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6 Tips To Help Motivate Learning In Kids

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Growing children may struggle with school work- but what matters the most is if your kid is actually making an effort to do better or not. Most children who don’t do well at school, whether in a brick and mortar school or in a homeschool can actually perform well with just the right amount of motivation.

This year, the boys are starting first grade which means a lot more learning than there was in kindergarten. Their unschooled kindergarten year was a play and fun year for them as it is supposed to be, but with first grade comes more expectations. It is important for me to motivate learning / motivate them to learn so that they can continue thriving as students.

black kids homeschool
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If you’re looking to motivate learning in kids, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover how to motivate learning and get your child interested in school work with these six super effective steps that I’ve implemented with my kids!

Focus on Organization

Helping your kids organize their books, assignments, study material and even their desk and room can actually be real motivator. When you do this, it can get them interested and inspired to work almost immediately. Disorganization can be overwhelming for kids and can eventually make kids loose motivation. When kids have a clean desk, a proper study plan in place, and all their study material available for easy access, They’ll be more likely to get things done.

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Hand Over the Controls

When it comes to learning and school work, handing over the controls to your kid might actually be the best thing to do. Guide your kids into the learning process, but let them make the little decisions. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this can motivate learning, inspire them and get them to study and perform better. When the kids learn what they want to, they are more engaged and retain a lot more information than when they are forced to learn something.

Improve the Relationship

Make a conscious effort to improve your relationship with your kid. Be sincere and respectful, and never put your kid down for not performing up to par. Comparing your kids with other kids is one of the fastest ways to ruin a parent / child relationship. Instead, be your kids supporter, motivate learning and push them to do better. Avoid comparing your kids with anyone else, and just maintain open communication with them by not judging them and valuing their opinions.

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Keep it Interesting

One of the easiest ways to motivate learning in kids for school work is to keep things fun and interesting. Don’t make studying just about writing and reading. Look up interactive exercises or games that can get your little one to grasp important concepts. Try to bring a little entertainment into the picture too. The idea is to make your kid’s school work seem less monotonous and more effortless. 

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Change the Atmosphere

The atmosphere at home plays a key role in shaping your little one’s interests and his personality. If you, as a parent, create an atmosphere that is filled with learning and reading, your kid will pick up the same. In fact, your kids will actually be interested by it without you even having to suggest it. Sure, you do need to sneak in a little play time into the mix, but maintain an atmosphere of learning in your household by setting up a reading corner with books, painting corner, writing area and more.

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Reward Effort

One of the most important messages you would want to send across your little one is the importance of hard work as opposed to wins and success. Praise your kid when things get difficult, and they still keep going rather than when they when they get straight A’s. Help them understand the pleasure and most of all the importance of pushing things through.

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