5 Reasons Why Coding For Kids Is Important

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Coding isn’t just for IT professionals and web designers anymore! More kids are learning how to code, and there are entire programs dedicated just to coding for kids. Code recommends that middle-schoolers learn basics such as HTML, CSS, physical computing, data, and programming. Even kindergarteners can learn to code by learning fundamentals like loops, problem-solving, and computer safety.

Black Family Travel 5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should To Code

In recent years, there’s been more emphasis on developing lessons on coding for kids. That’s because STEM careers are on the rise, which led former President Obama to encourage a greater focus on mathematics, science, engineering, and technology curriculum.

When I started homeschooling, it was important for me to include coding as part of our homeschool/unschool curriculum. I knew that teaching my kids the fundamentals of coding won’t just help them in their future careers but they would be able to benefit and learn so much from the moment they start coding. It was then that I came across Bitsbox as a great program encouraging coding for kids. The boys started coding last year using my laptop at just five-years-old while the girls watched, and now this year they are all coding together and the boys now have their own laptop and can code indepently which is just so nice to see. You can see last years photo below.

What is Bitsbox?

Bitsbox is a monthly subscription box and a learning system for kids 6 – 12 years old that teaches real coding. Each Bitsbox level introduces kids to a new computer science concept with a set of fun projects that come every month!

Black Family Travel Reasons Why Coding For Kids Is Important 7
  • Your kids do not need to have any coding experience to get started with Bitsbox.
  • Bitsbox appeals to both boys and girls because all children regardless of gender should learn to code.
  • Each app created with Bitsbox can be scanned via QR code onto a mobile device.
  • Bitsbox does not expire, your older kids can pass it along to their younger siblings.
  • You can create unlimited kids coding accounts for free.
  • Bitsbox is easy to take on the road because it comes in a storage binder your kids will love carrying around.
  • It’s affordable, subscriptions start as low as $16.95 per month
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coding for kids
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coding for kids

Why Should Kids Learn To Code?

Break Down Gender and Racial Gaps in STEM

Most people have preconceived notions of who coders are. They are expected to be from a certain ethnic background or nationality, and probably men. It’s important to teach kids at a young age that anyone can code. Kids who learn to code and/or get involved in the STEM field are 15 times more likely to major in computer science than others. No one should have their passions and career options limited based on their gender.

Coding Nurtures Creativity

What do website designers, video game developers, graphic designers, and animators all have in common? They code! Processing is an easier computing method to learn than other coding languages, which makes Adobe Flash and Java more accessible to growing minds. Other forms of code can help kids better understand how to use exciting programs like Game Maker and WordPress.

How does coding develop creativity in kids who are still developing? Put simply, coding requires kids to find creative solutions to solve their problems. Coding pushes kids to experiment with different strategies to accomplish their goals. They learn what works and what doesn’t work, and each idea they try involves a creative thought process. This creativity will help kids in any field they choose to enter after they’re done with school, and could especially prepare them for leadership roles.

Black Family Travel Reasons Why Coding For Kids Is Important

Kids Gain Confidence and Talents

Nothing makes us feel better than knowing we’re good at something. Teaching kids to code helps them nurture new skills and discover their talents. For a child who lacks self-confidence, discovering something they’re good at is a plus on their journey to happiness. Even a student who struggles in math and science can develop great coding skills if a coding curriculum such as Bitsbox is implemented and taught to kid. Any kid with low self-esteem can benefit from skill mastery, and teaching every kid to code is a great opportunity for a child to develop mastery in a new skill.

Coding Develops Logical Thinking

We now know that coding nurtures creativity, but it also requires the use of logic to accomplish your goals. Beginner coding programs like Bitsbox incorporate puzzles and other logic-building tools to develop coding skills. Apple created Swift with curriculum specifically geared towards coding for kids. Finding an online coding curriculum that’s geared towards kids will have a greater focus on logic-building activities. Swift is just one example of such programs.

Kids Can Start Thinking About Careers

If a student falls in love with coding, they can explore career opportunities that allow them to utilize those skills. They can then shape their high school schedules to prepare them for college. Whether or not a student enjoys coding, they can use their experiences to start thinking about what they want to do when they grow up.

Teaching kids to code has so many benefits, even for the youngest students. Implement a coding curriculum while a child is still young so they can reap as many of the benefits as possible!

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This post is sponsored by Bitsbox, however all opinions are mine.

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