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Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Homeschooling Pros and Cons

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Homeschooling your child can be a rewarding experience for your whole family. But before making that leap, however, it is important for you to outweigh some homeschooling pros and cons. Homeschooling is a wonderful option for some families, but it is not for everyone.

I have officially been homeschooling for a year now, and the boys just finished Kindergarten. Before I made the decision to homeschool, I definitely looked at all a list of homeschooling pros and cons and decided that the homeschooling pros outweigh the homeschooling cons by far.

Take a lot at these points below which talk about homeschooling pros and cons to help you determine whether homeschooling your child is the right decision for you and your child.


Homeschooling Pros

Cater to Your Child’s Needs

In a typical school setting, your child is only one of 20-something students that a teacher is responsible for. This means your child’s teacher can’t always accommodate every student’s learning style Kids who struggle might get left behind. As a parent, you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. When you become a homeschool teacher, you can format your lesson plans to best accommodate your child.

Just as homeschooling benefits kids who may otherwise fall behind, homeschooling can nurture those who aren’t challenged by their current curriculum. In a normal school setting, a child can’t simply advance to the next lesson just because they’ve mastered the material. That may lead to boredom, and makes a decent chunk of a student’s time in the classroom pointless. If your child understands the material in a particular lesson, there’s no need to drive it home further. You can move on or create more advanced material. This is such a great homeschooling pro.

Create an Emotionally Safe Environment for Your Child

Bullying is a huge problem in schools. A study of children from grades 4-12 found that 49% of students were bullied within the past month. 70.6% of students have witnessed bullying incidents firsthand. There are many things that cause kids to be bullied – peer pressure, different social norms, attire, disabilities, race, religion…the list goes on. None of these are things your child should hide to keep themselves safe. As a homeschool teacher, you decide who your child interacts with during school hours. Organize field trips with like-minded parents whose children you’re comfortable with your child hanging out with. Get your child involved in extracurricular activities with like-minded kids, like youth sports leagues, religious youth groups, and scouting organizations. If your child feels unsafe, you can change their social situation. In a typical school setting, you don’t have that option.

Make Learning Fun

When your child is homeschooled, their education doesn’t have to stay within the walls of your home. Anything can be turned into an educational opportunity, including family vacations, field trips, and even trips to the food store. These experiences provide your child with a hands-on learning experience that a typical school can’t always provide.

Here are some tips for turning everyday experiences into academic adventures:

  • Exercise your child’s math skills at the food store. Show them similar food products with different prices. Which is the better deal? How much will they save by purchasing the more expensive item with a more contents? Will they save anything at all? What percentage will a person save with a new sale price?
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood. Teach your child the difference between left and right. For an added challenge, teach them to identify which direction is east, west, north, and south. Give them a compass, or have them use a smartphone’s built-in version. Using a GPS is cheating!

Incorporate Faith into Your Child’s Curriculum

Unless your child attends a religious school, their curriculum will likely be secular. Their school’s curriculum might conflict with your family’s core beliefs, which could cause tension at home. Homeschooling gives parents the opportunity to teach children their truth, not the school board’s truth. Homeschooling also allows for more controversial conversations that might be censored in a public school setting. As a homeschool teacher, you can discuss hot topic issues with your child and encourage critical thinking.

Companies that sell homeschooling supplies often have faith-based curriculum kits. Check out Timberdoodle and Amazon for christian curriculum kits for most grade levels. This is such a great homeschooling pro!

Teach What You Want When You Want

One of the things that stands out for me making the decision to homeschool is being able to teach my kids what I want when I want. I don’t have to wait for Black History Month to teach my kids what they need to know about Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr. As you can see below, the kids have shown interest in Black History so I went all about and bought books to educate them on that topic. This for me is one of the most important homeschooling pros! Ps: Click here for this list of books below.

Homeschooling Cons

You’ll Be Busy

Being a homeschool teacher is a full-time job. Teachers often spend hours outside of their work schedule grading papers, building lesson plans, and handling other tasks. As a homeschool teacher, you’ll have to do the same as well a parent at home. When you’re not in teacher mode, you’ll be in parent mode. Be prepared to not get many breaks. You’ll essentially be working 24/7 and will have a hard time making time for yourself. This is one of the number one homeschooling cons. That’s why having a support system is key!

You’ll Lose Some Income

When you homeschool your child, you take away time that could be spent working. That means you have fewer opportunities to make an income for your family. Part-time jobs and work from home jobs are great and can work with your schedule, but you’ll be busy. As a homeschool parent and teacher, you are already working two full time jobs – your teaching job and your parenting job. Can you handle adding a third? This is one of the homeschooling cons that most parents complain about.

Your Child’s Curriculum Will Be Less Structured

More freedom in a child’s schedule means there will also be less structure. Can your child handle a schedule that changes every day? Will they be okay with experiential learning opportunities depending on the world around them? Although you have the power to structure your schedule how you’d like to, typical schools offer structured curriculum and advanced planning. Teachers in brick-and-mortar schools also collaborate to create a uniform learning experience for every child. Things can become too hectic for your child if you’re still toying with new ideas.

You’ll Have to Defend Your Decision

There’s some stigma about homeschooling your child. Some people see homeschooled children as sheltered and brainwashed, and they see homeschool parents as manipulative and controlling. You’ll likely have to defend your reasons for homeschooling to your family and friends. Even though you have the best intentions for your child, not everyone will see it that way. It’s no one’s business but yours, but people will be nosy. So be prepared just in case!

At the end of the day, the decision to homeschool is up to you and your family. Weigh out all the homeschooling pros and cons you can think, and talk to your family about your options. My kids are learning and happy and that’s what matters to me the most!

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