The Best Words of Encouragement For Kids

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As a parent, an educator, or just anyone who is around kids often, it is important to know the best words of encouragement for kids because it plays a huge role in how they are raised. I know what encouragement does to kids; it works miracles with mine! I have tested and experienced the magic of what positive words can do to kids.

Positive words of encouragement

While everyone comes across obstacles in life and needs positive words of encouragement, it is important to start early on with kids. Kids are encountering most things for the first time; every action and task to them is a new experience and they need the best words of encouragement that they can get.

Why Encouraging Your Kids Is Important

Just like any human being, we have interests and abilities in specific areas. However, if the first experience is discouraging, we tend to want to skip to another task. The first time difficulty we experience does not mean that we are incapable; it is only because of unfamiliarity.

Kids do not have specific interests or preferences in life, they are trying out everything. While every parent has a wish for their kid, only their dreams and interests should be prioritized and the only way to identify this is by encouraging them in every task to evaluate their performances and ability.

The direction and success of your kid’s life in future is dependent on how you talk to them today. Words of encouragement for kids are vital !! They might be failing or struggling only because they lack the motivation; and words of encouragement can be exactly what they need.

Words of encouragement for Kids

General encouragement

  • I have faith in your abilities
  • I trust your instincts
  • You are free to make a decision
  • It is okay to say No
  • I know you can make a difference
  • Dad and I (Mom and I) believe in you
  • It is great parenting you
  • You see, it is my job to keep you safe
  • I love you
  • You are the best
  • I am confident that you can handle it
  • You did well
  • You are a good friend
  • I am proud of the person you are becoming
  • We are proud of you
  • Great thinking
  • Feel free to talk to me, anything and anytime

Teaching Encouragement on tasks

  • How did you do this?
  • That was a learning process
  • Mistakes help you to grow
  • It is okay to ask for help
  • I am impressed by your hard work
  • Tell me what you are working on
  • I notice your passion
  • I am amazed at how committed you are to finishing your work
  • Truly, I love how creative you are
  • I have noted the time and effort you are putting into this

Finding Encouragement when struggling

  • I am glad you came to me for help
  • You are right, trust your instinct
  • You can do it
  • All you need is a short break
  • I know that you can do better
  • I am listening
  • Well, I am glad I was of help
  • I believe in you
  • I am impressed with your patience and perseverance, you will surely succeed
  • At least you made a mistake and learned something new
  • Nobody can be perfect
  • No one could have done it better
  • The mistake shows you are creative and doing your best

Teaching Encouragement when it’s all going wrong

  • This was just a bad day, it will be better tomorrow
  • We all have bad days
  • It will all be fine, take a break
  • You cannot make everyone happy
  • Is there something that you made you smile?
  • Do you know that I also have bad days?
  • Concentrating on positive things helps you relax
  • Would you like a hug?

Encouragement to say thank you

  • You make me happy
  • I love being your mom/dad
  • My life is brighter with you
  • I love your company
  • You deserve it all
  • I am amazed by your kindness
  • You have great listening skills
  • You made me very proud
  • I love that you prioritize people’s needs
  • That was kind of you
  • I appreciate your respect

Sharing Encouragement to inspire

  • I know you can do better
  • I believe in you
  • Go for it
  • I take your opinions seriously
  • You are dear to me
  • When you focus you can achieve anything in life
  • I get happy when you are happy
  • Your contributions are valuable

How To Encourage Kids

The person your kid will become in future is entirely dependent on the words you feed their mind. Positive and encouraging words build their confidence and self, esteem.

However, you should know the art to be more effective when encouraging.

Focus on effort

The essence of encouragement is to let a kid know they have the ability to improve and can do better. You should aim at boosting their determination and persistence.

While you may have identified their ability, talent without effort is pointless. Therefore, focus on effort; they should know there is room for improvement and better performance if they increase input.

Choose specific words

Encouraging a kid can only be effective if you mention the specific task or relate to a scenario. Avoid using general phrases like “great job.” A kid’s mind can only be motivated if they relate to the phrase.

Always mention specific words that link the statement to an item or experience. It does magic.

Do not over praise

Remember the goal of encouraging words is not praising but boosting self-esteem and confidence for better performance. If you overdo the encouragement, it turns to praises, which can lead to over-confidence. It relates to the first point on talent vs effort. The kid should know it is about their input and not that they are intelligent or too smart.

Of course, you should tell your little girl how she is beautiful but make sure to moderate such statements. Overconfidence has a negative effect on the performance and character of a kid.

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Words Build A Kid’s Mind

What you’ll notice when you implement this is not only a change in your children, but also a change in how your children talk to other children. Just the other day I heard one of the kids tell the other “That was very great thinking” and it warmed my heart.

Words build a kid’s mind so remember that how you talk to your children matters a lot. Start to build up their confidence from a young age and you’ll be thankful you started early on. As a parent and a homeschooler, knowing the best words of encouragement for kids is essential for me because I use them several times a day.

What Way do you show words of encouragement for kids in your household?

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