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50+ Fun Things To Do At Home With Your Kids

50+ Fun Things To Do At Home With Your Kids

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As parent sometimes it may be hard to keep your kids entertained especially when your kids are home for long period of time like school breaks and especially summer.

Spending a lot of time at home with your kids and looking for ways to keep them entertained? Here are seven ideas of fun things to do at home with them.

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted.”

Dawn Lantero

Play Board and Card games

Board and card games are good activities that can be done over and over, because the games and outcomes change depending on who are playing.

Consider having a tournament for one game per week, or just play for leisure. This activity has an added benefit of being educational, as most games have to use math, reading, strategy, or logic to play. This is a good time to learn new board games. 

Click here for some of the best board games for kids.

Outdoor Physical Activities

joshua tree national park with kids

Physical games, such as tag, hide-and-seek, playing catch, walking, and basketball are all fun activities to enjoy as a group, plus they give some good exercise when you cannot get to the gym.

For people who just want to be alone and work out, walking through the neighborhood (and being careful to maintain social distancing to others out walking) is a good idea. If you have a house wall that doesn’t have windows or doors, your kids can can even play tennis on the wall. 

Indoor Physical Activities

Physical activities don’t have to be relegated to the outside, however. Yoga, floor exercises, and indoor hide-and-seek are fun. Watching YouTube videos to learn different dances as a family is a novel way to approach being together all the time. Learning something new helps with boredom. 

Treasure Hunt

Hiding things from kids, then making a treasure hunt for them to find it, is a creative approach that can breathe new life into days that seem to blend into one another. While on a grocery shopping trip, buy something that your kids would particularly enjoy – a treat they normally would not get.

A new movie, book, or board game, or an edible treat. Place the inedible treat into a plastic bag and hide somewhere either outside or indoors. Of course, you can’t hide an edible treat (think ice cream) like that, but you can hide a note announcing the treat. 

While your kids are occupied elsewhere or asleep, make a treasure hunt. Make it with as few or many hints as you want, using rhymes, or clues, or anything else you can think of. The harder the hints, the longer it will take kids to figure it out.

Give them one hint that leads to another, but resist the temptation to get chores done this way. Kids will see through this and won’t play along, and you’ll have to eat your special ice cream. On the other hand…that may be worth doing too! 

Movie Marathons


If you have littles, grab your laundry baskets (not hampers) and make a “drive-in” movie theater, complete with popcorn and lemonade. Put a double feature of kids’ movies they haven’t seen in a long time on the television, and let them sit in the baskets with blankets and pillows for comfort. 

You can do this same thing for older kids, teens, and the whole family by putting a mattress on the floor with lots of pillows and blankets, and everyone lie down on the floor to watch the movie. It’s different, yes, but that’s what we’re going for.

This can be done several nights, with one person each night getting the opportunity to choose the movies (this would be a good prize for the treasure hunts or winning a board game tournament!). 

Remain Productive

Using this time wisely to clean, sanitize, declutter, and organize the house and yard is a wonderful idea, and children will feel like they are contributing to wiping out the virus or at least doing something productive in this waiting game. 

Spring cleaning is a good time to declutter, scrub, clean, and redecorate using what you already have. Start from the attic and work down to the last floor, even the basement if you have one. If you live in an apartment, start from the biggest storage closet you have and work your way through. You may find things you’ve been searching for, or things you find that may bless someone else. 

Cleaning the yard up, mowing, weeding, and planting are great ways to get exercise in and make the whole family feel productive. While you’re doing that, consider doing something Americans did during World War II – plant a “victory garden.”

It can be either a raised or tilled bed, or done in pots on a deck or patio. Even apartment-dwellers who have balconies or patios can do this. Buy plants at a local discount or gardening store along with fertilizer, top soil, and any tools you may need. It’s extraordinarily rewarding to eat the foods you have grown yourself. 

Right now is a great time to learn new skills, such as cooking from scratch (using those old cookbooks you found in a box in the attic!), making bread, or baking cookies and cakes. Many stores run very low on bread, so making your own bread will come in handy – and you may find you like it better! 

Go Backyard Camping

Photo Credit: The Traveling Child

Whether it’s tent-camping outside in your own yard before it gets too hot, or making a fort indoors using the dining room table, kids will enjoy seeing their parents in a different way. There’s just something about telling stories with a flashlight aimed upwards from your chin inside a darkened tent that builds memories. 

Other Fun Things To Do At Home With Kids

  1. Get a pet
  2. Create a family tree
  3. Make glow in the dark slime
  4. Make a garden and plant fresh veggies
  5. Learn how to make homemade ice cream
  6. Set up a nail salon in your home and try different manicure techniques
  7. Get dressed and have a fancy dinner in your home
  8. Dress up in your best clothes and have a fancy dinner at home
  9. Make your own bubbles and try out different bubble blowing techniques
  10. Make your own candy or even chocolate
  11. Listen to an audio book or podcast
  12. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga – your kids will love it
  13. Play hide and seek
  14. Learn a new dance
  15. Do a painting project with Kool-Aid
  16. Have a Zoom or Face-time play date with friends and family
  17. Make a water sensory bag
  18. Have a family music or karaoke night
  19. Make edible play dough
  20. Create a scavenger hunt in your back yard
  21. Make a treasure bottle and maybe even bury it
  22. Make a tie dye T-shirt
  23. Play zing-zang-zoo, hangman or tic-tac-toe
  24. Make a time capsule
  25. Have a picnic in your backyard
    melissa and doug - picnic - The Importance Of Learning Through Play And How To Encourage It
  26. Read a new book with your kids everyday – try Audible and Vooks for online books
  27. Learn how to make a paper fidget spinner.
  28. Let your kids write and direct their very own a stop-motion movie
  29. Snuggle on the couch and have a lazy day
  30. Rearrange or redecorate rooms in your home
  31. Have a family pillow fight
  32. Make an indoor or outdoor obstacle course with things in your garage
  33. Build a giant fort out of blankets, chairs and pillows
  34. Paint with Kool-Aid. Instructions here
  35. Teach your kids how to wash and fold laundry
  36. Put on a puppet show
  37. Learn how to write a letter and send one to friends or family
  38. Make a scrapbook from old photos
  39. Have a spa day
  40. Teach your kids Black History
  41. Create fun creatures out of pipe cleaners
  42. Learn and play a new card game.
  43. Practice origami, also known as art of paper folding.
  44. Make a maze on the floor with painter’s tape.
  45. Play outside with sidewalk chalk
  46. Play indoor volleyball or soccer with a soft ball or balloons.
  47. Make all types of paper airplanes.
  48. Let your kids play dress up with your clothes
  49. Play “I Spy” in or out of the house.
black kids playing yeti in my spaghetti game

Bottom Line On Fun Things To Do At Home With Kids

Most of all, talk with your children about the season in which we’re living. These are uncertain times – for kids as well as adults. They have fears just like we do, and we need to do things a little differently to get their minds off everything that is going on and get them excited about being home.

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