8 Amazing Science YouTube Channels For Homeschool Enrichment


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We’ve never once regretted our decision to homeschool. Homeschooling in California, and everywhere else we’ve visited, has worked so well for our family, and allowed us to continue living as full-time RV-ers. 

Dozens of educational science YouTube channels regularly put out educational videos that we use in our homeschool curriculum.

We use the videos to supplement our lessons and include a more entertaining aspect of our son’s education.

Countless active YouTube channels focus on different subjects, including science channels. Since the type of content varies between channels,

I’m sharing a round-up of the 8 best science YouTube channels for homeschool enrichment. 

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8 Best Science Youtube Channels For Homeschool Enrichment

SciShow Kids & SciShow

The YouTube channel, SciShow Kids, dedicates its time to explaining complex scientific concepts in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. The host, Jessi, and her cartoon rat conduct science experiments and meet with experts to discuss various science-related topics.

A few features of SciShow Kids

  • Ideal for elementary-age students in grades 1 to 3.
  • They release new videos every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Each episode is about 20 minutes long.
  • Each episode follows the structure of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

For middle school or high school children who want more complex science content, there’s SciShow hosted by Hank Green.

Sick Science

When it comes to fun science experiments and entertaining scientific topics, no science channel is at the same level as Sick Science.

Best-selling author and Emmy award-winner Steve Spangler host Sick Science. In each video, Spangler uses experiments to explain science and physics.

There are already nearly 300 easy science experiments for kids of all ages, starting from kindergarten. Best of all: your kids can do the experiments with ordinary kitchen items that you likely already have on hand. 

If you prefer a much more hands-on approach to learning, Sick Science is the YouTube channel for you!


AsapSCIENCE is a popular, weekly YouTube channel dedicated to making science more fun and easier to understand. It’s definitely geared more toward teenagers, with content that probably isn’t appropriate for younger audiences.

Hosts Mitchen Moffit and Gregory Brown have covered topics like what happens to your body and face when you stay awake for several days in a row, or the effect of alcohol on the human body. 

AsapScience is certainly an entertaining and educational channel that your older kids can get into. They post new videos weekly.

Deep Look

Deep Look is a fantastic science YouTube channel for kids who are interested in nature and animals. The channel releases new videos weekly.

Each science video in the Deep Look series explores topics with the help of macro photography and microscopy in 4K resolution. It’s truly mesmerizing to see nature so close! Parents and children will equally enjoy these videos.

I would recommend this channel to middle school and high school students. Younger learners might have a hard time grasping some of the more complex nature and biology concepts.

Australia Zoo

It would feel wrong to make a list of the best science YouTube channels and not include the Australia Zoo channel. Although beloved Steve Irwin is no longer with us, his family carries on his legacy. 

The Australia Zoo channel, thanks to the Irwin family and the Wildlife Warriors, gives you and your child access to their truly wild adventures. You’ll learn about remarkable exotic animals, as well as nature, and the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Australia Zoo YouTube Channel is one that learners of all ages can enjoy, including adults! New videos are posted every Thursday and Saturday. Most videos are 10 minutes long.

Nat Geo Kids

With 21.5 million subscribers, National Geographic is one of the most popular science YouTube Channels. But, in my opinion, much of its quality homeschool-worthy content is overshadowed by TV shows and live streams created for increased viewership. 

This is why I much prefer Nat Geo Kids for homeschooling science material. The Nat Geo Kids YouTube channel creates content geared toward younger children.

Your young learners will be enthralled by lessons on animals, science, adventure, and more. In fact, they’ll be so entertained that they’ll forget they’re even learning!

Periodic Videos

Periodic Videos is one of the most popular YouTube channels for homeschooling. Do you have a kiddo who is interested in chemistry? This channel has videos for every element on the periodic table!

They also upload new videos every week about the world of chemistry, including science news and interesting molecules. There’s always something new to explore and learn about.

Your child will develop a deeper understanding of each of the elements and how they are used. Everyday science suddenly becomes much more relatable, thanks to Periodic Videos!

YouTube videos can be an entertaining way to help your homeschooler learn science.

These science YouTube channels are among the most popular educational channels for a reason. Kids learn all about science in ways that are much more entertaining and easier to digest. 

The YouTube channels mentioned above are just some of the many highly-rated learning channels that can be used for homeschooling. If you know of more, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

You can read more about homeschooling and how we educate our son while living in an RV full-time, over on the blog.

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