A Detailed List Of The Best RV Apps for Travel, Entertainment, & More

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The Best RV apps are the ones that make your life so much easier when you hit the open road. Unlike traditional travel, RVing is living in a house on wheels.

There’s a lot more to consider, from finding places to go to where you can park for the night and even entertainment and food options. This list of the best RV apps for travel and more covers every base, giving you even more flexibility and freedom on your next RV trip. 

Best RV Apps for Finding Campsites

One of the significant challenges to RV travel is the search for RV campsites. Whether you own an RV or plan to rent one, before going out for any trip, you need to find RV parks and campgrounds where you can park your RV. 

There are several smartphone apps that can help you find the best places to park your RV, and here is a detailed list of those apps. If you don’t own an RV, that’s okay you can always rent one from one of these RV rental sites. If you do decide to buy an RV, you can watch our YouTube video on how we found our RV for a very affordable price online.

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This smartphone app will assist you in discovering new destinations and organizing your road trip itineraries. You must plan your summer road trip with friends or find a remarkable place for RV camping. With this application’s help, you can discover millions of places, like local diners, best campsites, and quirky roadside attractions, or scenic points, national parks, and hotels. You can utilize Roadtrippers for free to look for these beautiful  places and develop some great ideas.

Apple Store | Google Play

RV Parks & Campgrounds

This app helps people find great RV Parks in North America, especially in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It is completely free to download and 100% ad-free. With the help of this application, you can find gas stations, rest areas, stores, etc.

You can rapidly sort commercial RV parks by rating. Other campers write feedback that you can read to understand why they gave the campground the corresponding star rating. The in-app maps also show other nearby landmarks, including gas stations, rest areas, and stores.

Apple Store | Google Play

Hipcamp Camping App

With this app’s help, you can book campsites last minute or plan in the app. You can also get information about popular camping destinations such as Yosemite, Big Sur, Joshua tree, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Zion.

This application helps locate the best campgrounds for tent camping or your RV camping. You can also access campsite booking information offline, such as campground directions and check-in instructions. Also, you can share camping trip details with guests and travel companions.

Apple Store | Google Play


FreeRoam is a free smartphone app that shows free campgrounds along with reviews. This application also lists paid campgrounds. You can filter results by cell phone reception, crowdedness, road difficulty, and safety. It is one of the unique forms where campers can leave video reviews of their campsite. The app also displays low clearance bridges and tunnels that prohibit tall RVs.

Apple Store | Google Play

RV Parky

This app offers RV owners on the road a complete collection of RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations, and stores. With this application’s help, you can easily get information, view pictures, and get directions to your next destination.

This application includes  RV Parks categorized by commercially owned, public parks, military camps, RV friendly stores such as Camping World, Cabela’s, Cracker Barrel and Walmart, Rest Areas and Welcome Centers. It also includes fuel stops like Flying J’s, Pilot and TA Travel Centers.

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CampUSA application is the fastest way to find nearby locations, Thousand Trails, and Encore RV Resorts. The app also displays ists of other RV resorts that include KOA. You can filter over 1,200 different campgrounds across the country.

The highlighted resorts option can make the search process much easier. You can also search for particular amenities that include top-rated options such as swimming pools, WIFI access, pet-friendly campgrounds, fishing spots, and nature or hiking trails that will make your stay the most comforting and fun.

This app quickly categorizes campgrounds by colored map markers so that you know precisely which campground you are viewing.

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Good Sam Camping

With this application’s help, you can acquire valuable information, directions, and discounts for campgrounds, RV parks, attractions, and service centers across North America. It is free and easy to use, with no membership login required. The application is the ideal companion for your next RV trip, allowing you to sort search results by feature, distance, or ratings.

This app offers information for more than 12,500 campgrounds, RV parks, and attractions and service centers. It can also refine search results by Park Features such as Pets, Swimming, Internet, Tenting, Big Rigs, RV Hookup, Seasonality, and also filter by location types such as RV Parks & Campgrounds, Camping world locations, things to see & do and other RV services.

Apple Store | Google Play Store


This app is easy to use and is the best method to find campgrounds for your family’s RV camping trip. It has a directory that contains over 15,000 parks, amenities, pictures, GPS, and directions, and you can search RV parks by name, state, and more. You can also make bookings and reservations through the application.

It has a unique feature that securely saves your personal information for quick retrieval and auto-filling of reservation forms so that you can locate, select, and book your campsite directly through this application. In addition, it pinpoints the location of every campground or RV Resort on a collaborative map view.

Anyone can track the history of reservations and find Tent and Trailer Parks rapidly with the help of built-in map features and GPS Coordinates provided.

Google Play Store Only

Camp & RV By Allstays

This application contains over 34,000 campgrounds, preferably US & Canada only. It has a one touch facility to check availability and book at over 4,500 public campgrounds. It can sort data by type, state & city. It is the most comprehensive and widespread camping apps of all time and helps you find and filter places and services with or without the internet such as Tents, RV resorts, parking lots, fuel, rest areas, repairs, tunnels, even inclines.

Apple Store Only 


This application displays free camping sites in remote areas. It shows over 920 boondocking locations, mostly within the US. It has an improved weather widget to provide weather information near the campsite. With the help of this application, you can easily view multiple map types such as Open Street Map as well as mark your favorite locations.

Apple Store Only

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The Dyrt

The Dyrt is one of the most popular camping applications of the year 2020. Campers can search for over 500,000 locations, reviews and tips from other campers to find the best tent, and RV and cabin sites across the US.

This application provides information about State Parks such as Reserve America, California Parks, etc., National Parks, County Parks, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), KOA, Thousand Trails, U.S. Military Campgrounds and Private Parks. Anyone can sort and filter by tent, RV, cabin, glamping, distance, rating & so on.

You can get 10% off The Dyrt by signing up using this link – The Mom Trotter 10% Off.

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With this application’s help, you can find and share the places where you like to relax and spend the night. You can also uncover hidden places that are close to nature such as forests, beautiful views, parks, caves, beaches, etc. with the help of this application and also get information about probable activities in the surrounding area such as Windsurf / Kitesurf, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Bikes, Canoeing, etc. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Reserve America

This app helps you search for campsites at state, federal, and private parks and campgrounds across the country. You can search for a variety of site options including RV sites, yurts, and cabins, along with other added criteria like location, datre, and amenities. Each result is accompanied by campground details, reviews, and photos, so you’ll be sure of exactly what you’re getting. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

RV Life App

Formerly RV Park Reviews, this app is more than a database, it’s a community. It connects over 875,000 RVers, each sharing their own experiences to help the community as a whole build the best campground locator and RV GPS app available.

The ap features a GPS option specifically for RVers, campground locator, reviews, customizable search criteria, and more. It even offers the option to download the entire campground knowledgebase, including maps, so you’ll always have navigation even in areas where GPS doesn’t work. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store


This app makes it easy to search and make reservations for campsites across the country. The app helps you find and book campsites, access location details, and get quick information on camping and ticket reservations. Features of the app include camp searches, personalized recommendations, result filtering by price, amenities, site type, and more, photos and maps of campgrounds, real-time availability and location information for sites, and more. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

This app allows you to search for local, federal, and state parks. You can choose to search locally or your destination spot to find the closest parks. The app displays a short description of the park and recreation options along with the approximate distance from your location or destination. In addition, it provides directions, contact information, and more for every park in the database. 

Apple Store Only

Best RV Apps for Navigation

Navigation apps are key to your RV travel success. These days, you don’t have to follow a paper map and hope that you don’t come across any low bridges. The following navigation apps can help you find the best routes, avoid areas with high traffic or construction, and even help you avoid low bridges and clearances that would make it impossible for your RV to pass. 

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CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic

CoPilot is one of the best GPS and traffic information apps available. It’s designed for all drivers from car owners to truckers, including RVers. It’s an excellent navigation app, offering routes and directions designed for RVs based on size.

It offers reliable offline maps so you won’t get lost even when you don’t have GPS availability, millions of preloaded places including campgrounds and rest areas, and lane indicator arrows and excite sign information, so you’ll never miss a turn. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps on the market today, and although we think of it as an everyday app, it serves very well for navigation while RVing. In addition to providing highly accurate and downloadable, GPS navigation maps.

This app also offers real-time updates on traffic, ETAs, automatic rerouting based on real-time traffic and incident reports and road closures, and the ability to find local restaurants, must-try locations in various areas, reviews, and more. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store


Waze is more than GPS, it’s a real-time navigation system that helps you avoid heavy traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more. Waze automatically adjusts your route to avoid inconvenient, time-consuming jam ups of all sorts while you make your way to your destination.

The app also offers information on the cheapest gas stations along your route, Android Auto, estimated ETA based on life traffic data, and the ability to use your favorite apps for music and podcasts directly from Waze. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for General Travel

These apps fall into a category that’s not necessarily navigation but navigation adjacent. With these apps, you can enhance your travel experience with options to find WIFI, RedBox rentals, parking, and more. 

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Allstays Truck and Travel

Another great app by Allstays, Truck and Travel is one of the most in-depth truck-stop apps on the market. The app shows travel centers and truck stops along with a filter search system which includes information like an ATM finder, parking, and more. Turn-by-turn directions are also available to ensure you don’t miss your stop. 

Apple Store Only

Walmart Parking App

One of the great things about owning an RV is being able to set up almost anywhere for the night, however, it’s not legal to park in all parking lots overnight. One of the places that many RVers and truckers park is Walmart. This little-known, but very useful, app shows you every Walmart on your route and whether or not they allow parking.

In addition, the app provides the phone number and address of each Walmart so you can call ahead just to be sure that you can park there. The app also offers features like turn-by-turn directions and even if the Walmart you choose offers RedBox movie rentals.

Apple Store Only

Sanidumps RV Dump Station Locator

Having a plan for waste management is key when you travel in an RV. You can’t just dump your gray water anywhere. It’s unsanity, and it’s also illegal. This app makes it easy to handle your waste water by providing information on the nearest dump stations on your route. You can search by GPS or zip code and city, and all results are displayed on Google Maps. In addition, it offers offline browsing of favorite dump sites. 

Google Play Store Only


As the name suggests, this application takes care of the fuel budget of every camper. It covers over 150,000 gas stations in North America and offers drivers 27 useful methods to save fuel. It is one of the best travel and navigation apps and is used by more North American drivers to save money on gas and diesel than any other application.

In this application, you can find exclusive deals from retailers like Shell, Speedway, Murphy, Chevron, Circle K, BP, Wawa, Valero, Racetrac, Sheetz, Marathon, Sunoco, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, Citgo, 7 Eleven and so on.

Apple Store | Google Play Store


This app makes it easy to plan your trip by showing you up-to-date weather including forecasts, radar, current conditions, and even alerts. It does this by using the largest network of weather stations of any app of its kind. You’ll even be able to stream live weather cams from over 2,000 locations nationwide. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

WiFi Around & Free Internet WiFi Connect

WiFi Around for iOS and Free Internet WiFi Connect for Android are both excellent apps that allow you to connect to any free WiFi in your area. Using a database of millions of WiFi hotspots around the country, these apps both allow you to quickly and easily find WiFi service. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Key Ring

Key Ring is an app designed to help you save money while you roadtrip in your RV. by combining all your rewards and loyalty programs into one easy-to-use app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily use all your rewards while on the road. The app supports over 700 programs and can also file free coupons from top retailers and offers customizable grocery lists.

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for Safety

Whether your RV trip takes you to a state or national park or you’re simply making your way along the open road, safety is always key. These apps help keep you and your family safe throughout your travels. 

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Offline Survival Manual

Designed for both emergency and regular use, this app contains helpful information that can be used whenever you need it. It contains detailed information on things like making fire, building a shelter, finding food, and more. 

Google Play Store Only

First Aid – American Red Cross

This app from the American Red Cross contains simple, step-by-step instructions on general first aid and first aid scenarios, is fully integrated with the 911 system, videos and animations to easily understand first aid procedures, safety tips for everything from severe weather to earthquakes, and is all preloaded content, making it useful even without reception or internet connection. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Compass Galaxy

This fully-functional compass app is easy to use and doesn’t require a ton of permissions, making it a great choice for keeping you from getting lost and keeping your private information private. 

Google Play Store Only

Best RV Apps for Food

While most RVs are equipped with a kitchen, you’ll most likely still want to stop for some kind of take out. After all, part of the fun of traveling is eating! These apps can help you find local food spots that are highly rated and can save you money, to boot.

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With over 199 million business and restaurant reviews worldwide, Yelp is THE app to help you find everything from pizza and burgers to coffee shops or the local hardware store (any of which you might need on your trip). The app features user reviews, photos and menus, the ability to order or make reservations, see hours, locations, and other info on your picks, and more. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store


Much like Yelp, Foursquare is a community-driven app designed to help you find almost anything you need. You’ll be able to find user reviews, personalized recommendations, follow friends, brands, and influencers, and uncover all kinds of helpful info like off-the-menu items, WIFI passwords, and more. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Krazy Coupon Lady

This app focuses on finding the best in-store and online deals for stores ranging from Walmart to Dollar Tree. What makes this a great app for food is that you can use it to find the best deals, coupons, and codes for retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Kroger, Rite Aid, Publix, Safeway, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and other stores that sell food items. That lets you stock up your kitchen when you’re running low on your trip. 

Google Play Store Only


Just like its web counterpart, this app helps you find the best of everything from food to hotels and attractions. It’s an excellent app to use when you finally get to your destination because it covers just about everything you’ll be searching for once you arrive. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for Entertainment

Sometimes after a long day – or during it when your partner is driving – you just want to kick back and relax a little bit. These apps are perfect for on-the-go entertainment as well as helping you get the RV ready for a night of family fun. 

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SatFinder Lite

This app pulls double duty for RVs  that have a satellite dish equipped. With this app, you can find TV satellite signals as well as align your satellite dish. All major TV satellites are in the database, so you can use it anywhere in the country. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

TuneIn Radio

Whether you want to listen to music or a talk show, this app has what you’re looking for. With over 100,000 radio stations, TuneIn has the largest selection of free sports, news, music, and talk radio for you to enjoy. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store


This app features all kinds of audio entertainment. Whether you want to listen to a good book or an original audio series, you’ll find it on Audible. The app features the world’s largest collection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series. 

Google Play Store Only

Pandora / Spotify / Google Play Music

For music lovers, these apps are great entertainment companions for traveling. These apps continually change with your tastes, creating playlists based on what you’ve listened to before. 

Pandora: Apple Store | Google Play Store

Spotify: Apple Store | Google Play Store

Google Play Music: Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for Nature Lovers

One of the best parts of RVing is exploring the beauty of nature. These apps help you find all the beauty and wonder that the natural world has to offer. They’re perfect for enjoying the great outdoors as you go along on your adventure. 

Black Family Travel hiking with kids hike family truckee 42


One of the world’s most popular nature apps, this app helps you identify plants and animals all around you. A community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists have joined together to make it easy for users to learn more about nature as they explore. In addition, if you record and share your observations, your data will help scientists better understand and protect nature. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Nature Passport

This app is an excellent way to help kids and families explore nature and make learning fun while on their RV adventures. The app features dozens of outdoor play, exploration, and learning activities, a Safari Function which encourages users to look for nature around them, and a journal that catalogs memories of your outdoor adventures. 

Google Play Store Only


Once you reach your destination, you’ll want to find the best places to enjoy the great outdoors. This app allows you to search for trails based on difficulty, location, and a variety of other filters. It provides maps, directions, user photos, and reviews.

Apple Store | Google Play Store

TrailLink – Bike Trails & Maps

Powered by Rails-Trail Conservancy, this app is one of the best trail finders around. It features full-length trail descriptions, reviews, photos, and detailed maps that users can’t find anywhere else. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for Organization

RVing is  a beast when it comes to logistics. The packing list is longer, as are the required items. It can be tricky to try to remember all the things you need for your trip. These apps help keep you organized before and during your adventure. 

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RV Companion

This all-in-one organizational app helps make RVing so much easier. The app tracks supplies, campground and site information, reservation and contact details, RV information, tow vehicle information, maintenance records, procedures, and trip logs. The app also features utility functions like camper leveling mod with yellow bubble levels. 

Apple Store Only

TripIt: Travel Organizer

This app allows you to create a master itinerary for your trips. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to the app, and it does the rest. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best RV Apps for Leveling

If you use any kind of tow-behind or pop-up camper leveling is crucial. It can be hard to level, however, especially if you’re attempting to eyeball it. These apps help you get your camper nice and level for the duration of your stay. 

Black Family Travel best rv apps for leveling

Pocket Bubble Level

This quick, easy to use app helps you get your RV level with less hassle. It features an easy-to-read bubble display and a beep that alerts you when you get your RV leveled. 

Apple Store | Google Play Store

Camper Leveler

This app is another easy to use leveling tool that makes it simple to get your RV level. It features precise wheel and RV leveling details so you can get your RV flush more quickly. 

Google Play Store Only

Bottomline on the Best RV Apps to Make Your Trip Easier

All of the above apps are great because they help you make your trip easier, more convenient, and eliminate so much of the hassle that can go into RVing. These best of the best RV apps will help you do everything from plan your trip to find the cheapest spots to fill up and even get your camper leveled once you arrive. Take full advantage of these apps to help you get the most out of your next RV trip. 

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