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8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter Without Ever Leaving Your Home

8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter Without Ever Leaving Your Home

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This year our Easter celebrations will look a little bit different. There won’t be any big dinners with extended family or community egg hunts, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate Easter from our homes.

There are many ways that we can make the day special while spending time at home.

Worship Together

Many families normally attend religious services together on Easter Sunday. You may not be able to head out to church together this year, but there is no reason that you can’t all worship together.

Gather together in the living room, or wherever you can all settle down comfortably together, and watch a service online. If you have a home church that you regularly attend they will probably be streaming a Sunday service live.

If you don’t have a home church there will be many services that you can choose from to stream on your computer. There will also be services on regular broadcast television if you prefer that or have slow streaming capabilities.

Decorate for the Holiday

Decorating your home for Easter is an “eggcellent” way to celebrate the holiday and it can also bring some joy and cheer to your neighbors as well. You can have your kids color a special Easter message in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.

Many people are painting their windows right now, and if that doesn’t appeal to you have your kids cut some Easter bunny and egg shapes out of construction paper and then tape them to the windows where passersby can enjoy them.

If you happen to have some spring colored crepe paper you can hang it on the porch. You can also make Easter egg bunting out of old paint sample cards that you could hang up indoors or outdoors.

Dress for the Occasion

Easter is a time where we all tend to look our best with our nicest spring dresses, boys suits, and hats. Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean that you can’t look your best. After days and days of sweats and pajamas, it will be fun to don your finest clothes.

If you weren’t able to buy this year’s Easter outfit before all of the craziness started don’t worry. You still have beautiful clothes in your closet and getting a little dressed up for this special day can brighten your mood and the day. If you would like to, put on your Sunday best before church services begin.

Make sure that you get a family photo or two to remember this special Easter at home. Pictures are also a way to celebrate the day virtually with friends and family on social media that you would normally visit with in person.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Hard boil some eggs and let your kids have a blast decorating them. You can make egg dye with food coloring, water, and vinegar and have the kids dip them in different colors. If you don’t have any food coloring you can still let the kids decorate their eggs with crayons, markers, and stickers.

If you don’t have eggs or don’t want to waste them by hard boiling them, when you might need them for cooking, that’s okay. Eggs have become a little trickier to find lately, and there are alternative ideas listed below.

Have an Egg Hunt

You can easily save this photo to your phone, tablet or computer and print it out for your kids. If you prefer to download the file, you can do so by clicking the download button below.

This year’s egg hunt may be a bit smaller than what your kids are used to, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still have one. Hide small plastic eggs around the house or in the yard and let your kids have a blast trying to find them all.

If you don’t have candy to put inside the eggs you can also use stickers, temporary tattoos, quarters or other coins, small character erasers, and other small toys.

If you don’t have eggs, that is okay, you can still have a hunt. Instead of having your kids search for Easter eggs make a simple scavenger hunt instead. You can have each child search for different items, or have the same list for all of the children and see who can find everything on the list first.

Some items for your scavenger hunt might include a spoon, a red shoe, a green toy, or a blue book. There are plenty of items around the house that you can send your kids off to hunt for.

Have a Virtual Visit

Character sleeping caps from Aveebelle Designs

You may not be able to gather with friends and family at their homes like you normally would to celebrate Easter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend Easter together.

Arrange a virtual visit with your friends and family so that everyone can still feel connected. There are lots of different video messaging apps available that will make it easy for you to all see and speak with each other.

It is not quite the same as being able to run up and give Grandma a hug, but it is still important for everyone to see each other and hear their voices. If your kids have made Easter cards for family members this virtual visit can be an opportunity for them to share them. You can also show off those pretty outfits via your virtual visit.

Prepare a Special Meal or Treat

Normally as we celebrate Easter we share a special meal with friends and family. That doesn’t have to be different this year, you will just be sharing them with your immediate family. If you have the ingredients on hand, or if you can get them ahead of time, prepare some of your family’s Easter favorites.

If you can’t get those ingredients that is okay too, make something special that everyone will enjoy out of the ingredients that you do have on hand. You never know, you may create a new family tradition.

If you have the ingredients needed on hand you can have the kids help make cookies, a cake, or rice crispy treats as a sweet treat to celebrate Easter at home this year.

Have a Family Night

Click here for a list of games your can enjoy as a family

What better way to celebrate Easter at home with your loved ones than by having a family night together? You can all gather together to watch a movie and eat your Easter treats, or pull out your favorite board games and spend time together playing them.

Many streaming services will be showing Easter movies at little to no cost this weekend, and of course, you can always just pick a favorite family movie or one of the many new releases available for streaming.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

These are just a few ideas that you can use to celebrate Easter at home with your families this year. Stay home, stay safe, be well, and enjoy this special opportunity to spend time together with your family.

How are you spending Easter at home?

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