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6 Best Activities For Kids Who Have Too Much Screen Time

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From helping us stay connected to the world around us to allowing us to discover it like never before, technology has grown leaps and bounds. This has helped us a lot no doubt, but it has also translated into a number of health issues ranging from eye problems to conditions like obesity.

What’s concerning is that these conditions are affecting more and more kids, thanks to their screen time. With summer around the corner, and kid’s home from school, it is important to try to engage your kids in activities as much as you can. Here’s what you, as a parent, can do to reduce your kid’s screen time and bring more exercise and activity into their life.

Summer Activities For Kids

Take Your Kids Swimming

If your kids absolutely detest the idea of getting all sweaty after an exercise session, encourage them to learn how to swim! Swimming is an excellent low impact physical activity, and you’ll be amazed at how much children love doing it! My kids have all learned how to swim which makes pool time a little less stressful for me. If your kids are still learning, make sure to purchase floaties, and don’t forget goggles too.

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Summer Activities For Kids

Involve Your Kids in Housework

Getting your kids involved in household work and chores is like killing two birds with one stone. It will help them implement cleanliness and orderliness in their life, get them to become more responsible, and yes, also get off the couch and do something that needs them to be active. From carrying the dishes from the dinner table to the kitchen sink to watering the plants in the lawn- you can start out small and then take it up a notch from there. The kids love vacuuming, so I bought them a small vacuum that is easy for them to maneuver. Easy Peasy!

Summer Activities For Kids

Get Out And Get Exploring

Kids are explorers at heart, and one of the best ways to get them involved in something other than screens and devices is to have them get out and do just that. From nearby parks to libraries and even markets – encourage your kids to be involved in everything outdoors. Not only will this be a good exercise for them, but will also encourage them to be more active. Make sure they have comfortable shoes especially when going on hikes.

joshua tree national park with kids

Summer Activities For Kids

Introduce Yoga Or Any Sports

Yoga is, once again, a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of exercise. The yoga postures will bring about flexibility in your kid’s body, and the mental focus will improve their concentration levels dramatically. You might also want to motivate them to enroll in a kid’s yoga class as it can be a fun way for your kids to get out and make new friends too. If your kids aren’t into yoga, any sports will do. This summer the kids have asked to try a new sports; tennis. Because they are excited about it, every they go out and spend a few hours playing with each other.

Summer Activities For Kids

Ask Your Kids To Join You In The Kitchen

Cooking is another super effective way to get your kids some much needed physical activity and reduce their screen time without being too obvious. Look up some good kid friendly recipes and guide them on how to go about making them. Who knows? Your kids might even love doing it and discover their hidden passion for cooking. Don’t forget to get them an apron for an extra touch.

Summer Activities For Kids

Host Family Game Night

Instead of hosting a family movie night every weekend, try something different and go for a family game night. Get out those board games or badminton racquets and spend some quality time with your family, making memories without being glued to the screen. The kids favorite board games are Hedbanz and Candyland.

A few other ideas to keep your kids active this summer are:

  • Enroll your kids in summer camp. They’ll love meeting new friends and you will enjoy some down time to get things done.
  • Work on a home improvement project together. That wall you’ve been wanting to paint, or than cabinet you’ve been wanting to fix; now is the perfect time to get your kids to help you.
  • Help them get a summer job. It can be as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with tasks such as taking out their trash or raking leaves.
  • Volunteer with an organization and put in some community service hours together as a family.
  • Plan a vacation and take the kids somewhere. Remember that all travel is travel, it can be a road trip or a cruise or a plane trip somewhere exciting. Don’t forget camping too! Last summer I took the kids camping and we visited Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and Death Valley National Park.
  • Teach your kids a skill. Maybe your kids have been wanting to learn photography or learn how to sew, and now is a great time for them to learn something new.
  • Encourage your kids to start their own business. It’ll get them thinking and get their minds working. You’ll be surprised what they come up with.

Share with me below; how else are you keeping your kids active this summer?

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