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These days, there’s a subscription box for just about everything. You can have healthy meals, make-up boxes, snacks from around the world, toys and so much more delivered right to your doorstep every month. With these subscription services becoming more popular, there are also plenty of subscription boxes for kids. They include crafts and educational tools to help your children, learn, play and grow.

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Since there are so many options to choose from, and ordering every single one can get quite expensive, it is important that you invest in the best subscription box for your child. To make your research a little easier, here is a list of the best subscription boxes for kids that I put together. Once your kids they get their first box, they’ll be anxiously waiting by the mailbox for the next delivery!

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We have tried several of the boxes below such as Bitsbox, Little Passports, Girls Can Crate, Legacy Kits and many more which the kids and I have all loved. You can see more below why.

Subscription Boxes For Kids # 1 – 8

1. Ivy Kids

This monthly subscription box is designed for kids ages 3-8. Each kit has games and activities curated by certified early childhood education teachers! Get a 6-month subscription of age-appropriate crafts for $35.99/month.

2. MoxieBox

These art boxes can be purchased as a semester-long subscription, for the whole year, every month, or just for the summer. Select your child’s grade level (between K-8), and they’ll send art projects to your home. The long-term subscriptions come in one box with enough projects to last the entire term!

3. Spangler Science Club

The Spangler Science Club subscription sends science experiments to your door every month. These boxes are appropriate for kids ages 5-12, but they recommend adult supervision for younger children. The STEM Lab Deluxe box comes with a guide for the child and another for the adult, along with at least ten projects to last the whole month!

4. Bitsbox

Bitsbox has a simple mission: they want to teach kids to love coding. This box helps kids create their own apps, even if they have no coding experience. It’s geared towards all kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Give your child the power to create a new apps for just $16.99/month

Black Family Travel Reasons Why Coding For Kids Is Important 3

5. Finders Seekers

Finders Seekers is a mystery box that helps kids explore world cultures. Each month will get your child revved up to research their clues online, thus enhancing their research skills. Their month-to-month subscription costs $30/month.

6. Delta Education

Delta Education sells educational tools to supplement a science curriculum. These kits are perfect for homeschooled kids who need something fun to get them going in the classroom! Select their grade to show age-appropriate products that will make learning fun.

7. Groovy Lab in a Box

These STEM boxes include activities based on a new topic every month, along with an engineering design project. There’s also an online portal, so your kids can continue learning about the monthly topic after they’ve finished their projects. A month-to-month subscription is just $29.99/month.

8. Crafty School Crates

This subscription box for kids includes supplies for each project, even if there’s more than one child in your household (just ask for a sibling subscription). Choose from literary boxes, geography, physical education, science, and history. Each of those categories has several options to choose from!

Subscription Boxes For Kids # 9 – 16

9. Homeschool Art Box

These boxes don’t just include monthly art projects – they’re lessons, too! Each box comes with an educational newsletter about an artist or art movement, along with full-color prints of art to go along with it. Your kids will also receive supplies and instructions for a relevant art project. The Homeschool Art Box can support 1, 2 or 4 students.

10. Little Passports

Teach your curious child about the world with a Little Passports subscription box! They have different subscription boxes for kids of all ages. Even preschoolers can learn about their surroundings with the
Early Explorers box! Their most popular box costs $14.95/month.

11. Box of Matter

Each month, your child will receive fascinating scientific artifacts! The Box of Matter has a fossil collection and a space collection to pique your child’s interests. Soon enough, your child will have a collection of cool objects to show their friends!

 12. Pip Sticks Sticker

Remember the “Sticker Club” from the 1990’s, where kids would send each other stickers? Your child can relive this wholesome pastime with a monthly sticker box! This monthly subscription is more affordable than others on this list, with their smallest box only costing $11.95/month.

13. Legacy Kits

Legacy Kits cover both STEAM and black history at the same time. Each full kit includes a book on Africa with a hands-on project, a book on African American history with another project, and a student workbook that goes over the topics discussed in the kit. These topics are important for kids of all races to be informed on, and Legacy Kits makes that learning fun!

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14. Brave Wilderness Adventure Kits

These wildlife and survival kits are inspired by a YouTube channel with over 14 million subscribers! Each kit covers a different theme with figurines, trading cards, and memorabilia from the YouTube series.

15. BioBox Labs

The BioBox delivers biology experiments to your door every month. Their blog showcases some examples of what your child might receive, including plant boxes and anatomy boxes. Add a sibling to the subscription at a discounted rate!

16. Magic School Bus Science Club

Here’s another nostalgic box from The Magic School Bus! Each kit comes with a science project inspired by the hit TV show. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get your child to relive your childhood with you by introducing them to the show!

Subscription Boxes For Kids # 17 – 23

17. KiwiCo

KiwiCo delivers science projects to kids ages 0-16. Each project is developmentally appropriate for the age group it’s catered to, so you can buy a box for your baby and your teen. Your child’s first box will be delivered just 2 days after you order it! Their pricing varies based on which line you choose.

Black Family Travel black kids homeschool best subcription boxes for kids

18. MEL Science Box

These chemistry experiments are perfect for kids! Each month, your child will receive 2-3 fun chemistry experiments with a free VR headset. You’ll also get a Starter Kit when you sign up!

19. Crate Joy

Crate Joy is subscription box heaven! They have boxes for every niche, including subscription boxes for kids. Check out their offerings to find the perfect box for your child!

20. Girls Can! Crate

These hands-on science and art activities are great for girls ages 5-10. Girls Can! teaches girls that they’re capable of anything. What’s better than that?

21. Amazon STEM Club

Amazon sells everything, and now that includes subscription boxes for kids, too! Amazon will send your child age-appropriate STEM toys for $19.99/month.

22. History Unboxed

Receive hands-on history lessons every month from History Unboxed! This set is perfect for homeschooled kids, since it makes history lessons a bit more fun. Check out their most popular boxes on their website.

23. Raddish Kids

If your kids love cooking, they’ll love Raddish Kids! Even kids who have never put on an apron can learn to cook with this monthly subscription box. They’ll send you cooking lessons each month, including patches for your child as a reward. A 12-month subscription to Raddish Kids costs $20/month.

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There are so many subscription boxes for kids out there, and when you order several the price can add up. We are thankful to be able to purchase these with our homeschool funds. However, if you don’t have any funds set aside, make sure to look into each box and ensure that is the right option for your child. Once their first box arrives, get ready for hands-on fun!

Let me know below if I forgot any other subscription boxes for kids so that I can add it to the list!

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