Raising & Educating Global Citizens

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Look around and learn how we blend travel & homeschooling, fostering an understanding and respect for all cultures. Download our engaging guide below to dive into our unique strategies that cultivate your children’s global awareness and feed their curiosity.

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"It's okay if your kids don't remember the trips, because you will, and that matters too."​


The Mom Trotter

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The mom trotter

Dream Big, Live Big

Hey Fam, I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Kay, The Mom Trotter.

I am an entrepreneur and travel enthusiast who is passionate about sharing an alternate way of living surrounding travel, homeschooling, parenting and financial independence, with a mission to inspire other families.

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Grab My Family Travel Guide

Get ready to transform your family vacations with our upcoming Travel Guide.

This essential read is packed with 10+ chapters of insider tips and tricks to help you craft the ultimate family getaway. From budget-friendly adventures and choosing the perfect place for vacation to navigating travel logistics with ease, and even diving into the RV lifestyle—this guide has got you covered.

Don’t miss out on making your family trips more memorable and stress-free. Join our waitlist now and be the first to grab a copy that will pave the way for a lifetime of adventurous globe trotting and meaningful memories.

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Join Our Group Trips

Rooted Journeys by The Mom Trotter fosters unforgettable family travel experiences by curating adventures that go beyond the ordinary.

I aim to create meaningful memories, and connect families to places that resonate with a sense of belonging.

My mission is to inspire exploration, strengthen familial bonds, and cultivate experiences through immersive and enriching journeys.

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Follow Our Journey &
Become Part of It

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Exploring Life, Unbound Borders​

RV Life


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Aiden's First RV Trip

(coming soon)

Hop into the RV with Aiden and his cousins for an unforgettable American Southwest adventure! “Aiden’s First RV Trip” is a vibrant tale that takes young readers from Nevada’s red deserts to the Grand Canyon’s majestic views, all through the joy-filled lens of a child.

Perfect for little wanderers, this children’s book is a celebration of diversity, exploration, learning, RV’s, and the special magic of family trips.

Be the first to know when Aiden’s First RV Trip is available for sale!

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