages of 4 and 12 can enjoy the Brown Toy Box, which comes with a T-shirt.

  • Black Butterfly Box

The Black Butterfly Box is a subscription box for black girls ages 4-19. Each box includes a book and empowering goodies to help girls improve their self-confidence. They’ll also receive products from black owned businesses to show girls that entrepreneurship is open to everyone. These boxes start at $34.99/month.

  • Black Dragonfly Box

The same company that makes the Black Butterfly Box has a subscription box for black boys, too! Your son will receive a book, along with 2-3 items related to sports, video games, technology, and even designer labels. These boxes are for the same age range as the Black Butterfly Box, and are sold for the same price.

  • BeYOU Boxes

The BeYOU Box helps girls embrace their black girl magic! This box is all about self-confidence, and it supports the BeYOUtiful Brown Girl Project. This is one of the least expensive boxes on this list, starting at just $14.95/month.

  • Call Number

Here’s another book subscription box, but this one is geared more towards teenagers and young adults. Call Number curates fiction and non-fiction literature from contemporary black authors.

These boxes ship every three months, and they include one book and some library-themed goodies. The complete boxes are $35/quarter.

A Comprehensive Resource Guide For Black Homeschooling Families 10

All of these subscription boxes have one main goal: increase representation of black kids in education and the world as a whole. No matter which box you get for your child, you’ll be showing them that there is a place for them in whichever career path they choose.

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