7 Airlines That Offer The Best Inflight Entertainment

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If you travel with kids, then you must understand the importance of flying with an airline that offers the best inflight entertainment. Back in the days, when people traveled, their chances of having access to inflight entertainment was slim. Today, with technological advancements, we have access to tons of entertainment inflight sources right at our fingertips, even when we’re traveling at the speed of hundreds of miles per hour. Keep reading to uncover airlines that offer the best inflight entertainment for their passengers.

Singapore Airlines
This airline is considered a leader when it comes to in-flight entertainment and has its dedicated KrisWorld system which boasts of having more than 1000 movies, television shows, games and music to choose from to keep yourself entertained and engrossed. Gaming freaks will love this one, because they’ve also got traditional and modern games for people of all ages.

inflight entertainment

Qatar Airways
This one’s topped the list of worlds’ best airlines and landed into the second place when it comes to inflight entertainment. Qatar Airways offers its viewers 3000 options to choose from, and the choices aren’t just limited to Hollywood movies and songs, but also extend further to include Asian, Arabic, Bollywood, European and Indian films.

Emirates was voted among top airline brands for best inflight entertainment experience. This airline boasts of offering more than 2500 channels packed with movies, music, TV shows and games to keep you entertained during those long flights. It also has the digital Ice system, which flaunts a widescreen and even offers movies with an audio description of what’s in store for you, along with closed captions for all those who are have a hearing impairment. Plus, there’s free WiFi too for all the long-haul flights!

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Offering up to 100 films in different languages, 200 TV shows and a larger selection of movies, TV shows, audio books etc, Lufthansa is another excellent airline that offers quality inflight entertainment for its passengers. With its FlyNet service, you can also use WiFi and if you like binge watching TV series, you’ll also have entire seasons at your disposal.

Turkish Airlines
This airline offers its passengers a selection of short films, music options, classic films, kid’s films and international feature films. There’s also a dedicated information section that helps passengers get weather reports every four hours and news updates every hour. Passengers can also send and receive texts and emails.

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Thai Airways
Thai Airways is another noteworthy mention in this list- it offers 1000 hours of short classic films and popular movies. There’s also an entire section dedicated to family friendly movies and TV shows for kids. This is great because your kids are guaranteed not to get bored. Indeed, to experience the best inflight entertainment, Thai Airways is an excellent choice.

Etihad Airways 
This airline, based in Abu Dhabi, gets its passengers access to over 500 music CDs, a large selection of TV shows and some classic and blockbuster movies with its E-Box System. Some specific flights also allow its passengers to check live news and sports.

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If you plan to fly soon, and have booked any of the airlines above, then lucky you. If you happen to be flying on an airline that does not offer best inflight entertainment, no need to worry. Make sure check out my post on How To Keep Your Kids Entertained On Flights  to make sure that your kids don’t get bored on the flight.

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