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Best Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

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When homeschooling, the choice of homeschool curriculum to use is vital as it will shape both you, and your kid’s learning experience. For beginner homeschooling parents, this could be a tough task. It was a tough task for me, and it took months of research to understand how homeschooling works and what path I wanted to take, as well as if I wanted to use a curriculum or not.

Best Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

How To Choose The Right Homeschool Curriculum

When trying to choose the right homeschool curriculum for your child, make sure to ask yourself the questions below.

  1. What is your child’s learning style?

Every child will understand the same concept in different ways. The approach to learning must therefore be different and unique to each child (one of the amazing things about homeschooling). If you have more than one child, you may find that one child likes to do project-based learning while the other loves reading books. Their understanding will be the same but the style will be different. Once you know what your child’s learning style for your kid is, you will be able to structure a curriculum that is based on their strengths.

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  1. What are your child’s priorities?

You need to understand what your child’s priorities are and figure out how this is going to purchase curriculum around that. For instance, you might find that your child is exceptionally good at Science or Mathematics but not as strong in English and Social Studies. When creating his/her curriculum, you will need to prioritize English more. Remember to mix that with a little bit of what they love and excel in so that they do not feel overwhelmed or get bored.

Best Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

Aiden loves math, and asks to work on his math workbook every single day

Another point to consider is whether your kid was enrolled in a school before you decided to homeschool them. If they were previously enrolled in a school, find out what they could miss and try to incorporate that in their homeschooling. For instance, they had friends and a social life. Do not take this away from them.

Is Homeschooling Right For Your Family?

  1. What is your budget?

Homeschooling can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. If you decide not to use a charter school that provides homeschool funds, then you will need to purchase curriculum, educational materials and more on your own. Find out places you can find great discounts, such as garage sales, flea markets and save some money on the curriculum. There are also plenty of Facebook groups such as Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace, Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace 2, and African American Online Co-operative, as well as plenty of websites like Homeschool Buyers Coop that offer free and discounted homeschool material.

My First Year Unschooling A Kindergartner

everything pictured was ordered with Valiant Prep educational funds

You need to determine what you can spare for this beforehand and then buy material relating to your budget, or the budget offered by your homeschool charter. When buying a curriculum, ensure that they have great reviews. You do not want to spend money on something that will prove to be useless afterwards.

Yes, it is possible to homeschool on a budget, however that will determine the type of curriculum you can purchase.

  1. What is your teaching method?

As much as you consider your child’s learning interests and styles, you will also need to consider which teaching method defines you the most. Remember you will be engaged in their learning completely and therefore you need to find a way that will also keep you interested and engaged. You want to ensure that your teaching methods align with your kids because that will ensure that they learn to their best potential. Most parents find working with flashcards a great way to learn, and some don’t. If you are an outdoor person, you can consider teaching some classes out of the home. It would be good for the kids as well.

Best Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

I love giving the kids pop quizzes, which they enjoy as well

Homeschool Curriculum Options

There are so many different types of curriculum. As soon as you gave answers for all the questions above about homeschooling, then it is easier for you to look into curriculum. Some people prefer to buy curriculum sets and others prefer to mix and match. As long as you cover all the necessary areas, you should be good to go. These are a few different options to get you started on your search for the perfect curriculum.

For reviews on all the curriculum listed above and more, make sure to check out Cathy Duffy Reviews. She does a good job at reviewing curriculum so if you are overwhelmed and still figuring out what curriculum to pick, reading reviews will definitely be helpful.

What Homeschool Curriculum Did I Choose?

After I asked myself all the above questions and was able to figure out what would be a best fit for the kids. With that being said, I decided not to choose any homeschool curriculum and go the unschooling route. There is no right or wrong decision as far as choosing or not choosing a homeschooling curriculum is concerned. Just make sure that you choose what is best for your child.

Instead of curriculum I got educational toys, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) toys,writing materials (crayons, pencils, books) and art supplies such as (dab and dot markers, paint, coloring book) for Aiden. We also plan to order a few kits such as Legacy Kits, Kiwi Crate, Ivy Kids and Raddish Kids.

Click below to see detailed lists of what I ordered with our educational funds as well as other educational toys we have at home:

Best Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

There is no stopping to learning when you are homeschooling. You will need to keep doing research to learn about what is going on, updates and changes to the curriculum and what others are doing. One of the best ways to do this is by finding a support community of other homeschooling parents in your area. Finding a homeschool charter, purchasing curriculum, deciding to unschool etc is just a starting point. The journey lies ahead of you and it can be as exciting as you make it.

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