Aiden Stars in “The Baby Bachelor” – On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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The day before we left home for our trip to London, Aiden got an email from an agent in regards to an audition for “The Baby Bachelor In Paradise” set to air on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We were so excited about his audition, and he was as well.

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I’m usually pretty good about booking him out on time but I forgot to do it early enough. When the email for the audition came through, I remember thinking in my head prior to reading the email “Please let this audition be after we get back. I don’t want his agent to be upset about me not booking him out.” In case you’re wondering what “book out” is, it is basically letting his agent know that he will be unavailable for auditions/work during a certain period of time.

The email was as follows:

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And then I looked at the date of the audition date “Friday, 02 June 2017.” I screamed “Whatttttttttttttttt”! That was the next day and also the day we were leaving for London. Our flight to London was scheduled to leave LAX at 4pm. I responded to the email informing his agent that unfortunately we were going to miss this audition. She asked if there was anyway we could make it. I informed her that we could, if the audition was early in the morning. She worked her magic, got back to me and had him scheduled to audition at the earliest time slot possible. Let me just stop for a minute and rave about how amazing his agent at Zuri Model & Talent is!! Really, I absolutely love working with them.

I’m usually a last minute packer, so I woke up that morning very early and packed for our trip. By the way, if you don’t have packing cubes, you need to invest in them ASAP! I love especially that our packing cubes are color coded so it makes it even easier to pack.

Black Family Travel 20170331 095044

After packing, it was time to wake Aiden up and get him ready. Aiden loves his sleep but when I told him about his audition, he was very excited and jumped into the bath tub. For a list of products I use on his hair, check out “Natural Hair Care Regimen For Black Children

Black Family Travel 1072A2826

Black Family Travel 1072A2833

Mom, I don’t want you to comb my hair. What a cute sad face 😛

Black Family Travel 1072A2841

After bath time, I got him dressed up and off we went to Jimmy Kimmel’s studio in Hollywood.

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He was so excited to wear his “Eat. Sleep. Travel. Repeat.” Shirt. You can find it for sale here TMT Shop.

Black Family Travel 2 1PicMonkey Collage

He had lots of fun at his audition. He met some friends, played with toys and just enjoyed himself overall and that’s what matters to me the most. The fact that he always has a good time, because all this is for him and it is all about him.

As soon as it was over, we headed straight to the airport. I was so worried we were going to miss our flight due to LA traffic, but we made it and we made it without forgetting anything !!! Hooray ! LoL

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10Hrs Later – London, Yay!!
Black Family Travel 1 2PicMonkey Collage

A week after we got back from London, we received this email from Aiden’s agent. OMG, we were so excited for him!!

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And then the day finally came. We got up early, got ready and made it to Malibu. We parked in the assigned parking lot and the van picked us up from the parking lot and off to the set we went.

Black Family Travel 3PicMonkey Collage

view from the set. I love Malibu

Black Family Travel 19956297 10102274432960216 635155590247223796 o

After the first day on set, we weren’t sure if we would come back again. No one knew what kid was going to be called back; and then this email came in from his agent at the very end of the day. YESSSS !!! 

Black Family Travel 20629364 10102311210068596 1500479688 o

Aiden had such an amazing time on set, and we all had fun taking turns to stay with him. The first day I stayed with him while my husband and my sister went biking, and then my sister stayed the next day while my husband and I went biking (we biked all the way to Santa Monica O.O). 

Black Family Travel 20031870 1561234770615248 697523992031109956 n

Aiden worked a total of 3 days. We had no idea when “The Baby Bachelor” was going to air, so we waited. And then this email came in the afternoon on the day the show was going to air. And we were SOOOO excited !!! 

Black Family Travel 20642054 10102311210058616 958755002 o

We sat glued to our TV waiting to see if Aiden would feature in the teaser.

And then we turned on ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel came on …. 

Black Family Travel 1072A5827

and Guess WHAT !!!!!!!

Black Family Travel Blog Post Graphic 16

We were so excited. Yes, I took plenty of photos of the screen, haha. Don’t blame me. I’m sure you would have done the same if you saw your baby on TV. Aiden was SOOO excited. And we watched it over and over and over again !!!

Black Family Travel 1072A5830

As soon as my husband saw this, before they even showed the kids faces, he screamed and said “That’s my baby’s hand.” He recognized his bracelet. A bracelet I bought for him when we went to Egypt in June.

Black Family Travel 1072A5835

We are SO PROUD and SO BLESSED and SO GRATEFUL and SO HUMBLED by this, and we pray that there will be more of this to come. 

The teaser aired on 03 August 2017, and just in case you missed it on TV last night, see photos and videos below.

Black Family Travel 21072A5837

Black Family Travel 1072A5839

Black Family Travel 1072A5841

Black Family Travel 1072A5844 1

Black Family Travel 1072A5845

See video below of the sneak peek that aired on Jimmy Kimmel.


the super star last night after watching the sneak preview on TV

Black Family Travel 1072A5852

The next episode is going to air on Monday 07 August 2017, so stay tuned !!

Thanks for reading and sharing my joy with me. 

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